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Sonny With A Chance is a great television show from the Disney Channel which stars actress Demi Lovato. Sonny With A Chance showcases how Sonny Monroe is given the chance to become a part of a famous sketch comedy show, So Random. So Random is a show which similarly takes on the same story and concept as All That from Nickelodeon. The story takes you to different experiences of Sonny Monroe, who soon finds that life in Hollywood isn't exactly what she was expecting.

She soon learns that her fellow co-star, Tawny Hart secretly hates her and slowly tries her best to disgust her as time goes on. She finds her own true love, Chad Dylan Cooper, whom is actually the main star of So Random's biggest teen show rival, Mackenzie Falls. As she first has a crush on him and later on becomes his girlfriend, Sonny's fellow co-stars do not accept what she has been doing.

The show takes you to a wide range of areas of her life as a Hollywood actress. The show even shows you the life of her co-stars who are Tawny, Nico, Grady, and Zora, all of which have different stories and funny ways which are showcased in almost every episode. They all have their own antics and funny lifestyles which are then experienced in every story.

Sonny With A Chance has recently ended back in 2011 after being aired on the Disney Channel from February of 2009 to January of 2011. The show has since aired reruns and has even developed a newer version of the show which was titled So Random where it isn't a show within a show, but simply a show where everything is nearly sketches alone. Sonny With A Chance is famous for being a show within a show, and that is where you get to watch Sonny and her co-stars acting in their show So Random while also living an ordinary life. Sonny With A Chance is definitely a show worth watching for children, and so is the spin-off, So Random.

Sonny With A Chance is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (46 episodes). The series first aired on June 20, 2009.

Sonny With A Chance is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sonny With A Chance on demand atDisney+, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 46 Episodes
June 20, 2009
Comedy Kids & Family
Cast: Demi Lovato, Tiffany Thornton, Sterling Knight, Brandon Mychal Smith, Doug Brochu
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Sonny With A Chance Full Episode Guide

  • Sonny decides to write a song about her breakup with Chad. Meanwhile, Grady develops a crush on the new waitress when he starts hanging out at a restaurant called "The Patio."

  • It's a battle of "So Random" vs. "Mackenzie Falls" at the Tween Choice Awards.

  • Sonny talks Marshall into following his dreams of doing a one man show.

  • Chad gets fired for being too demanding.

  • The cast of So Random! and Chad get trapped in snow, ruining their plans for going home for Christmas vacation. From Sonny's house, the gang does a Christmas Holiday Special to pass time, with Chad hosting the jolly sketch episode.

  • Sonny and Chad share an awkward moment in an interview when the realization is made that they have never kissed.

  • Dakota Condor is bent on revenge when Tawni accidentally runs over Dakota's bicycle. Desperate to protect themselves, Sonny and Tawni recruit the kooky, goofy, featherbrained So Random! propmaster, Izzy, to assist them.

  • Sonny sets Zora up with the child actor who plays the young Makenzie in Makenzie Falls flashbacks. Meanwhile, Dakota Condor star in the film of Nico and Grady for a cell phone film festival.

  • The cast of So Random! produce a ghoulish and ghostly Halloween special, including a guest appearance by Shaquille O'Neal, musical guest Allstar Weekend, and Sonny's never-before-seen performance of a new song.

  • Sonny discovers that Chad has his stunt double go on any dates in which Chad assumes are too dangerous.

  • Chad agrees to fill in for Sonny when she gets sick. However, he finds its hard to do Sonny's job.

  • The number of fans on Chad's "Flitter" starts to mysteriously decrease as the number approaches the one million member mark. Chad hires Amber, his fan club president, to find out the cause of the sudden decline. Amber concludes that Sonny is to blame for Chad's decrease in popularity.

  • Sonny finds out that the show "Pauly the Polar Bear's Playroom," is shooting on the lot. It happens to be Sonny's favorite childhood show, so she introduces herself to Pauly. However, the man who plays Pauly quits and makes Sonny wear the costume. Meanwhile, Sonny misses her 7-week anniversary date with Chad.

  • Someone on the set of So Random! starts a rumor that Sonny is a thief while she temporarily leaves for her Homecoming in Wisconsin. This ruins her reputation, and she is asked to leave So Random!. Unable to clear her name, Tawni offers support to Sonnyas they drive back to Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Chad, Nico and Grady find out the truth back in Hollywood.

  • Chad and Sonny continue their relationship, but trouble ensues when Tawni and Chad are named the studio's hottest couple.

  • After Sonny starts watching Mackenzie Falls, Chad ask Sonny out on a date, which she accepts. Then she begins to have second thoughts when she realizes how her castmates will react

  • When Grady's older brother teases Grady and makes him feel bad because he doesn't have a girlfriend, Sonny pretends to be his lady. But Grady's big bro visits, and the pair have to make things look more authentic.

  • Tawni tries to ban gum from the set.

  • A monster story told by Miss Bitterman seems to come to life.

  • The So Random castmembers and Marshall are shocked that Sonny can sing.

  • After Gassie is no longer able to pass gas, Sonny decides to take matters into her own hands by doing Gassie's part herself.

  • Sonny and Tawni wish to become exchange students in Glendovia after finding out that one of their sketches is popular. But the locals mistakeningly believe the girls' characters' personalities are identical to their real-life personalities.

  • Sonny organizes a walk-a-thon to benefit reading and gets Tawni to donate skinny pants for everyone to wear. Chad also creates a walk-a-thon, but things don't go quite as planned.

  • Sonny and Tawni promote Sonny's time on "So Random!" by appearing on a talk show.

  • After being challenged by a fellow scout, Zora teams up with Sonny to see who can sell more cookies. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady come up with a way to smell more attractive to the ladies. Tawni swears off looking at herself in the mirror.

  • The cast of So Random! is blessed by the presence of Chad Dylan Cooper when he guest stars on their show.

  • Sonny gives Nico and Grady a gift for their birthday but they start to fight over it. They then decide that they will no longer be friends and start hanging out with Sonny. Sonny gets annoyed and tries to find a way to make Nico and Grady friends again.

  • Tawni has a crush on the new intern and enlists Sonny to teach her how to act "normal" to impress him. After a slew of unfortunate events, Sonny must use her resources to help save their date. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady attempt to get a sandwich named after them.

  • The "So Random!" cast attempt to prevent their prop house from being taken away and used as a meditation room for the "MacKenzie Falls" cast. The number one show gets any room in the building according to the contract. After remembering all the good memories about sketches they have done (like Dolphin Boy and the Check It Out Girls), they hand-cuff themselves to the prop house. After two hours of being hand-cuffed they decide to fight back. They chase away the cast of "MacKenzie Falls" by cutting a hole in the ceiling and annoying them by throwing objects on their heads. Chad says he won't be driven away, but he starts meditating in the photo booth, he runs away because of a rat. The So Random cast get their prop house back. Chad comes back and brings gifts to everyone in order to say he is sorry and didn't know how much the prop house meant to them. He gives Tawni a Bedazzled lipstick case, Zora a night light for the sarcophagus, lets Nico and Grady ride the forklift, and lastly gives an autograph picture of himself to Sonny that says "To my biggest fan, I'm sorry, TV's Chad Dylan Cooper." Then Sonny says she is touched. Then, Nico and Grady bursts in while riding the forklift.

  • After Chad announces he is the host of a new celebrity prank show, the So Random cast becomes paranoid about who's going to be pranked first, and who might be in on the joke with Chad.

  • Chad is making a movie about his life and casts Selena Gomez as Sonny.

  • Sonny plays matchmaker and pairs Marshall with Ms. Bitterman. But she soon realizes it was a big mistake and tries to break them up.

  • Sonny asks Marshall if she can have a prom on the set of So Random! since shes missing her prom in Wisconsin. When Marshall refuses, the whole cast send him on a wild goose chase while they throw a secret prom. Meanwhile to prep for their prom, Nico teaches Grady how to slow dance

  • When the demanding daughter of a studio executive wants a set visit, Sonny is the unlucky cast member chosen to play tour guide.

  • Tensions rise on set when Sonny is asked out by Tawni's ex boyfriend, James, who is guest starring on Mackenzie Falls. And when James attempts to date both girls, Sonny decides to get revenge in the best way she can... by going on a date with Chad.

  • When Sonny is interviewed by "Tween Weekly TV," Chad immediately steps in to focus the publicity on himself. Sonny, frustrated by his schemes, gets visibly angry with Chad and the cameras witness the interaction, shining poor light on her. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady sort through Tawni's trash to sell it online.

  • Sonny and Tawni are hurt that they've become the targets of "Tween Weekly's" gossip blogger, Sharona, so they plot their revenge on her at the "Oh No You Di'int" Awards. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady try to convince Chad to drive them to the award show in his new car. Elisa Donovan ("Clueless") guest stars as Sharona.

  • Sonny rejects Tawni's invitation!

  • Sonny worries about an upcoming geometry exam that may decide the fate of her future on So Random. Meanwhile, a pretty new girl on set catches the eye of Nico and Grady, who go to extraordinary lengths to impress her.

  • When Sonny's cast mates reject her sketch idea, Chad Dylan Cooper and the cast of "MacKenzie Falls" console her on their set with luxurious gifts. Now, the cast of "So Random!" must convince Sonny to return to their set.

  • Sonny meets Chad Dylan Cooper of the drama series "MacKenzie Falls" in the studio's cafeteria and learns of the simmering rivalry between the two casts. When tensions arise, Sonny attempts to make a peace offering.

  • Sonny Munroe arrives in Los Angeles, anxious to meet her new cast mates on the popular sketch comedy show for teens and tweens, "So Random!" After a rocky start with Tawni, Sonny tries to impress the cast with her ideas to improve a sketch.

Sonny With A Chance News

Demi Lovato Checks Out of Rehab and Out of 'Sonny with a Chance'

Sonny with no chance of Demi returning...

After three months of in-patient treatment for an eating disorder and issues with self-harm, Disney princess Demi Lovato says farewell to her hit show, "Sonny with a Chance."

The singer/actress confirmed to People magazine in this week's issue, "I don't think going back to Sonny would be healthy for my recovery.

Demi Lovato Sex Tape Rumors Spread Upon Release of Disney Star's Racy Twitter Pics

Life just keeps getting worse for Sonny With A Chance star Demi Lovato.  Demi, who has been recently battling her emotional problems at a rehab center outside of Chicago, has made the news again after racy photos were released on the web via Twitter.

This is another major blow the clean image Demi once had.

Adding to the recently released photos that were apparently taken before Demi entered rehab, a source at X17 claims that the "Camp Rock" star isn't a stranger to getting a bit racy.