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New science and amazing demonstrations reveal how a lizard can literally walk on water. And, can jellyfish live forever? How Do Animals Do That? is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on January 6, 2019.

Where do I stream How Do Animals Do That? online? How Do Animals Do That? is available for streaming on Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch How Do Animals Do That? on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Animal Planet, FuboTV, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
January 6, 2019
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Hugh Bonneville, Eric Meyers
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How Do Animals Do That? Full Episode Guide

  • In this episode we ask: how do dogs detect underwater targets? What makes ostriches nature's best marathon runners? How do sloths spend so much time upside down without passing out? And can a pelican bill really hold more than his belly can?

  • In this episode we ask: how do anteaters slurp up so many ants? Why do beavers build dams? How do canines stay cool? Why do humpback whales sing? And why do dung beetles do what they do?

  • In this episode we ask: how do woodpeckers avoid concussion? Why are giraffes' tongues black? How can ants survive a flood? How do octopuses squeeze into tiny spaces?

  • In this episode we ask: how do fish take a bath? How do polar bears stay warm? Is your pet pup smarter than a wolf? How do spiders float in the air for hundreds of miles?

  • In this episode we ask: why do dogs tilt their heads? How do massive humpback whales propel themselves into the air? Do hippos sweat blood? Why do animals swarm? And, why do spiders jump out of their skin?

  • In this episode we ask: how do thousands of bats take to the air without colliding? Do mice really love cheese? How do cats jump so high? And, why are manatees so gassy?

  • In this episode we ask: what do dog barks actually mean? Why do sloths turn green? Who is the best jumper in the animal kingdom? How do sea turtles find their way back home? And, how do diving beetles spend so long underwater?

  • In this episode we ask: why do dogs bury bones? Can elephants detect bombs? Why do birds sing in the morning? How are sea lions able to catch fish in the deep, dark waters? And, what makes seahorses virtually indestructible?

  • In this episode we ask: how do furry koalas keep cool in the Australian sun? How do elephants communicate when they're miles apart? Are vultures immune to disease? What is the secret to a frog's amazing tongue? And how do spiders live so long?

  • In this episode we ask: how do kangaroo moms churn out so many joeys? Why don't spiders get stuck in their own webs? How do foxes find water in the desert? And what's the secret to the chameleon's perfect strike rate?

  • In this episode we ask: how does your dog know when you're sick? Why do octopuses have blue blood? Which animal makes the most amazing nest? Do elephants really never forget? How do cicadas make so much noise?

  • In this episode we ask: how do hamsters stuff so much into their cheeks? Why do camels have humps? Do alligators have a secret supersense? Why are pigeon wings so noisy? And, can animals have virgin births?

  • In this episode we ask: how do sheep dogs wrangle sheep? Why are moths attracted to flames? Why do turtles cry? Why do sea otters bond with stones? And, why do roosters crow before dawn?

  • In this episode we ask: how do dogs tell the time? How does the mantis shrimp pack such a powerful punch? What's the secret behind the kangaroo's hop? Why do honeybees die after the sting? And, why do vultures fly in circles?

  • In this episode, we ask: why are cows always chewing? Do rhinos have a sensitive side? What's the loudest animal on earth? Why do star-nosed moles have such weird noses? Why do rattlesnakes release their prey?

  • In this episode, we ask: how do cats always land on their feet? How do butterflies create their beautiful wings? How do tiny hummingbirds fly in the rain? Does a subterranean mammal hold the secret to longevity?

  • In this episode, we ask: how do squirrels find their nuts? How do bees make honey? Why do some cobras spit? Are alligators music lovers? And, can a bug survive in space?

  • Are dolphins as smart as we think they are? How do hyenas eat everything last scrap of their dinner? How do geckos defy gravity? How do leeches suck blood? And, why are some cats scared of water, while others love it?

  • In this episode, we ask: how did the blue whale become the biggest animal ever? Why do elephants have trunks? Why do ladybugs have spots? Why do some animals live so long? And, why do cats purr?

  • In this episode, we ask: how do cats detect earthquakes? How do owls hunt in total darkness? How do cheetahs accelerate more quickly than a supercar? How do sea otters keep warm in icy waters? And, how do ants heal their wounded?

  • In this episode, we ask: what does a dog's tail wag really mean? Are cockatoos the cleverest members of the animal kingdom? Why are zebras black and white? What's the secret behind a crocodile's powerful jaws? And, how and why do chameleons change color?

  • In this episode, we ask: how do hummingbirds fly backwards? Will cockroaches really survive the apocalypse? How do dogs know when we're sad? And, is there any more revolting an underwater creature than the hagfish?

  • In this episode, we ask: how can an owl catch prey it can't see? Is it true that we're always a few feet from a rat? What makes octopuses masters of disguise? Why don't penguins feet freeze? And, why are African wild dogs the ultimate hunters?

  • In this episode, we ask: how can a lizard literally walk on water? How do hippos speed through water if they can't actually swim? Can jellyfish live forever? Why do cats have whiskers? And, how do bees find nectar?