Great American Country or "GAC" is a national television channel that broadcasts a variety of material surrounding country music, artists, award shows, reality shows and more in-depth content surrounding the personalities in country music. With a majority of country music coming out of Nashville, TN, GAC is headquartered there to ensure that all breaking news and country music stories are covered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Great American Country is known for taking the viewer inside the live's of some of the most famous and popular country music artists in the world. They have programming that will follow artists around as they tour and headline shows along with going inside their personal lives in a variety of ways. GAC has a program that goes inside the homes of famous country artists so the viewer can see how their favorites live away from the spotlight. They will also air biographies on famous artists, both past and present.

With their location being so central to the country music scene in Nashville, they have the inside edge on all live concerts and performances. They have a live look in to the most famous country venue in the world, the Grand Ole Opry. The most famous artists in the world have played there and it is known for it's great acoustics and wonderful viewing experience for the audience. Big concert events like festivals and award shows are also covered by GAC and provide backstage access to these shows.

In addition to the concert and inside access information, they also provide entertainment television in the reality TV genre and a very popular music video countdown show.