Apologies In Advance With Andrea Russett

In this comedy series, YouTuber Andrea Russett dishes out funny stories, gossip, advice and general fun from her basement set, which is decorated to look like something from the 90s. The series is available on Russett's content channel.

1 Season, 19 Episodes
January 19, 2017
Cast: Andrea Russett, Rachel Scanlon
Apologies In Advance With Andrea Russett

Apologies In Advance With Andrea Russett Full Episode Guide

  • Viner Sammy Wilk catches Andrea up on his latest antics. Rachel puts his fingers to work at a glory hole, Trump gets corked, & Andrea may get wet...w/ champagne.

  • From "Present Tense", Jillian Rose Reed lands on the Apologies' couch to chill. Her nose is put to the test with awkward smells, and we see if Andrea knows her BDSM?

  • Wesley Stromberg jumps on the couch with Andrea to spill the tea on touring, hooking up with fans, awkward boners, & the girls get him to jam for the fans.

  • Faking It's Gregg Sulkin stops by the basement to see Andrea & Rachel, spill da tea on some Disney stars, take a few shots of "tea" himself, & reveal his inches.

  • The boys bust into the basement! Zane and Heath hit the couch with Andrea and share way too much! It's St. Patrick's day so you KNOW it's gonna get crazy downstairs.

  • Don't miss this episode of Apologies in Advance as J. Cyrus hits the basement to get lit with Andrea & Rachel. He may have a few, but still slays a rap battle.

  • There are 13 Reasons Why You Should Watch "Apologies in Advance" this week. #1 = Justin Prentice. Andrea and Rachel test his tossing skills and he spills the tea about Selena.

  • Girls night on Apologies. The Gabbie Show brings her ghostly entourage to the basement, freaking the shit out of Andrea & Rachel. Ghost stories, shots & screams!

  • Disney Diva Debby Ryan joins Andrea on the couch to gab about boys and red carpet looks, to play a Disney whisper challenge, and meanwhile Rachel keeps the liquor flowing.

  • "The Bachelorette's" dreamboat, Wells Adams comes to cause some trouble with the girls in the basement. A surprise delivery, Rachel taking it off and licking are involved.

  • CoverBoy James Charles invades Andrea's basement to chat ambition, highlights, how to approach a man and they even break out the brushes to beat Rachel's face.

  • Digital dildo lover and "pot head" Wahlid Mohammed gets lit in the basement with Andrea and Rachel. He gushes about bestie Zach, his GF shaving his ass, and butt sex.

  • Fullscreens own Cody Ko joins Andrea and Rachel in the basement, watch as he bares his nips, tells us the deets on his inches, and shamelessly plugs his own show Goat Rodeo.

  • Ricky Dillon descends into the basement to get a little naughty with Andrea & Rachel. He gets things put in his mouth, talks O2L, gets a lap dance & yelled at!

  • Ricky Manning brings his sweet voice to the basement to serenade the ladies. He grabs a drink, riffs some songs, fesses up bout Gwen Stefani & makes Andrea melt.

  • Dom DeAngelis makes his way downstairs to hang with Andrea and Rachel. Watch as they have drinks, spill the tea on 3-ways, their Twitter feuds, & if they'd ever sleep together.

  • Lukas Gage kicks his shoes off in the basement with Andrea and Rachel to do some shots, talk trash, filming Sickhouse & how he lost his virginity. Our apologies.

  • Come hang in Andrea Russett's basement! Sh*t gets crazy on our first episode when Rachel the bartender pours drinks & Trevor Moran gives the deets on his inch snake.