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  • TV-MA
  • 2010
  • 3 Seasons
  • 4.7  (621)

Bachelor Pad was a reality television show that aired on ABC from 2010 to 2012, starring Chris Harrison as the host. The show was a spin-off of the popular Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises and followed former contestants from those shows as they competed in challenges and formed alliances while living together in a beachside mansion.

Each season of Bachelor Pad featured 19 contestants. There were ten women who had previously appeared on The Bachelor, and nine men who had previously been on The Bachelorette. The contestants were divided into teams, and each week they would compete in challenges to win date cards, roses, and immunity.

The challenges varied each week and included physical challenges, mental challenges, and relationship challenges that put the contestants' abilities to form alliances to the test. The contestants would also participate in group dates and one-on-one dates, which often led to heated romantic entanglements and love triangles.

At the end of each week, the contestants would vote on who they wanted to eliminate from the show. The two contestants with the most votes would then compete against each other in a final challenge, with the loser being sent home. The last contestants remaining in the Bachelor Pad would compete in a final challenge, with the winner receiving a cash prize of $250,000.

Throughout the series, there were several twists and turns that kept the contestants on their toes. In some seasons, eliminated contestants were given a chance to return to the show and shake things up. In others, the contestants were forced to compete in pairs or switch partners, leading to potential drama and alliances being broken.

Aside from Chris Harrison, Bachelor Pad also featured two notable celebrity contestants in Bobby Trendy and Mark Curry. Bobby Trendy was a well-known interior decorator who gained fame after appearing on The Anna Nicole Show, while Mark Curry was a comedian and actor who had previously hosted the show Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.

Despite being a spin-off of the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises, Bachelor Pad was a unique show in its own right. It showcased the drama and competition between former contestants in a way that had not been seen before on television. The show was popular with audiences and garnered a loyal following during its three-year run.

In summary, Bachelor Pad was a reality television show that aired on ABC from 2010 to 2012. The show featured former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants competing in challenges and forming alliances as they lived together in a beachside mansion. Chris Harrison served as the host, and notable celebrity contestants included Bobby Trendy and Mark Curry. The show was known for its drama, twists, and competition, and was popular with audiences during its three-year run.

Bachelor Pad is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on August 9, 2010.

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Week 8
8. Week 8
September 10, 2012
The final two couples confront their former housemates, who will vote to decide their fate for a chance to win $250,000.
Week 7
7. Week 7
September 3, 2012
The contestants compete in a dangling competition and a karaoke competition. With the prize almost within reach, an unexpected win leaves one contestant struggling to choose between strategy and loyalty
Week 6
6. Week 6
August 27, 2012
Contestants compete in a spelling bee and the stakes are high.
Week 5
5. Week 5
August 20, 2012
Contestants compete in a teacup-stacking challenge. One-on-one dates include an overnight camping trip and a "Pretty Woman"-inspired tour of Los Angeles.
Week 4
4. Week 4
August 13, 2012
The contestants participate in a highly controversial challenge answering questions about each other in pursuit of a rose. At the house, the girls' claws come out.
Week 3
3. Week 3
August 6, 2012
The contestants participate in an ice-cream themed obstacle course and the 3-on-1 dates are a blast from the past.
Week 2
2. Week 2
July 30, 2012
The contestants fail to find their rhythm during a gymnastics challenge; love is in the air for two contestants at a rock concert; a shocking decision is made.
Season Premiere
1. Season Premiere
July 23, 2012
In the third season premiere, five "Super Fans" will compete against veteran bachelors and bachelorettes for the grand prize and for a shot at love.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 9, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    4.7  (621)