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Arpeggio of Blue Steel takes place in the deep future of 2037, where the sea levels near the shorelines have rised drastically due to global warming, which destroyed the surrounding territory nearby. As this was happening, a group of warships known as "the Fleet of Mist" started to battle against human ships and defeating them with their overpowering force.

Several years later, the humans who have been defeated by the Fleet of Mist discovered their submarine near their base. The first person to discover this is a young cadet named Gunzo Chihaya.

As he tries to examine the submarine, he finds out that one of his enemies was piloting this ship. Strangely, this female humanoid decides to help him and the rest of mankind.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 8, 2013
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Arpeggio of Blue Steel Full Episode Guide

  • Absorbing Maya and light cruisers has given Kongou unprecedented power, which she uses to obliterate the Fog's U.S. Pacific Fleet.

  • Restored and strengthened by Takao's sacrifice, 401 forges on to America with 400 and 402 in pursuit. The sister ships meet in the waters of Hawaii.

  • I-401 has been hit with two corrosive torpedoes in an ambush by Iona's sister ships, I-400 and I-402, and its repair programs are impaired.

  • As missiles rain down on Iwo Jima, the Mental Models work together to withstand the attack from the Fog's East Patrol Fleet One.

  • Iwo Jima has been surrounded by the Fleet of Fog's Eastern Patrol Fleet 1. Gunzou invites the mental model Kongou to the island to speak with her.

  • I-401 heads to her secret home port with Makie, Haruna and Kirishima on board. There, they find the heavy cruiser, Takao, waiting for them.

  • As Haruna and Kirishima attempt to befriend Makie, Kamikage fears that Makie may fall into the Fog's hands and orders a special forces assault.

  • Defeated by I-401, Haruna has managed to retain her mental model form, but only Kirishima's union core has survived.

  • Yokosuka is now under attack by the fast battleships Kirishima and Haruna. I-401 sets sail to intercept them within the defensive barrier.

  • Triumphant over Takao, I-401 enters the Port of Yokosuka to receive a sample of the top-secret warhead developed by the Japanese government.

  • Now the captain of I-401, Gunzou sets course for Yokosuka after accepting a mission from the Japanese government.

  • After humanity lost much of its land due to rising sea levels caused by global warming, the Fleet of Fog established dominion over the high seas.

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