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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

Log Cabin Kings is an exciting reality TV show that follows the lives of a group of talented and passionate craftsmen who specialize in building custom log cabins in remote areas of North America. The show airs on the Great American Country network and is a must-watch for anyone interested in the great outdoors, architecture, and design.

The show features a team of builders, led by Bryan Reid Sr., who have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. The team includes his sons, Bryan Jr., and Joel, as well as a group of skilled artisans and tradespeople. The team works together to create stunning log cabin homes that are built to withstand the harsh elements and last for generations.

Each episode of Log Cabin Kings features the team taking on a new project, from designing the blueprint to sourcing materials, to breaking ground and constructing the cabin from the ground up. The show provides an intimate look at the process of building a log cabin, from the initial design concepts to putting the finishing touches on the final product.

One of the unique aspects of Log Cabin Kings is the team's dedication to using eco-friendly methods and sustainable materials to build their cabins. This includes sourcing timber from local forests and using techniques that minimize waste and reduce the impact on the environment. The team's approach to building log cabins is a refreshing departure from traditional construction methods that can be wasteful and harmful to the planet.

The show also highlights the challenges and obstacles that the team faces when building in remote areas. From navigating rough terrain to dealing with extreme weather conditions, building a log cabin in remote areas requires a great deal of ingenuity, persistence, and skill. The team's passion for their work and their love of the outdoors shines through in every episode, as they work tirelessly to create beautiful and functional living spaces.

Log Cabin Kings also provides a glimpse into the lifestyles of those who choose to live in remote log cabins. From fishing and hunting to relaxing in front of a warm fire, living in a log cabin offers a unique and rewarding way of life that many find appealing. The show explores the reasons why people choose to live in remote areas, and how their homes reflect their values and priorities.

Overall, Log Cabin Kings is a captivating and inspiring show that showcases the beauty and practicality of log cabin construction. Whether you're interested in design, construction, or simply love the great outdoors, this show is sure to entertain and educate. The team's attention to detail, commitment to sustainability, and passion for their work make Log Cabin Kings a must-watch for anyone interested in the art of log cabin building. So, grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and get ready to be transported to the rugged and beautiful world of remote log cabin living.

Log Cabin Kings is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 2017.

Log Cabin Kings
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A Big Deal
14. A Big Deal
December 12, 2017
Joel pulls out all the stops, hoping his contract for four cabins in Michigan will land Pioneer an order for sixteen more. Meantime, Andre's simple kitchen reno turns into a bigger deal than expected.
Out on a Limb
13. Out on a Limb
December 5, 2017
Beat and his crew sacrifice life and limb for a challenging log home in Northern British Columbia while Joel and Bryan Sr. take a chance on hiring a perfectionist to carve a life-size statue.
Peter in a Pickle
12. Peter in a Pickle
November 28, 2017
Peter goes to Scotland and discovers that his boss Bryan Sr. has followed him. Meanwhile, Beat and Andre face a client with buyer's remorse.
Cold War
11. Cold War
November 21, 2017
In Kansas, tensions run high when Andre muscles in on Sam's big build. And back at the log yard, winter gales put a chill on Peter's enormous project for a Russian client.
High Rollers
10. High Rollers
November 14, 2017
Just hours from Manhattan, Beat creates a country retreat for a demanding French financier, while Joel's Australian client makes a last-minute request for a three-car garage.
Old Dog, New Tricks
9. Old Dog, New Tricks
November 7, 2017
Bryan Sr. resurrects an ancient crane dubbed "Rust Bucket" to complete a remote fishing cabin. Meanwhile, Beat struggles with two huge projects competing for time and square footage on the work yard.
Jolly Ole Island
8. Jolly Ole Island
October 31, 2017
Joel assembles a millionaire's retreat on a beautiful private island in England. Meanwhile, Beat gets an emotional assignment.
Barn Burner
7. Barn Burner
October 24, 2017
After Beat and Sam build a beautiful home in Alberta, the clients egg them on to a paint ball battle on their acreage. Meanwhile, Peter rebuilds a massive barn for an old friend, but first he gets to demolish it!
The Boss Can Build
6. The Boss Can Build
October 17, 2017
Andre the GM and master salesman must go to Ontario, Canada, and lead his first build in years while Beat has to collaborate in carving a hairy friend.
The Getaway
5. The Getaway
October 17, 2017
As winter approaches, the rush to build two summer getaway homes is on. Peter leads his team in Alberta while Bryan Jr. and his guys head north to Alaska.
Pig In Mud
4. Pig In Mud
October 10, 2017
In the Prairies, Peter gets stuck in the mud, trying to make a client's dreams come true; Beat helps Sam with his biggest build ever, but a reckless rookie crane operator threatens to bring the whole project down.
Hard Hat And Home
3. Hard Hat And Home
October 10, 2017
Beat delivers a home to a headstrong client in Utah who wants to do everything for himself while Andre covets a magazine cover story.
Truck Overboard
2. Truck Overboard
January 3, 2017
Joel's build becomes threatened when one of his 18-wheelers wrecks; Beat and Andr? sell a 1,000- year-old tree to an eccentric Arkansas businessman.
Wilderness Retreat
1. Wilderness Retreat
January 3, 2017
Joel builds an enormous house in the wilderness for a client he's never met; Bryan Sr. promises to create amazing log furniture in only one day and Beat must deliver.
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Log Cabin Kings is available for streaming on the Great American Country website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Log Cabin Kings on demand at Philo.
  • Premiere Date
    January 3, 2017