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  • 2010
  • 4 Seasons

Backstory is a television show produced by Great American Country that delves into the histories of some of country music's most talented and influential artists. The show explores the personal and professional lives of country legends, uncovering the early beginnings and obstacles that they faced en route to reaching their current status as icons in the industry. Each episode focuses on a different artist, and it provides viewers with an in-depth look at their upbringing, inspirations, struggles, and moments of triumph.

The show is hosted by Kelly Sutton, a well-known country music journalist and radio host. Sutton uses her expertise to guide the show's narrative, asking poignant questions that allow the artists to open up and share their stories. With a warm and personable approach, Sutton creates an atmosphere that feels like a conversation between old friends. This approach enables the artists to feel comfortable enough to share their most personal experiences and emotions.

By exploring the artists' backstories, viewers get a more comprehensive understanding of their music and how it came to be. The show highlights the early years of each artist, from their childhood and family life to their struggles before making it in the music industry. This backstory context provides a compelling look at how the artists' life experiences have shaped their music and artistic style.

Backstory's music segments are a highlight of the show as they explore the artists' most significant hits, showcasing their songwriting skills, and presenting the stories behind the tunes. The music performances include in-studio and concert clips that capture the evolution of the artists' careers. The show illustrates how certain songs impacted the artists' lives and how the artists calculated to translate personal experiences, emotions, and struggles into fantastic music.

Backstory's episodes, lasting around 30 minutes, feels as though the interview segments are interwoven seamlessly into the music, creating a visual of mini concert films or docu-concerts. As there are no set commercial breaks, the show's creators creatively segway into advertising content.

The show has had a range of guests, from country legends to modern-day artists, including Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Dolly Parton, Blake Shelton, and Luke Bryan, to name a few. The selection of musicians featured on the show is a testament to the diverse nature of country music and the broad appeal of the genre. Many of the artists featured on the show have been in the industry for decades, while others are new to country music. Still, they highlight the variety present in the genre.

Perhaps what makes the show standout is that it strives to humanize some of the industry's biggest names. Backstory aims to present artists as real people, with real struggles and achievements, rather than just celebrities. The show illustrates how their experiences, both good and bad, helped them in their journey to becoming legendary figures within the country music scene.

Overall, Backstory by GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY provides viewers with an entertaining, informative, and intimate look into the lives of some of country music's most influential artists. With a combination of interviews, music performances, and context surrounding the songs, the show takes viewers on a journey through the backstories of country music's icons. It is a must-see for anyone who loves country music, and an excellent choice for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of why country music remains one of the most popular music genres in the world.

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Blake Shelton
2. Blake Shelton
August 9, 2014
When Blake Shelton was 17 he arrived in Nashville with a dream. After chasing success in country music for years, he still came up short. But Blake never lost sight of himself, his music or his roots and became the superstar he is today. Featuring the life of this chart-topping, award-winning artist, his triumphs in Hollywood and Nashville, and marriage to his dream country girl.
Dolly Parton
1. Dolly Parton
August 2, 2014
From Dolly's impoverished childhood in the Smoky Mountains to the Grand Ole Opry stage, Dolly Parton's rise to fame is like a Tennessee fairytale. She's also an actress, author, philanthropist and a businesswoman who for decades has been leading her own course. Celebrates one of country music's most iconic and beloved artists.
  • Premiere Date
    November 14, 2010