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  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons

A self-conscious bride and her straight talking mom prove quite the challenge for the team. Plus, will Jo and Al deliver for a bride with very high expectations?

Curvy Brides Boutique
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The Emma H Episode
30. The Emma H Episode
August 24, 2018
After 12 years of marriage, emotional bride Emma is renewing her wedding vows with her husband. Jo and Al help give her a second chance after the disastrous dress experience that she had first time around.
The Louisa V Episode
29. The Louisa V Episode
August 24, 2018
Louisa and her fiance were able to book their dream wedding venue after another couple canceled. With only five weeks before the big day, however, they are rushing to get ready right up to the moment when they meet on the aisle.
The Aisha J Episode
28. The Aisha J Episode
August 17, 2018
Since putting on some weight, bride Aisha has lost her sparkle and has been leaving all her wedding arrangements to her mom. It's up to Jo and Al to rekindle her enthusiasm for her wedding.
The Cassie P Episode
27. The Cassie P Episode
August 17, 2018
A bride, her mom and grandmother are all very close, and they are all in the wedding business. When the three generations can't seem to agree on a dress, Jo and Al step in to save the day.
The Carly W Episode
26. The Carly W Episode
August 10, 2018
Carly's plan to lose weight to fit into her dress has put a lot of pressure on her mom, who is helping her get the dress on for the big day. Also, single mom Sharon reveals that chronic illness has left her a virtual recluse.
The Nikki J Episode
25. The Nikki J Episode
August 10, 2018
Jo worries that a bride who likes to be known as Nanny Glitter is going too far with the bling. Then, Jo and Al have just minutes to find a solution for bride Nikki when alterations on her borrowed dress go horribly wrong.
The Rebecca P Episode
24. The Rebecca P Episode
August 3, 2018
Jo and Al show Rebecca, who is very conscious of her lack of cleavage, a few tricks of the bridal trade. Then, the team worries when Mandy, who already has low confidence, chooses to try on a dress that may not fit her.
The Rula C Episode
23. The Rula C Episode
August 3, 2018
Wedding dress shopping is hard for Rebecca, who is still adjusting to her thyroid cancer-related weight gain. Then, Rula's dress shopping experience has been quite the ordeal, and she is hoping that Jo and Al can help.
The Diane P Episode
22. The Diane P Episode
July 27, 2018
From the moment they set foot in the boutique, bride-to-be Chloe battles with her excitable mom, despite help from her friends. Then, Diane is completely out of her comfort zone, having not worn a dress since she was 10 years old.
The Kirsty W Episode
21. The Kirsty W Episode
July 27, 2018
Madison has a plan to hide her insecurities in plain sight: she hopes that celebrating her ample bust will stop people from looking at the rest of her. Then, Jo and Al help Kirsty with a deep-rooted phobia of clothes shopping.
The Levi S Episode
20. The Levi S Episode
July 20, 2018
Katrina is a bride whose complex medical condition has made dress shopping a particular worry. At her appointment, she pins all her hopes on just one dress, but when she sees herself in the mirror she realizes she hates it!
The Joanna B Episode
19. The Joanna B Episode
July 20, 2018
Joanna was always proud of her ample bosom, but following a mastectomy, her shape isn't what it was. She comes up with an ingenious way of complementing her curves, and Jo and Al help her celebrate her new body shape.
The Sarah W Episode
17. The Sarah W Episode
July 13, 2018
Jo and Al help sports-mad Sarah transform from power-athlete to princess on her big day. Then, a woman who had a disastrous dress mishap on her wedding day wants the perfect confidence-boosting dress for her vow renewal.
The Gemma H Episode
16. The Gemma H Episode
July 6, 2018
Eve has exhausted all of her dress options in Scotland, so she's relying on Jo and Al to find her a dress. Then, Jo and Al have to have a tough conversation with Gemma after some weight gain puts the fit of her dress in jeopardy.
The Clare W Episode
15. The Clare W Episode
July 6, 2018
Clare returns for her final dress fitting, but she worries that her weight loss will mean the dress no longer fits. Then, Jo and Al struggle to find something in their boutique that will please a steampunk-loving bride.
The Tina & Tiff Episode
14. The Tina & Tiff Episode
June 29, 2018
At the final dress fittings for their wedding, Tina is under strict instructions from Tiff to keep her bust covered, but her ample bosom makes this a challenge. Jo and Al have to think on their feet to keep both brides happy.
The Laura S Episode
13. The Laura S Episode
June 29, 2018
Laura's mom worked day and night to pay for her dream dress, so it was a shock when she went against Jo and Al's advice and made some drastic alterations. The team hurries to save the dress and the dreams of a mom and daughter.
The Jade C Episode
11. The Jade C Episode
June 22, 2018
Jo's husband, Kev, brings a workmate and his fiance, Jade, to the boutique, putting extra pressure on Jo and Al. When the day finally arrives and the bride has gone AWOL, stress levels hit an all time high.
The Rhiannon R Episode
10. The Rhiannon R Episode
June 15, 2018
The pressure is on as Jo and Al help body-positive Rhiannon with a last-minute dress search. Then, one bride's impressive endowments create a challenge for the team.
The Marta S Episode
9. The Marta S Episode
June 15, 2018
Bride Marta's mom and sister have flown in from Spain to see the final fitting, but after breaking her ankle, she will need Jo and Al's help to make her big day a success.
The Joanna J Episode
8. The Joanna J Episode
June 8, 2018
Jo and Al reunite with bride Joanna and her feisty dad at her final dress fitting. Then, Kimberley's love of Beauty and the Beast extends to a tattoo.
The Sally C Episode
7. The Sally C Episode
June 8, 2018
Bride Sally is a self-proclaimed emotional wreck who is in desperate need of help. Jo and Al head off to the wedding to support her.
The Charlene S Episode
6. The Charlene S Episode
June 1, 2018
Charlene returns for her fitting, but her out-spoken mom doesn't approve of the dress. Heidi goes for a non-traditional gown, but her entourage isn't convinced it's the right choice.
The Rebecca M Episode
5. The Rebecca M Episode
June 1, 2018
Rebecca has lost 21 pounds since her first visit, and her dress no longer fits. Plus, it's an emotional fitting for cancer-survivor Natalie.
The Pippa B Episode
4. The Pippa B Episode
May 25, 2018
Pippa returns for her final fitting and is anxious about walking down the aisle. On the big day, Jo and Al arrive to find both the bride and groom in meltdown.
The Narina T Episode
3. The Narina T Episode
May 25, 2018
Narina fears she may have gained weight for her final fitting. Then, Leah's outspoken mom shocks Jo and Al, and there's a strange request for latex!
The Jacqui K Episode
2. The Jacqui K Episode
May 18, 2018
Third-time bride Janine hopes to finally find a gown with a wow factor, but her mom might not approve. Then, Jacqui worries that her chosen dress can't contain a baby-bump.
The Aimee W Episode
1. The Aimee W Episode
May 18, 2018
Helen never wears dresses and is anxious about choosing the right gown. Then, Jo and Alison manage a last-minute refit for bride Aimee after surprise weight loss.

A self-conscious bride and her straight talking mom prove quite the challenge for the team. Plus, will Jo and Al deliver for a bride with very high expectations? Curvy Brides Boutique is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on May 26, 2017.

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Curvy Brides Boutique is available for streaming on the Discovery website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Curvy Brides Boutique on demand at Amazon Prime, Hulu, TLC and FuboTV.

  • Premiere Date
    May 26, 2017