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Life with Derek is a thirty minute comedy that first aired on the Disney Channel. It is about how two families emerge as one when the mother of Casey and Lizzie and the father of Derek, Edwin and Marti get married. It is about dealing with a new family and the changes that come along with it. Season one was taped in Corner Brook, Newfoundland Labrador. However, seasons two through four had been taped in Toronto, Ontario.

Along with the television series, there was also a movie that came after the show had come to a close entitled Vacation With Derek. George Venturi is the father of the family and works as a lawyer. He had previously been married to a woman named Abby. Nora McDonald-Venturi is the mother and works as a window treatment specialist.

Moving away from the adults, lets start with the youngest, Marti Venturi. Being the youngest, like any other child her age, she loves to have the attention on her. Edwin Venturi looks up to his older brother. He is often an accomplice in many of Derek's schemes. Lizzie McDonald is rather patient and enjoys sports. Casey McDonald happens to be idealistic and independent and academically ambitious. Derek is the rebel in the household.

Life With Derek is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (69 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 2005.

Life With Derek is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Life With Derek on demand atGoogle Play, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

4 Seasons, 69 Episodes
September 18, 2005
Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: Michael Seater, Ashley Leggat, Jordan Todosey, Daniel Magder, Ariel Waller
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Life With Derek Full Episode Guide

  • A worried Casey is having difficulty writing her valedictorian speech for graduation, which she blames on Derek. Edwin is concerned that he won't be able to live up to Derek's reputation at J.S. Thompson High when he goes there in the fall.

  • As the prom approaches, Casey and Derek both find themselves without a date. Meanwhile, George and Nora have something to tell the family.

  • Derek serves as a chaperone for Casey who is going to a party in Toronto with Truman. Lizzie goes out on a date with a boy that the family has never met.

  • Casey agrees to go out with Truman but things don't go exactly as planned. Meanwhile, Edwin's friend Teddy returns and won't leave the Venturi-McDonald family alone. While everyone else wants him to leave, Derek decides to take him under his wing and George is away on a business trip.

  • Casey is stuck with Truman as her fencing partner in PE. Meanwhile, George buys a ping pong table and it puts Edwin and Derek to be in competition with each other.

  • Derek threatens to ruin Casey's dreams of winning an important dance competition; Lizzie tries to convert junk food junkies George and Edwin.

  • While his parents are away for the weekend, Ralph stays at Derek's home where he begins to develop a crush on Casey.

  • The new school year is about to start and there's chaos in the Venturi-McDonald house. Casey wants to find a new identity and redo her room, Edwin is heartbroken after Michelle breaks up with him, Lizzie is sick of her clothes, Marti refuses to leave her tent in the hallway and Derek wants to drop out of school to live near Sally in Vancouver.

  • It's George and Nora's two year wedding anniversary and George has thrown the family a Mexican fiesta. Nora decides that its time the family learns about Operation Disengagement, Derek and Casey's plan to break up George and Nora.

  • Truman keeps asking Casey out and every time she says no, as a result she has been having dreams about him. Meanwhile Edwin starts snooping on the McDonad's and Casey's dream diary goes missing.

  • The new school year is about to start and there's chaos in the Venturi-McDonald house. Casey wants to find a new identity and redo her room, Edwin is heartbroken after Michelle breaks up with him, Lizzie is sick of her clothes, Marti refuses to leave her tent in the hallway and Derek wants to drop out of school to live near Sally in Vancouver.

  • After breaking up with Sally when she tells him she is going to an out-of-province university, Derek denies that he is upset about the break-up.

  • There's a new guy at school who decides to rate all the girls. Casey finds out that he only rated her a 6 1/2 out of 10 and is upset. Kendra decides to use the ratings the new guy gave the girls to select models for a fashion show.

  • It's March Break and George wants to go on a family road trip twelve hours away from home. Derek and Casey don't want to waste their vacation with the family and decide to stay at home, which leads to an all out war.

  • Derek convinces his boss to have an "Open Mic Night" at Smelly Nelly's with D-Rock playing and Sally as the MC. Sally tells Derek how she feels about him and is disappointed that he doesn't tell her anything back. Derek has trouble saying how he feels so she tells him to write a song about them, much to his dislike. Now he must turn to Casey to help him write a song.Meanwhile Edwin decides to sign up for Open Mic Night" telling jokes but realizes that none of his jokes are actually funny.

  • Marti is turning eight and wants to have a party with all her friends, but it's almost canceled when Nora has to go to Toronto to visit her aunt who just broke her hip. Sally volunteers herself and Derek to plan and host the part.y. Derek and Sally get in a fight when he refuses to help her.Meanwhile Casey is finding it hard to get over Max and thinks they should get back together.

  • Derek teaches Edwin how become a "ladies man", which doesn't seem to help Edwin when a girl in his class shows interest in him. Meanwhile Casey comes up with a plan to get Sally and Derek together. Her plan fails miserably when Derek finds out what she is trying to do.

  • George grounds Derek and Casey the weekend of the "sickest party of the year", but that doesn't stop Derek from sneaking out with Casey. Problems arise when Derek puts a dent in George's car. Meanwhile Edwin buys a sleuthing kit that he intends to use to find out who put the dent in George's car with help from Lizzie.

  • Casey develops a weird allergy after Max gives her his football jacket.

  • Derek lands a leading role in a school musical, and Casey gives him acting advice.

  • Casey tries out for cheer leading when Max thinks that she can't do it. Only problem is, is that Max's ex-girlfriend Amy is head cheerleader and has it out for Casey. Derek takes a liking to Amy. Meanwhile Edwin tries to find a sport he is good at.

  • Casey and Derek make a bet that whoever gets their driver's license first has to pay for the other's gas money for a year. But Casey begins to doubt if she will win the bet and Derek feeling confident in himself raises the stakes to the loser having to pay the winner's car insurance for a year. Meanwhile Nora goes out of town for a girl's weekend and leaves George in charge of driving Edwin, Lizzie, and Marti around and the housework. All of this would be easier for him if he didn't get his license suspended.

  • Casey is turning sixteen and wants to throw a lackluster "Sweet Sixteen" dinner for six. So Derek decides to make the party more to his liking by hosting it at Smellie Nellie's and inviting more people. Casey ends up missing her own party because of an emergency appendectomy surgery but that doesn't stop Derek from still going to the party.

  • Casey invites Max over for dinner and Sally ends up cooking dinner for the whole family. Derek starts getting mixed signals from the newly single Sally and thinks he may have a chance with her. Meanwhile Nora and Edwin help George get out of his midlife crisis by reuniting his old band, George of the Jungle.

  • Derek and Casey's English class is reading the book, Ivanhoe. Casey studies for the test the night before but with George fixing a hole in the roof she barely gets any sleep. This results in her falling asleep in class and missing the test. Casey now wants Max to act more chivalrous like Ivanhoe and asks Derek to help her. Meanwhile Edwin tries to find a place to sleep while the hole in the ceiling of his attic bedroom is getting fixed with great difficulty.

  • Casey is chosen to do a documentary on her "blended" family. Things don't go her way when she isn't willing to show how her family truly is.

  • Casey is in charge of Marti's summer camp at Sir John Sparrow High School and Derek is in summer school for a Physics test. Derek decides to make his time useful at school by helping Casey. Meanwhile Lizzie and Edwin start a pet sitting business.

  • Derek has taken full advantage of Casey being afraid of scary movies and now she is looking for revenge.

  • Everyone is surprised when Casey and Derek start working at a local restaurant and Derek seems to be more adapt for the job than Casey. Now Casey is determined to prove herself.

  • Derek's sixteenth birthday is coming up and he doesn't think anyone remembers. Meanwhile Nora and the kids finally convince George to buy a new car. Nora, Casey, Edwin, Lizzie, and Marti all try to get a good deal on a car.

  • Derek is failing Spanish and it causes his parents to go to drastic measures. Derek is unable to focus because he is constantly pranking Casey. Abby wants him to come with her to Spain for six months so he can learn the language and focus on his studies.

  • Derek defends Edwin from a bully.

  • Nora tries to recruit some of Casey's friends to work at the school's fun fair, much to Casey's dismay.

  • George and Nora are going out of town for a second honeymoon leaving Derek and Casey in charge. Derek and Casey's babysitting methods clash and Edwin, Lizzie, and Marti end up liking Derek's style better. This upsets Casey and she leaves the house. Meanwhile Casey meets up with Emily at Smelly Nellie's to spy on Max and his ex-girlfriend Amy.

  • Casey accidentally starts a rumor that Emily is going to break up with Sheldon. She is shocked to learn the consequences that her accidental rumor has on the people around her. Meanwhile Derek breaks up with Kendra in order to get around buying Kendra a Valentine's Day present. But things don't go his way when Kendra asks Casey's crush Max to the dance.

  • Edwin and Lizzie's first boy-girl party doesn't go quite as planned; Casey tries to understand football after the school's cute quarterback asks her out.

  • Casey is shocked when Derek asks her friend out on a date.