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Cory in the House is a spin-off from the popular Disney show That's So Raven. This show follows the story of Cory and his dad, Victor, packing up their lives and moving to Washington D.C.; where Victor has earned the title of the President's chef. With Raven away at college and Cory's mother going to school in England, you can only imagine the crazy and unpredictable adventures Cory and his dad get themselves into. Along the way they learn how to live in the White House and they meet lifelong friends.

This show is great if you were in love with That's So Raven. The writing is very similar and it follows two characters you have already fallen in love with before. Parents will love the strong lessons of respect, honesty, and the importance of friendship. Cory in the House is great for all ages, and parents can be assured that the material is neither questionable nor inappropriate.

2 Seasons, 35 Episodes
March 23, 2007
Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Kyle Massey, Jason Dolley, Maiara Walsh, Madison Pettis
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Cory In The House Full Episode Guide

  • After breaking up with Craig, Meena writes an angry song and DC3 gets a chance for their song to be in a movie, but Meena can't get angry enough to finish writing the song. Sophie, Tanisha and Haley stay up late to watch a movie instead of doing their book report.

  • When Candy begins spending more time with a new Mexican student, Cory learns lucha libre, a form of Mexican wrestling in hopes of winning her back. Meanwhile, Sophie and her friends start a musical group, but it doesn't take long for egos to get in the way.

  • Sophie tries to undermine Candy and Cory's relationship as a protest of Candy's strict rules when she and Cory are left to babysit Sophie.

  • In hopes of landing a photo shoot with five supermodels in Hawaii, Cory and Newt attend a fashion academy to learn how to become models. Also, Sophie's embarrassment over her father's dance skills has her wishing he doesn't attend the father-daughter dance at school.

  • Cory's chances of winning an important award are put in danger when someone steals his important presentation.

  • The only way Cory can get Stickler to agree to tutor him in chemistry is to agree to act in a skit with him. Meanwhile, Sophie launches a campaign to run for class president.

  • Cory gets frustrated after Newt ruins their date with the Ashleys when he learns that Newt refuses to kiss a girl because he made a promise to a girl at camp when he was eight that he wouldn't kiss anyone else until they had kissed. Now Newt's afraid that if he does break the promise, he won't know how to kiss a girl because he never has. So Cory decides to open a kissing booth at the school carnival to let Newt get some practice and solve their problem at the same. Meanwhile, Victor and Sophie's competition over who can win the most games ends up showing off Victor's sore winner side.

  • After learning that her coming-of-age party will be televised, Meena gets a little bit too carried away when she realizes that pouting will get her what she wants and starts to throw temper-tantrums to get her way. But when Meena gets Cory, Newt, and even her own father kicked out of the party, they have to figure out a way to save her before she makes a complete fool out of herself on TV. Meanwhile, President Martinez, Victor, and Samantha try to find a way to break it to Sophie that her cooking isn't the best.

  • After sneaking his date into the Oval Office, Cory accidentally spills ink on the carpet over the Presidential Seal and has to find a way to clean it up before the President finds out.

  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is appointed to be Presidential Advisor on Physical Fitness, so Cory tries to cash in on it by getting The Rock to endorse an invention created by Cory.

  • When Cory is surprisingly reunited with his pet rat Lionel, he is teased by everyone at school so he unwillingly decides to give him up to Sophie and she takes him on the condition that she will never have to give him back. Later though, Cory's friends stop by and tell him that it's alright if he has a pet rat and that they won't tease him anymore, so Cory decides to get Lionel back. But when he asks Sophie to give Lionel back, she won't and so now he has to try to find a way to get the rat back. Meanwhile, Victor and Samantha try to help President Martinez when the press labels him as stiff and unfunny.

  • After recording a video of Cory dancing to the theme song of a kid's show, Sophie decides to blackmail him with the tape so that she can hang out with his friends. But Sophie's on track to ruin Cory's social life so he has to come up with a scheme to get Sophie to stop wanting to hang out with the big kids. With Newt and Meena's help, he decides to try to convince Sophie that big kids commit crimes such as robbing banks, but when she shows up with a wagon full of gold from a bank, Cory realizes that he may have taken his scheme too far.

  • When DC-3 holds auditions for a piano player, the best choice for the job turns out to be none other than Jason Stickler. Meena is a little hesitant to add Stickler to their band, but they finally decide that they have to have a piano player if they want to impress the famous music manager that is coming to hear them play. But when Stickler slips a device on Cory that messes up his rhythm so that he can't play the drums anymore, Cory tries everything to get his rhythm back. Meanwhile, Sophie throws a slumber party to try to impress Tanisha, but Samantha gets a little too excited about her job of planning it.

  • Cory's sister Raven visits and they come up with a plan to redesign uniforms for the White House tour guides, but their plan starts to unravel when Raven tackles the president to save him from being involved in an accident.

  • Cory tries to get an Air Force One jacket back from a visiting dignitary after putting the deed to Alaska in one of its pockets.

  • Cory is put in a hard situation with how he feels about Meena when her favorite singer Nanoosh visits the U.S. from Bahavia. He's having a contest for one lucky girl who wins to get to come meet him at the T.V. studio where he will sing a song to her and also give her a kiss. When Meena ends up winning the contest, Cory takes it upon himself, along with the help of Newt, to make sure that Meena doesn't get that kiss. But his plan unravels when Meena discovers while on stage that Nanoosh is using her and her father to try to get a record contract in the United States.

  • A bully called the Juicer, who used to terrorize Cory back in San Francisco, shows up and quickly gets Cory to do whatever he wants.

  • Cory takes a disguised President Martinez to a mall to buy perfume for the First Lady; Sophie turns into a Bahavian expert, much to Meena's dismay.

  • Cory gets in trouble with the press when he pitches his line of presidential bobble heads to a reporter and she writes a story indicating that President Martinez relies on Cory to make important decisions that affect the nation.

  • Cory gives Meena a good-luck charm to ease her nerves about playing in their band with her strict father in attendance, but Meena believes the charm is cursed.

  • Cory ends up ruining a very important White House dinner after volunteering to help with the desserts. Meanwhile, Sophie has a rough time at school when kids make fun of her because she doesn't know how to ride a bike without training wheels.

  • Newt faces opposition from Candy Smiles after being elected as new student body president when he wants to open a new "chill zone" where all of the students can go to hang out instead of the pep squad that Candy wants to start. Meanwhile, Cory joins Candy's new pep squad to impress Meena, but ends up faking a relationship with Candy in an attempt to make Meena jealous.

  • Cory has to try many ways to raise money even resorting to giving secret tours of the White House when he's invited on a weekend ski trip with Meena and Newt.

  • Cory pretends to be Meena's boyfriend to help her try to catch the attention of her crush. Meanwhile, in an unexpected twist, Sophie finds that she has feelings for Newt romantically.

  • After arriving in his new home at the White House, Cory tries to get adjusted to his new surroundings which also happens to include going to a new school. When Cory gets to school, he attempts to impress his new potential friends Meena and Newt by telling them that he is a professional horse racer. His plan to impress explodes in his face though when Jason sets up a plan to publicly expose his lie in front of Meena, Newt and even President Martinez. Meanwhile, Cory comes to realize that Sophie, President Martinez's daughter, isn't exactly the sugar and spice image that's projected to the public.

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