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Anderson Cooper 360 is a network, news broadcasting television show. Anderson Cooper 360 has all of the latest news reports from all over the world. Anderson Cooper is a world renowned news reporter. He holds back nothing as he digs for the truth. He is known for traveling to other countries and reporting the most exclusive stories. He goes to some of the most out of the way places in the world, just for the truth. His show informs people about real life events that are currently happening. His findings will be broadcasted for the world to see. Because the local news stations only show the viewers a segment of what is actually happening around the world, shows like Anderson Cooper 360 will spend more time on critical issues that the American people can see first hand. Anderson Cooper 360 has different topics from around the world that are viewed and discussed everyday. Experts and other news reporters frequently make guest appearances on his show. The experts will be asked questions about certain events happening around the world, and they must come up with their own hypothesis based on the facts they've obtained.

Anderson Cooper 360 talks about diverse subjects that involve titles like, the current war, child prostitution rings, corrupt countries, war crimes, our troops on the ground, poverty, mass murders and mass shootings (just to name a few). Anderson Cooper also covers late breaking news, and up-dated information on any late breaking news. Anderson Cooper 360 is on the move where ever the hottest news is. His compassion for life is what keeps him reporting. Anderson Cooper 360 and his reporting style have been viewed very highly in the eyes of the critics.

Monday thru Friday at 10pm on CNN
12 Seasons, 1316 Episodes
September 8, 2003
News, Talk & Interview
Cast: Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper 360
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Anderson Cooper, Not a Vagina Expert, Reports on Student Stuck in Giant Vagina (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper is the first to admit that he's "certainly no expert on the topic of vaginas." But that didn't stop him from giggling his way through a story about a really big vagina. A news story about an American student staying in Germany who got stuck in a large stone statue of a vagina went viral this week, as the Internet collectively pointed and laughed at photos of emergency workers attempting to extract the student from his captor.

Anderson Cooper Officially Comes Out as Gay

When "The Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons came out back in May, it didn't come as a huge surprise. In fact, Parsons' approach to the whole thing was to toss the announcement aside, presumably because his sexuality is his own business, and we (or Hollywood, anyway) should be at a point where a celebrity's sexuality isn't that big a deal.

NC Pastor's Solution To 'Get Rid Of' Gays Involves A Big Fence

Want to see humanity given a bad name? Consider that it was about 70 years ago that the Nazis were defeated in World War II. Got that fact in mind? Now, by all means, listen to this North Carolina preacher advocate locking America's homosexuals inside a massive electric fence. This is why we can't have nice things.

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