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Discovery Channel is filled with reality genre shows which take the viewer to a variety of exotic places such as Alaska and Costa Rica. From original series such as Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold or Alaska: The Last Frontier, the last great state of America has more action than could have been imagined. For a change of pace, there are the shows Fast ‘N’ Loud and Amish Mafia with a look at other unique lifestyles.

Gold Rush has a group of individuals trying to find the next big vein of gold in the Alaskan wilderness. Watch as they use a variety of tactics and tools on the road to riches.

Bering Sea Gold will take viewers to the cold waters off the coast of Alaska in search of gold and not fish. The show follows a seafaring crew on a quest to find lost gold at the bottom of the sea.

Alaska: The Last Frontier gives viewers a window into the life of a family that lives in the Alaskan wilderness. There are episodes of duck and bear hunting, moose clubbing, deep sea and fly fishing.

Fast ‘N’ Loud is a show filled with the energy of friends that own a business turning classic cars from days gone by into priceless jewels. An episode has them changing a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am into the Knight Rider KITT Car.

Amish Mafia will captivate the viewer with a different image of what it is to be Amish. Episodes depict this community considered to be mild manner as anything but. There is a dispute regarding Amish aid and who deserves what. But the best part is listening to the dialect.