As The Bell Rings

Guys are using various schemes during their breaks to try and win a date from the prettiest girl in the school. They also try and compete with each other to be captain of different clubs and teams in the school.

Friday 7:55 PM et/pt on
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
August 26, 2007
Cast: Tony Oller, Carlson Young, Seth Ginsberg, Gabriela Rodriguez
As The Bell Rings

As The Bell Rings Full Episode Guide

  • Danny cheers everyone up on a rainy day with a song.

  • Lexi questions how ToeJam got his name, leading to wild stories from Danny, Brooke and Skipper.

  • Danny attempts to make a music video, but he foolishly picks Skipper to be the director.

  • Tiffany explains the plot of "Romeo & Juliet" to ToeJame before a big test. She may have gotten a few details wrong, however.

  • The group prepares for an upcoming school art exhibit.

  • Danny turns one of Lexi's poems into a song, and then realizes that the poem is about him.

  • Lexi and Danny face off in a series of competitions to see who's the best.

  • The second season begins with a new girl named Lexi arriving at school, and Danny realizes that he's met her once before

  • Skipper gets on his friends' nerves when he becomes the school's hall monitor; Toejam and Danny uses this to their advantage.

  • The school bully won't stop calling Brooke a nerd.

  • Skipper offers to help Danny with kissing so that he can try out to be the lead, with Charlotte, in Romeo & Juliet.

  • The boys decide who will get their vote for class president based on what freebies they receive.

  • Tiffany enters a fashion-design contest and the boys model her outfits.

  • Skipper reads a book on how to talk to girls and then tries to chat with Tiffany.

  • Danny and Toe Jam find a quiz in the hallway and discover its Charlotte's quiz.

  • Skipper has become the new school mascot and wants to tell Tiffany.

  • Brooke changes fashions and adopts a bad attitude about school after she receives her first B on a test.

  • Skipper and ToeJam help Danny ask Charlotte out.

  • Danny thinks Charlotte likes so-called bad boys so he decides to dress like one.

  • The guys ponder why girls go to the bathroom in groups.

  • Danny wants to ask Charlotte, Skipper wants to ask Tiffany, and ToeJam is still looking.

  • Danny and Charlotte compose a song as the gang auditions for the school's talent show.

  • Danny and Charlotte are shy about giving each other a flower.

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