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In Memphis, it's all for one and one for all, and no one illustrates that sentiment better than JJ Da Boss and his "Team Memphis" crew. Along with his wife Tricia, who is known on the streets as "Midget," and his cousin Precious, also known as the "Queen of the Streets," fast-talking JJ welcomes viewers into his world where racing is all about pride and honor. Team Memphis has few rules, and its members often put their lives on the line for the hustle of the race. They are "trying to beat ya, not cheat ya," and are available whenever a challenger emerges.

Street Outlaws: Memphis is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2018.

Where do I stream Street Outlaws: Memphis online? Street Outlaws: Memphis is available for streaming on Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Street Outlaws: Memphis on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Discovery, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Monday at 9:00 PM on Discovery
4 Seasons, 65 Episodes
January 15, 2018
Automotive, Reality
Cast: JJ Da Boss
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Street Outlaws: Memphis Full Episode Guide

  • The second night of racing against teams that have beaten the MSO continues with some more heavy hitters. Then, a team of outcasts joins forces to compete and team Texas sees their chances of pulling out a win slipping out of reach.

  • JJ calls up a group of racers who have all beaten the MSO before and challenges them all to a rematch. Then high altitudes wreak havoc on tunes and motors in Idaho as NOLA surges ahead in the NPK standings.

  • The group heads to Vegas to meet King Donnie and a group of racers from West Coast; NOLA shows some improvement during Grudge Night; Texas brings in a big-tire car.

  • The MSO continues to fight against an all-star group of racers. The NOLA makes moves on the 405.

  • The MSO is surprised when a group of racers claiming to be from Delaware turns out to be a team of racers from all over America; when Grudge Night begins, the 405 and Texas keep their data to themselves.

  • Street racers from Nashville call out the MSO to see who runs the streets of Tennessee.

  • Round 2 of JJ's $16,000 small-tire race kicks off and only half of the MSO is still in the competition.

  • Now that his team is on small tires, JJ puts them to the test by inviting the country's best small-tire racers to Memphis for a winner-take-all race. Then, tempers flare when Oklahoma, Texas and New York face off.

  • Tony Yeager and Whitfield roll into town with a group of local Donk-driving racers who are ready to call JJ out; outlaw racers square up in California, Ohio and Oklahoma.

  • Quinn Shireman, long-time rival of the MSO, invites the team to Kentucky for an arm-drop event like no other. Quinn bets JJ that the MSO can't win and brings with him a team of heavy hitters to make sure no one from Memphis has a shot at the cash prize.

  • Tim White returns to Memphis with a huge surprise.

  • The MSO switches to small tires hoping to attract new challengers and must work together to outrun Tim White and his small-tire killers from Illinois. Then a list of tough small-tire racers are ready to line up and give Memphis a run for their money.

  • The MSO steps up to the challenge after larger-than-life Chris Block challenges them to switch to small tires and compete against South Carolina. With little time to prepare, Memphis must quickly adapt or risk losing to Block's mind games.

  • MSO prepares to face off against some local racers led by the fast-talking Tony Yeager. Tensions are high thanks to MSO's history with their competition that includes some unfinished business between Mustang Mike, Anthony Smith, and two of the locals.

  • As their battle with Chicago approaches, the MSO scrambles to fix Heifer after losing her to a fender bender. JJ finds a '65 Malibu they can use but Chicago is stacked with fast cars and street sense, so running an unknown may be out of the question.

  • The MSO heads to St. Louis to race the slick streets against a team of even slicker racers led by Dynamite Dave. Memphis came out on top the last time these teams faced off, now the St. Louis crew is ready to even the score on their home turf.

  • Tricia and JJ both have chances to redeem themselves, while Memphis continues to struggle against Texas. The competition is more intense than ever and one wrong move could mean it's game over for the Memphis crew.

  • JJ invites 32 racers from all over the country to compete in Street Wars -- a winner-take all event with a grand prize of $10,000. The competition is open to all, even those with pro-mods, so the MSO must focus if they want a shot at the prize.

  • JJ gets a callout from Chris Bromley and his Fox-Body Mustang drivers from Massachusetts. Chelsea is excited to race her new car and Molly is out for redemption but technical difficulties make it hard for the MSO to prove they can outrun any Mustang.

  • The Memphis family loads up their cars and heads to Battlefield Dragway in Mississippi for one of JJ's famous arm-drop competitions. Thirty-five small-tire-car racers begin round one in this exclusive event, but only one will take home the grand prize.

  • Race night gets rowdy when Memphis welcomes a new racing group from Virginia. The newcomers talk a big game but run out of cars after only a few races, leaving Molly and Ole Heavy without a race until Virginia can fix their cars and return.

  • Race night against the Kentucky racers continues with JJ throwing a curveball and Kentucky falling behind. A face-to-face confrontation emerges on the course and tempers are boiling out of control but MSO is determined to prove why they're the best.

  • Fresh off their huge win against NOLA, JJ Da Boss and the MSO hit the streets after getting called out by Quinn Shireman and his team from Kentucky. Quinn has a big mouth and the fast cars to back it up, forcing the MSO to go all hands on deck for a win.

  • JJ and the Memphis Street Outlaws may have survived their first race of the season against Kentucky but there's plenty more where that came from! MSO now has a giant target on its back and racers from around the country are all ready to take their shot.

  • The MSO family has decided to switch to small-tire racing; a new concept for many of the racers; the team have a long list of tough small-tire racers ready to line up against them, so they'll have to learn quickly if they want to stay above water.

  • After a season of battling small-tire pros from all over the country, JJ has the MSO facing off against themselves; each matchup is designed to improve individual weaknesses and get them even closer to the top.

  • The big tire event of JJ's Arm Drop in West Virginia continues into round two with 13 MSO racers working to take out the remaining non-MSO racers. If somebody from the Memphis family can make it to the end and take home the $25,000, the whole family wins.

  • JJ and the Memphis family gear up for the big tire event of JJ's Arm Drop in West Virginia. Everyone learned from the small tire event that the asphalt on this former airstrip is sketchy, especially in the right lane.

  • The entire Memphis family heads up to an air strip in West Virginia for the small tire event of JJ's Arm Drop, with several of the MSO racers switching to small tire to battle it out to see who can take home the $15,000 prize.

  • The MSO family takes on a group that calls themselves the Mid Atlantic Street Outlaws, who boast of some of the nicest cars Memphis has seen in a while.

  • JJ gives Precious a 1969 Chevelle for her birthday.

  • Memphis heads to Kentucky to meet up with some down-home street racers who have regular streetcars, just like the ones Memphis has. After a rocky start, Tricia's $4,000 race at the very end of the night proves to be a make or break moment for Memphis.

  • Memphis heads to Ohio to meet up with a group who's got flashy cars and deep pockets. But, when JJ agrees to run his small tire cars against a big tire, JJ is hesistant. Memphis must rely on their street racing skills to come out ahead.

  • This week, a group of racers from Indiana come to race the Memphis family. But, when they aren't honest about tire size in order to get a race, JJ has to keep his son calm and collected. Plus, Kenneth Gulley is back racing after a catastrophic crash.