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My Big, Big Friend is an animated television show that is based on a children's web series. The series is centered around three children that are six years-old. Their names are: Lili, Matt and Yuri. The three friends decide to make up an imaginary pal, and his name is Golias the elephant. During the show, the audience members sees the three children and their imaginary friend go on adventures. Golias is able to comfort the children when they need to feel comfortable.

Golias is always helping the children when they get themselves into trouble. The kids often dream they got into trouble, and Golias helps them get out of trouble. The pals are able many things in their dreams such as: fly an airplane, star in a circus, climb a mountain, etc. The friends are able to explore the world with the power of imagination.

When Yuri becomes nervous about starting preschool, he decides to create an imaginary friend. He didn't know if he would like preschool, and he didn't know if he would make friends at his new school. On his way to school, he became "friends" with Golias. Yuri liked that Golias wasn't shy, because Yuri is a shy person. Their personalities complimented each other.

The name of the show comes from Golias because he a big big friend to Yuri. With Golias by his side, Yuri and his real friends are capable of anything they put their minds to. They take a lot of adventures together, even if it an adventure in their minds. In the end, Yuri is not the only one with an imaginary friend as Lilly and Matt have imaginary friends too! When the friends learn they have something in common with each other, they become fast friends with each other. With the power of imagination, the friends can do anything they put their minds to.

My Big, Big Friend is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on January 27, 2021.

Where do I stream My Big, Big Friend online? My Big, Big Friend is available for streaming on Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Big, Big Friend on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

2 Seasons, 51 Episodes
January 27, 2021
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Gage Munroe, Tajja Isen, Rick Miller, Nissae Isen, Addison Holley
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My Big, Big Friend Full Episode Guide

  • Yuri's lost the Christmas present he made for his mother, Lili's worried she might be on the naughty list, and Matt isn't sure his wish list made it to the North Pole; they need Santa's help! But Santa has problems of his own- it's Christmas Eve and he's lost his sleigh!

  • Matt receives a special bubble wand and worries that if his friends play with it too, it won't be special anymore; but while chasing his wand through a bubble world, Matt realizes that sharing things, like adventures and toys, makes them all the more special.

  • Things get heated when Lili refuses to give up her usual job as cookie decorator; but she quickly learns that sharing in the best parts of an activity is always the best policy after attempting to decorate a snowman who refuses to be decorated by only one person.

  • Yuri becomes frustrated while playing a guessing game with his friends - he'd much rather know the answer to a question than guess; but an encounter with a game-loving troll teaches Yuri that guessing at an answer, even if he's wrong, isn't such a big deal.

  • Yuri and Lili become jealous when Matt appears to get a toy that's better than theirs and become fixated on finding something better; but after spending an entire afternoon hunting instead of playing, the pair realize they should've appreciated what they had.

  • Yuri gets upset when Matt unknowingly wrecks his penguin game, but doesn't tell Matt; instead, Yuri retreats to his own penguin party, where he inadvertently topples the fort of a shy little penguin and learns that the best way to solve a problem is to talk about it.

  • Frustrated that his Dad won't let him tackle the big jobs, Matt attempts to prove himself by leading his friends on a fantasy climb up a mountain; along the way, Matt learns to accept when jobs are too big for him, and to take pride in doing the jobs that aren't.

  • When Lili gets praised for the paper butterfly she made, she can't stop bragging about it to her friends; but after listening to Nessa drone on and on about why the butterflies in a fantasy garden like her so much, Lili realizes that no one likes a braggart!

  • Matt and Lili take it personally when Yuri says he'd rather look at a picture book than be in their cowboy race; but after a pair of cowboy boots try to rope them into other rodeo activities they don't want to do, the kids realize Yuri didn't mean to hurt their feelings.

  • To prove her superior leadership skills, Lili leads the gang on a trek through a foreign land; but when Matt or Yuri prove to be more capable at leading them through specific obstacles, Lili realizes that they all make good leaders and should take turns at it.

  • Matt doesn't get why Lili and Yuri don't appreciate his help when he takes their shots for them at mini-putt; but after joining a pirate crew, only to have the captain take over everything, Matt figures out that some help is best given only when asked for.

  • Matt gets ousted in a game of musical chairs and fails to see why he should stay to watch the others play.

  • Lili recruits the boys to take part in a puppet show, but gets annoyed when they try to incorporate their own ideas into it

  • Yuri refuses to see a dentist, but he changes his mind after talking a dragon with a toothache into letting him and Golias look inside his mouth.

  • When Matt's sister is sad over some bad news, Matt wishes he had superpowers so he could fix her problem.

  • The friends learn some important lessons when Lili needs to be more kind to others; Yuri realizes he should be happy just being himself.

  • The gang stays on the playground after their time is over. / Bongo and Matt are fed up with being told to wait.

  • Matt worries that his parents have stopped loving his sister. / Lili refuses to try on a new nightgown

  • Yuri becomes sad when he realizes that he is the only one in his class without siblings.

  • Yuri is afraid to see a scary-sounding movie, but doesn't want to tell his friends.

  • Lili gets upset with a substitute teacher because she doesn't do things like her regular teacher

  • Yuri is hurt when Lili and Matt glaze over his prized pasta art, and so takes refuge inside his picture

  • Upon finding her doll dropped into a pot of glue, Lili is quick to accuse Matt and Yuri of the misdeed; Matt and Bongo are upset to be cooped

  • After caring for the class hamster over the holidays, Yuri wants to keep him.

  • In a battle of wills between Matt and Lili, it will take a singing soccer ball to show them how valuable (and fun) it is to compromise.

  • Lili invents a game in which she always gets picked, but she realizes that even superheroes need to share the spotlight.

  • Matt decides that he'd rather go on a boat ride than go to his grandmother's house.

  • Yuri visits the Land of Giants, where he's sure to find a giant who can make him big in a hurry.

  • Lili gets upset with Matt when he loses her sticker but later apologizes after venturing into a giant sticker garden.

  • Unable to agree on what game to play, the kids decide to split up and play by themselves.

  • After leading her friends on afutile quest for a bee hive, Lili finally learns to admit when she doesn't know something.

  • Yuri learns the importance of giving someone new a chance after he tries to fill in for a sick farmer on a farm full of very stubborn animals.

  • Yuri prepares for his first-ever sleepover by practicing inside a snowy cabin and learning how to adapt his usual routine.

  • Lili finds out just how much she loves spending time with her brothers after she's forced to care for them during a train ride with her friends.

  • Yuri's upset when he doesn't get the birthday gift that he really wanted, but after working hard to prepare a jungle feast for King Golias, he realizes that a gift made with love is the best kind there is.

  • Yuri has trouble empathizing with Matt, who has his leg in a cast and his mood in a funk.

  • Matt learns how to play with others instead of over top of others during a larger-than-life music lesson at school.

  • Lili finds a pretty ring in the sandbox, and after a trip to a magic palace, Lili finds out what it's like to lose something precious.

  • Matt and the gang go on an adventure through Matt's messy bedroom to find his swim trunks, prompting Matt to realize the benefits of a clean room.

  • Lili doesn't want to play a game for fear of getting her new dress dirty, but she soon realizes that getting dirty is half the fun.

  • Lili takes her friends on a skyward adventure to reclaim her lost poodle balloon, but she learns to let it go.

  • Matt's given what he thinks is a small role in the classroom duties but finds a way to make it a big one.

  • Yuri has trouble with a game that involves improvising a story, but he comes up with a terrific ending after he goes right inside of it.

  • Yuri is hesitant to learn French, but decides to give it a chance after a fantastical game of hide-and-seek in a place where you can only speak 'glerm'.

  • Nervous to talk about his artwork in class, Yuri leaps right into his own painting to hide and winds up working through his fears.

  • Watching his friends have a blast while losing at silly funhouse games, Matt realizes that you don't always have to be the best at something.

  • Yuri wants to fly his new kite all by himself but quickly realizes that sometimes you need the help of a few good friends.

  • Matt is dead set against trying spinach, but he's left with no choice when he gets caught in a rapidly growing spinach jungle.

  • After keeping a treat from his mother all to himself, Yuri goes on a pirate adventure and learns that it's more fun to share things with his friends.

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