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  • 2008
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The television series Animals and Nature follows different animals in their natural habitat. The show features video footage of the animals as well as information about how they live. Some of the animals featured on this show include sharks, the white wolf, and whales.

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White Wolf
34. White Wolf
January 1, 2008
In the harsh northern reaches of Canada's Ellesmere Island, elusive arctic wolves share their secrets with two patient observers. Shielded by their remote location and inhospitable climate, these wild animals have not yet learned to fear humans. This is the most intimate film about wolf behavior ever made.
Whales in Crisis
33. Whales in Crisis
January 1, 2008
Few creatures are as mysterious and captivating as the whale. Embark on a globe-spanning journey with National Geographic to discover the most recent findings about these majestic, highly intelligent creatures. After hunting whales for generations, we have brought their widespread slaughter to an end, but these graceful giants still face threats on a number of fronts and the battle to save them goes on. It's a gripping, sometimes emotional voyage to the front lines of research as a new breed of champions - battles to understand and preserve these spectacular giants of the sea.
Tiger Shark: Predator Revealed
32. Tiger Shark: Predator Revealed
January 1, 2008
Infamous for its unmistakable stripes and indsicrimate appetite, the tiger shark is one of the most ferocious sharks in the sea. Now, get closer than ever for a most intimate glimpse of this fearsome yet fascinating predator! Includes spectacular shark's-eye view of the underwater action through the lens of National Geographic's revolutionary Crittercam, attached to a free-swimming tiger shark.
Those Wonderful Dogs
31. Those Wonderful Dogs
January 1, 2008
Called by one philosopher "the noblest beast God ever made," dogs have served humankind in more ways than any other animal. You'll see loyal canines at work as they search for buried victims of an earthquake disaster, assist the physically disabled, and pull sleds in the blizzard conditions of Alaska. Find out how dogs are trained to "act" on the Lassie television show, and meet dogs that served as messengers on the battlefields of WWII.
The Sharks
30. The Sharks
January 1, 2008
One of the most famous programs from the National Geographic Society, The Sharks takes you on a special expedition to study these fish of fearful legend and challenge the myths surrounding them. Journey below the ocean's surface in a specially-designed cage to observe sharks at close range. Witness as Ron and Valerie Taylor, underwater filmmakers, test a mesh stainless steel suit which enables her to survive a shark attack. Meet these living symbols of terror face-to-face and learn the truth about these remarkable creatures.
Shark Encounters
29. Shark Encounters
January 1, 2008
Plunge into the ocean depths with renowned filmmaker and shark expert Michael deGruy as he takes you to the underwater realm of sharks! You'll swim terrifyingly close to see these efficient predators in action, and watch in fear as deGruy re-enacts a shark attack that cost him part of an arm fourteen years earlier. You'll also discover the incredible physical and behavioral diversity of the shark family, from the 7-inch dwarf dog shark to the over 50-foot whale shark. Through spectacular animation, enter a shark's body to learn how it hones in on its prey using its unique sense of electro-reception. And join in the discovery of a gigantic deepwater species known as "Megamouth," with the first ever close-up footage.
Secrets of the Wild Panda
28. Secrets of the Wild Panda
January 1, 2008
Deep in the nearly impenetrable forests of the Qin Ling mountains in eastern China live some of the last remaining wild giant pandas on Earth. Few Westerners have ever observed these irresistible mammals in their natural habitat, closed to foreigners since 1949, and filming them there was an almost insurmountable challenge. Secrets of the Wild Panda takes viewers on a fascinating journey into the incredible world of these endangered creatures to witness first-hand the giant panda's behavior in their natural environment.
The Secret Life of Cats
27. The Secret Life of Cats
January 1, 2008
Worshiped as a symbol of life in ancient Egypt, and coveted by sea captains and farmers for centuries, the cat is one of the most beloved animal in history. Through the ages, it was the cat's extraordinary ability to hunt and kill rodents that endeared it to humans. Today, cats are adored for their beauty and unique personalities. Nevertheless, the soul of a killer still lurks inside every kitty. In the time it takes to watch this film, house cats in the United States will catch as many as 100,000 small mammals and more than 30,000 birds. From the county parks of Florida to the outback of Australia, domestic cats and their feral cousins are stalking some creatures to the brink of extinction. What is your cat doing when it slips out of the house? You'll learn more about your pet than you might want to know!
Search for the Great Apes
26. Search for the Great Apes
January 1, 2008
High in the mountains of central Africa and deep within a rain forest of Indonesian Borneo, two dedicated scientists have sought and found the mountain gorilla and the elusive orangutan. This captivating film features the fieldwork of Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas-Brindamour, both part of world-wide efforts to understand man's closest living relatives. Join these courageous women for a warm and intimate view of these rare animals in Search for the Great Apes.
Sea Nasties
25. Sea Nasties
January 1, 2008
Comedian Leslie Nielsen hosts a natural-history comedy about "sea nasties" and reveals that the oceans are full of creatures that sting, shock, poke, and poison. But, during this entertaining and informative look at seemingly terrifying ocean creatures, Nielsen learns that his fears of the ocean may be exaggerated after all. Thoughts of danger in the sea usually focus on sharks, but far more deadly are the small creatures, usually secretive, often beautiful, sometimes microscopic, that contain chemicals--venoms, poisons, toxins--of staggering strength, like the Australian box jellyfish and the Stonefish. The deadly hunters and warriors of the sea take many forms--snail, snake, stingray, octopus, medusa, anemone, urchin--but many kill with lethal poisons.
Save the Panda
24. Save the Panda
January 1, 2008
High in the bamboo-forested mountain ranges of central China live the elusive and endangered giant panda. Over time, their numbers have dwindled due to human encroachment and climatic changes. Join scientists as they track these rare creatures through nearly impenetrable bamboo in an effort to learn more about the panda and ultimately increase its chances of survival.
Realm of the Great White Bear
23. Realm of the Great White Bear
January 1, 2008
Discover the fate of a polar bear and her twins cubs at the icy top of the world. National Geographic cameras follow the family during a two-year Arctic odyssey filled with touching and unforgettable moments, many never before filmed. Witness as curious cubs emerge from their den for the first time after a three-month hibernation - go "ice-crashing" with the polar bear family as they hunt for seals and feel the tension as the mother protects her cubs from a hostile male, just one of many dangers lurking. Just half of all cubs survive beyond their first year, and this polar bear family needs the mother's finely honed instincts-and luck-to beat the odds.
Realm of the Alligator
22. Realm of the Alligator
January 1, 2008
Enter the mysterious, unchartable wilderness of Okefenokee, 700 square miles of swampland on the Georgia-Florida border. Eerie, forbidding, and darkly beautiful - Okefenokee is ruled by a descendant of the dinosaur: the fearsome alligator. Day and night the alligator glides silently through its steamy realm, stony eyes just above the waterline, mouth held in a seemingly perpetual smile. Join scientists as they study the behavior of these huge and powerful reptiles in Realm of the Alligator.
21. Rainforest
January 1, 2008
The tropical rain forests of the world are home to nearly half the animal species on earth - an estimated five million different life forms. More than 100 inches of rainfall each year sustain this lush environment, where some of the most fascinating examples of natural adaptation can be found. Journey to the dense rain forests of Costa Rica and watch as leaf-cutting ants carry sections of leaves many times their weight to underground fungus gardens, a basilisk lizard walks on water, and howler monkeys bask in the sun. Fascinating and thought-provoking, this film is an eloquent warning of the natural wonders we stand to lose on a world scale if human encroachment of the world's rain forests continues.
The Noble Horse
20. The Noble Horse
January 1, 2008
Discover the power, mystery, and romance of horses, one of nature's most magnificent creations. The mystical bond between humans and horses has endured throughout the ages. Travel back in time 4,000 years to the magic moment when the relationship between man and horse was forever changed. Thrill to wild stallions sparring on the Western plains, marvel at the high-stepping display of the Spanish horse, hear hooves thundering like heartbeats as rare horses are reintroduced to their Mongolian home. Horses have been our faithful servants, our tireless comrades, and our loyal friends. National Geographic offers a privileged look at the many ways that horses have captured our imaginations and our hearts.
New Chimpanzees
19. New Chimpanzees
January 1, 2008
National Geographic draws viewers into the looking glass where eyes, much like our own, reflect playfulness, grief, loneliness, rage and above all, intelligence. Scientists continuing the work of legendary chimpanzee advocate Jane Goodall make startling revelations about chimps in the wild.
Lions of the African Night
18. Lions of the African Night
January 1, 2008
More than three years in the making, Lions of the African Night reveals the savage secrets of Africa after dark. As night descends on the bushveld, a pride of 30 lions begins its nightly search for prey. Baboons snuggle in tree tops, big-eyed apes leap from limb to limb, and the chorus of the small creatures adds to the drama of the nocturnal hunt. Lions of the African Night will surprise you with a startling look at the behavior of lions as the pride stalks wildebeest, warthog, and zebra in the struggle to fight off hunger, their constant enemy.
Lions of Darkness
17. Lions of Darkness
January 1, 2008
Rarely before has the drama of life on the wild plains of Africa been portrayed more intimately than in this remarkable film from renowned wildlife filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert. It's the gripping story of a growing lion pride in Botswana that begins as three outsiders - young and aggressive - invade the pride's territory and depose its aged leader. Their swift, merciless victory opens a new era for the pride.
Last Stand of the Great Bear
16. Last Stand of the Great Bear
January 1, 2008
National Geographic embarks on a 250-mile adventure through unspoiled territory along the coast of British Columbia called the Great Bear Rain Forest. It is here that bear-hunting wolves take to the sea, grizzlies clash in titanic battles and wild salmon are the pulsing lifeblood of an entire ecosystem. As this precious habitat faces an uncertain future, threatened by chainsaws and fish farms, a team of dedicated scientists is racing to prove that it must be protected. Forming a wilderness detective squad, these experts are searching for the rare white spirit bear and collecting clues that will decipher the secret life of the forest's elusive inhabitants.
Land of the Tiger
15. Land of the Tiger
January 1, 2008
A rare and fascinating study of the enormous jungle cats, Land of the Tiger features spectacular footage of tigers stalking their prey, caring for their young, swimming, playing... and fighting - as well as glimpses of the other animals with which the tiger shares his domains. Come as close as you dare to these wild cats in all their royal splendor.
Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea
14. Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea
January 1, 2008
Throughout every ocean on earth, killer whales are the masters of the sea. Like wolves on land, these fearsome predators often hunt in packs, working together to snare their next meal. You'll journey around the globe to see their extraordinary hunting techniques in action. Plunge beneath the waves to watch the whales round up schools of herring, which they stun with flicks of their powerful tails. Discover the whales 'playing with their food'- tossing their prey around in a frenzied game that hones their hunting skills. And witness the amazing spectacle of these huge whales hurling themselves onto the beach to snatch their unsuspecting prey. You will gain a new appreciation of these magnificent creatures as you come face-to-face with Killer Whales.
Jewels of the Caribbean Sea
13. Jewels of the Caribbean Sea
January 1, 2008
World renowned underwater cinematographer, Howard Hall takes viewers beyond the broad sandy beaches of the Caribbean and underneath its azure sea to uncover a wildlife spectacular living in this unique wilderness. Coral reefs and underwater fields of grass serve to enhance the Halls' exploration of the vast and various forms of marine life that live in the waters off the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, St. Croix, Dominica, and Belize. Using a specially developed "rebreather" apparatus, Hall is able to remain underwater for great periods of time, enabling him to capture behaviors never before filmed.
In Search of the Jaguar
12. In Search of the Jaguar
January 1, 2008
In the face of his own threatening illness, the jaguars' greatest protector is battling time and adversity to save these endangered cats. Venture deep into the wilds of Brazil, Belize, and Panama with biologist Alan Rabinowitz as he pursues these elusive predators - and fights to protect even more jaguar habitat than he already has.
Great White Shark: Truth Behind the Legend
11. Great White Shark: Truth Behind the Legend
January 1, 2008
National Geographic embarks on a voyage of breakthrough discoveries that will forever alter our view of the infamous creature once labeled "the perfect killing machine." Join the ultimate great white expedition, featuring Jaws creator Peter Benchley and famed underwater photographer David Doubilet. Witness amazing great white shark behavior, including never-before-seen footage of explosive, air-borne "breaching" attacks. Experience the breathless fear of a diver trapped on the sea bottom for over four hours by a hungry great white.
The Great Whales
10. The Great Whales
January 1, 2008
Once feared and hunted almost to extinction, the whale now commands worldwide attention. Join scientists and conservationists as they study and document the anatomy, communication, and migratory patterns of a variety of whale species, including killer, pilot, and humpbacked whales. The Great Whales also looks at the birth of a killer whale and how captive whales participate in scientific experiments.
9. Gorilla
January 1, 2008
National Geographic presents an informative and engaging look at the mysterious mountain gorilla of central Africa - a species once numbering in the thousands, that has now dwindled to a precious few. Contrary to its King Kong image, the gorilla is a shy and retiring creature. Renowned scientist Dian Fossey fought to protect these gentle beasts from the destruction of poachers in the volcanic mountain of Rwanda. In England, charismatic zoo director John Aspinall has become best friends with the 20 gorillas that live on his country estate. And near San Francisco, Koko, the famed lowland gorilla, demonstrates her amazing prowess at communicating with American Sign Language.
Dolphins: The Wild Side
8. Dolphins: The Wild Side
January 1, 2008
Known for their boundless grace and playful energy, captive dolphins are always eager to please and perform. But at home in the open sea, there's another little-known side to these awe-inspiring mammals that's powerful, cunning, and ruthless. Witness as a team of dolphins coordinates a devastating attack on a massive school of fish. See the largest, most fearsome member of the dolphin family's killer whale that can travel as fast as 30 miles an hour underwater to capture its next victim. Observe as dolphins learn from an early age how to hydroplane through mere inches of water to catch fish. You'll be amazed to explore the secret side of these sociable yet aggressive creatures.
Crocodiles: Here Be Dragons
7. Crocodiles: Here Be Dragons
January 1, 2008
Measuring 16 feet long and weighing over a ton, many call the crocodile the last surviving giant of the dinosaur age. While crocodiles are one of the world's strongest and most feared predators, they are also extremely tender and protective parents. Travel to Africa's Grumeti River in Tanzania - where one of the largest croc populations thrives. Watch in suspense as a herd of thirsty wildebeest approach the crocodileinfested river to drink, unaware of the coldblooded reptiles lurking at the water's edge. In slowmotion photography, you will witness thrilling scenes as the powerful beast dominates the waterway with its huge tail and crushing jaws.
Cats: Caressing the Tiger
6. Cats: Caressing the Tiger
January 1, 2008
By night, they're ruthless hunters that stalk their prey with a keen sense of sight and smell. By day, they're playful, loving companions for millions. Today, cats outnumber dogs as America's favorite pet. Worshipped in ancient Egypt and persecuted during medieval times, domestic cats over the centuries have been feared and adored. As comforting companions, cats provide therapy for the elderly and autistic. But as dramatic sequences show, the behavior of cats is never far removed from that of their cousins in the wild. If you've ever wondered why cats always land on all four feet or what makes them purr, join National Geographic for Cats: Caressing the Tiger.
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
5. Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
January 1, 2008
Set sail with a family of real-life explorers for the most remote and starkly beautiful continent on earth Antarctica. Aboard the 50-foot schooner Damien II, a husbandwife naturalist team and their three sons will guide you on the voyage of a lifetime. Rocky coasts, azure blue seas, and magnificent towering icebergs set the backdrop for a wide variety of wildlife as you navigate south through the islands of the pristine Antarctic peninsula. From the deck of the small craft you will see humpback whales perform a graceful underwater ballet. And while on shore, you will mingle with three species of penguins as well as marvel at young elephant seals at play.
Among the Wild Chimpanzees
4. Among the Wild Chimpanzees
January 1, 2008
In 1960 Jane Goodall set out for Tanzania's remote Gombe Stream Game Reserve to study the behavior of man's closest living relative, the chimpanzee. With dedication and perseverance she earned the trust of a wild chimp community, and gradually they revealed their individual personalities and the rich tapestry of their daily life. This film looks at two landmark decades of Jane Goodall's work, including her dramatic discovery of chimpanzees making and using tools.
America's Lost Mustang
3. America's Lost Mustang
January 1, 2008
Discover the last descendants of America's first mustangs, isolated for centuries in the rural Southwest. Hit the trail with famed "horse whisperer" Pat Parelli, scientists and wranglers as they round up these living pieces of history with the hope of breeding them back from the brink of extinction.
Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest
2. Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest
January 1, 2008
Journey into a tropical jungle of staggering beauty. Here, torrential rains annually transform the dry forest floor into a watery world where some of the most extraordinary and uncommon wildlife flourish. In waters 50 feet deep, you'll encounter graceful river dolphins navigating through flooded treetops and the usually lethargic threetoed sloth swimming agilely among the branches. Watch an arrowhana fish leap through the air to grab a beetle perched on a tree trunk, and meet two masterful hunters the electric eel and the notorious piranha. You'll witness the wonders of nature in what has been called "the greatest evolutionary theater in the world."
Africa: Wilds of Madagascar
1. Africa: Wilds of Madagascar
January 1, 2008
Just off the East coast of Africa, Madagascar is an island unique in all the world. Separated from the mainland some 165 million years ago, Madagascar's flora and fauna have evolved in near isolation. Join a team of naturalists as they trek to the island's isolated Ankarana plateau to study the exotic animals of this forbidding wildlife oasis. Through enormous underground passages, you'll hike to a sunken forest, sighting unique creatures such as the crowned lemur, the leaf-tailed gecko, and the souimanga sunbird in Africa: Wilds of Madagascar.

The television series Animals and Nature follows different animals in their natural habitat. The show features video footage of the animals as well as information about how they live. Some of the animals featured on this show include sharks, the white wolf, and whales.

  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2008