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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

A Very Barry Branson is a reality series that airs on the GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY network. The show first premiered in the summer of 2015 and quickly garnered a following due to its charismatic host, Barry Branson, and its unique premise. The show follows Barry as he tours the country in search of the perfect vacation homes for his clients. Barry is a real estate agent with a specialty in luxury properties, and he brings his expertise and passion to each episode of the show. Throughout the season, viewers get to see Barry work with a variety of clients, from families looking for a second home to wealthy individuals interested in investing in high-end properties.

One of the things that sets A Very Barry Branson apart from other real estate shows is the focus on finding homes that are not just luxurious but also have a strong connection to the local community. Barry is a huge proponent of lifestyle-driven real estate, which means he looks beyond just the aesthetics of a property and considers how it fits into the larger context of the area around it.

This approach leads to some truly stunning home tours throughout the season. From sprawling beachfront villas in Florida to rustic mountain retreats in Montana, each property is hand-picked by Barry for its unique charm and character. Of course, as with any real estate show, there are also some properties that don't quite meet the client's needs or expectations. These moments provide some of the show's most entertaining and dramatic scenes as Barry works to find a solution that will keep his client happy.

Throughout the season, viewers also get to learn more about Barry's own life outside of work. A Very Barry Branson frequently delves into Barry's personal passions and hobbies, which include everything from vintage cars to gourmet cooking. These segments provide a nice balance to the show's more business-focused content and give viewers a chance to connect with Barry on a personal level.

The show also features a colorful cast of supporting characters, including Barry's assistant, his clients, and the various real estate agents he works with around the country. Each of these individuals brings their own unique perspective and energy to the show, and their interactions with Barry help to keep the series engaging and dynamic.

Overall, A Very Barry Branson is a delightful and engaging real estate show that is sure to appeal to anyone who loves luxury properties, travel, and great storytelling. Barry Branson is a charismatic and compelling host who brings a genuine passion and expertise to each episode, and the show's focus on community and lifestyle-driven real estate sets it apart from other shows in the genre. If you're looking for a new series to binge-watch on a lazy weekend, A Very Barry Branson is definitely worth checking out.

A Very Barry Branson
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Brady Bunch Reunion in the Ozarks
6. Brady Bunch Reunion in the Ozarks
March 5, 2015
Maureen McCormick visits Barry in Branson. Barry gives Maureen a taste of his new lifestyle and introduces all of Branson to her. He takes her out to all his favorite places including the lake where he ends up cliff diving with the Haygoods.
Angler Management: A Fish Out of Branson Water
5. Angler Management: A Fish Out of Branson Water
February 26, 2015
It's Barry's birthday and the Haygoods have come up with the ultimate surprise party. Tim and Catherine distract Barry and enter him into a trout-fishing tournament while Matt, Dom, Jeremy, and Pat secretly plan the party, complete with live animals. Can the family sidetrack Barry long enough to get the party planned?
Finding Investors: Par for the Course
4. Finding Investors: Par for the Course
February 19, 2015
In his quest to learn to do business in Branson, Barry plans a golf day with an important investor who could save him from financial disaster. The Haygoods push Barry to take them along, but he insists he doesn't need their help. In the middle of a cordial round of golf, the Haygoods show up the only way they know how - country style. They turn it into a redneck party while Barry tries to distract the investor from the chaos. Catherine, upset because she feels the need to choose between the show and her marriage, leans on Barry for his patriarchal advice. In the end, the investor is genuinely entertained by the Haygoods and makes a deal with Barry. All's well that ends well.
America's Got Talent, Branson-Style
3. America's Got Talent, Branson-Style
February 12, 2015
When his son comes to visit, Barry wants to make sure it's a magical father-son bonding experience but it's not as easy as he thought. Barry's mind is always on improving his show, and even though his son is visiting, Barry decides to hold an open audition. After seeing animal acts run amuck, a man singing through a bike pump and a breakdancing grandma, Barry chooses two singers and one hula dancer to join his show. Meanwhile, Catherine, Michael and Dominic rally to show Barry's son a good time in typical Haygoods fashion. In the end, Barry's show finds promising new life and Brandon leaves with a smile on his face.
It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Greg Brady!
2. It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Greg Brady!
February 5, 2015
Hoping to continue his show's momentum, Barry tries to find different ways to gain publicity. The Haygoods mention their annual fundraiser, in which Barry insists he help perform. The Haygoods are wary, but they decide to include him. Pat and Tim also inform Barry of another form of publicity: performing at timeshare mixers. Barry decides to try out the mixer but is utterly disappointed at the dismal audience turnout. Meanwhile, the Haygoods prepare for the biggest show of the summer, but Barry is nowhere to be found. Late Barry makes a dramatic entrance at the Haygood fundraiser.
Branson, Missouri Meets Hollywood
1. Branson, Missouri Meets Hollywood
February 5, 2015
Barry has recently given up the L.A. lifestyle and embarked on a journey to Branson, Missouri, to reinvent himself as the star of his own one-man show. Barry thinks this is going to be a piece of cake because of his celebrity, but discovers that he's a bit out of place in this close-knit town.
  • Premiere Date
    February 5, 2015