Flippin' RVs

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Justin and Anna Scribner are a young couple who make this their business and work on a variety of campers and trailers including a Palace Royale, Airlight, Airstream, Teardrop, Santa Fe and a Serro Scotty. Their trials and tribulations of finding the right parts, running into unexpected problems and dealing with interruptions from other individuals who need help with their trailers, all make for interesting and intriguing viewing.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
September 3, 2014
Automotive, Reality
Flippin' RVs

Flippin' RVs Full Episode Guide

  • Restoring a 1947 Higgins trailer for a client and redesigning the Flyte Camp Neutron for the Vintages.

  • Justin and Anna pick a classic Westwood but run into some issues when renovating the interior. Their clients need the project finished in just under three weeks, which puts the team at Flyte Camp under a lot of pressure. To add authenticity to the project, Justin and Anna head to the Roslyn rally to find design items for the interior while researching other trailers to use on future projects.

  • Justin snags a rundown 1949 Kit Chateau and the team transforms it into the final jewel of a vintage trailer hotel. Meanwhile, clients drag in an old Airstream and want the royal treatment.

  • New Flyte Camp clients tow their Airstream Bambi all the way from Canada to have it updated inside and out. Justin and Anna take Sully along to Arizona for the annual Tucson Modernism rally where they hope to score at least one project trailer.

  • Anna travels to Colorado to pick up a rare 1965 Boles Aero she found online. The seller drives a hard bargain, but Anna scores the deal and brings the trailer back to Flyte Camp for a really groovy, 60s-style makeover. Justin and Anna flip it to a vintage trailer resort for a sweet profit.

  • Justin and Anna restore a 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion, their most expensive project to date, and agree to deliver it to the owner in Nashville. Anna orders a high-priced custom-made booth and dinette while Justin and Dad take a six-hour road trip to Nevada in search of missing parts.

  • Justin and Anna hope a rare 1959 Airstream Globester will be a quick flip and land them a deal to restore ten trailers for a boutique vintage RV park. Eric rummages through his favorite RV junkyard for porch lights that Anna needs for the Globester, but the trailers have been picked clean.

  • Justin and Anna have a tight deadline with a Teardrop but are forced to slow down when they can't find the right parts. Meanwhile a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity falls into Justin's lap.

  • Justin and Anna trek to Seattle to buy a trailer from Justin's brother, Jeff.

  • Justin and Anna only have a few weeks to renovate a large Palace Royale and present it at the Roslyn Rally in Washington as Flyte Camp's signature trailer. A VIP client brings in his banged up Airlight that needs special rivets to fix the skin. Anna gets a custom leather sofa for the Palace and negotiates a new project trailer, also Justin sends Eric on a pick for light fixtures that are impossible-to-find.

  • Justin and Anna are hoping a rare '59 Airstream Globester will be a quick flip and get them a deal to work on ten trailers for a boutique vintage RV park. Eric goes through his favorite RV junkyard for porch lights that Anna needs for the Globester, but the trailers were all picked clean. Mike and Jason drive over 300 miles to bring their restored Airstream for polishing to a mirror finish.

  • Justin and Anna are working on a '56 Santa Fe canned-ham trailer for the Vintages RV Park. They believe it will only take one week but it quickly turns into four when they discover an entire aluminum panel has to be replaced and the roof needs new skin. Justin can't turn away a loyal client who stops by with her '67 Serro Scotty that needs a few fixes including a heater on a tight turnaround. Also, Eric is overwhelmed in trailers that are so dilapidated inside he can barely move among the rubble.

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