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Beetle Bailey, the Private who'd rather drop and nap than drop and do 20, is the wise-cracking joker of the most famous Army camp, Camp Swampy, where befuddled General Halftrack still hasn't heard from the Pentagon, grumbling Sgt. Snorkle has never had a date and Cookie still makes those high-bouncing meatballs. Join Beetle Bailey and his army buddies and sound off with laughter.

Beetle Bailey is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1970.

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1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 1, 1970
Cast: Allan Melvin, Howard Morris
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Beetle Bailey Full Episode Guide

  • Van Bellingham Cartwright Forbes arrives at Camp Swampy to take on the best men for the new psychological test. Beetle and Snorkle are picked. To bring Camp Swampy to the attention of The Pentagon, Gen. Halftrack decides to put a man on the moon. And Beetle Bailey is chosen to volunteer. Beetle and Sarge win ten-day leaves. But Sgt. Snorkle can't bear being away from Camp Swampy.

  • During the war games, the General entrusts a vital message to Pvts. Bailey and Zero. Beetle and his pals accidentally destroy Sgt. Snorkle's beloved leechie nut tree... and have to "borrow" one from a Chinese restaurant before the Sarge finds out. Because none of the troops loves him, Sgt. Snorkle visits the psychologist. Even his bulldog, Otto, leaves the Sarge for a French poodle.

  • During war games, Beetle and his buddies are sent to blow up the bridge on the River Y... leaving Zero at headquarters with the remote control of the dynamite. Beetle has to outdo Seymour Seymour, a well tattooed sailor who's got an eye for Bunny. Beetle is sole heir to a ten million dollar estate. Beetle, on KP, ruins Cookie's prize chile and breaks all the dishes.

  • Gen. Halftrack starts a post band to bolster morale. But none of the troops has musical talent. Cosmo will provide all the trimmings for Bunny's birthday, chauffeured car, dinner, a show. Killer pulls a costume switch on Zero so he can get his date at the masquerade ball. Beetle takes an overdose of an experimental pep pill. His new found strength almost ruins Sgt. Snorkle and Camp Swampy.

  • Camp Swampy receives a new secret weapon, but it looks a lot like the new organ intended for the post choir. While cleaning up for the big inspection, Zero grabs the wrong can of paint, special "invisible paint." It's Christmas Eve, and Sgt. Snorkle dreams of "The Night Before Christmas" with Gen. Halftrack and Bailey as the stars. Beetle enlists Cosmo's aid to win Bunny back from a local playboy.

  • Gen. Halftrack buys a new machine that makes the timid brave. Beetle tries it and starts giving the general orders. The Navy is set to take over Camp Swampy... if the swamp is deep enough for a ship. It's the big football game between the Camp Swampy Swamprats and the Military Police Giants. Beetle plays a big love scene with sultry actress, Za Za Vavoom... and wrecks the set.

  • Beetle, Zero and Cosmo take a fifty mile hike as part of the physical fitness program. Cosmo bets he can beat them to their destination. To prevent Sgt. Snorkle from being transferred, Cosmo tries to get him broken to private... by hypnosis. Sarge wants to enter Otto in the dog show, but only dogs of breeding are eligible.

  • The Camp Swampy ceremonial breaks loose, rolls into Gen. Halftrack's office with Beetle and Cosmo hanging on. Gen. Halftrack has only a few days to train one of his platoons to parachute from 20 thousand feet. Beetle and his pals want to go to the big dance. but it's for officers only, and Sarge is determined it'll stay that way. Sarge is getting so fat, he blows up like a balloon and takes off.

  • Big inspection coming, so Sarge wants all the men on their toes in the morning. But his nightmares keep them up all night. Beetle goes on a quiz show and wins a butler for a day. Sgt. Snorkle puts on so much weight, he forces himself to diet...and he insists everyone do the same. Beetle and Zero wage war on a rabbit entrenched in the General's garden.

  • Bunny's father drives them to a picnic, while Beetle makes the sandwiches in the back seat. A slice of bologna gets loose and flies into the path of a motorcycle cop. Somebody stole Camp Swampy's "top secret." The offender will be shot. Beetle buys a good-luck magnet to help him through Friday the 13th. A mistaken order from the Pentagon promotes the Sarge's dog, Otto, to the rank of lieutenant.

  • Beetle needs money for his two-week furlough. Beetle tries to elope with Bunny, but makes the mistake of letting Zero supply the getaway vehicle. Beetle and his pals are assigned to train the ferocious new Army dogs. To gain their confidence, they don dog costumes and get into the cage with them. A company of WACS is stationed at Camp Swampy. Sarge tries his hardest to get them to leave.

  • Snorkle's platoon is taught underwater demolition to clear the harbor for Admiral Bilgewater's ship. Sarge picks Zero and Beetle to help him deliver the statue of General Ruff Rider to the big unveiling. Beetle and Zero want to transfer to the maintenance corp. So they practice plumbing in Gen. Halftrack's home. Beetle and Zero set out to make a really big cake for Gen. Halftrack's birthday.

  • Sen. Trombone visits Camp Swampy and orders his favorite meal, duck. But the only duck in camp is Gen. Halftrack's pet. Australian General Billy Billibong arrives with his pet kangaroo to inspect Camp Swampy. Bunny's dad arrives in his World War I uniform... to show Beetle the doughboy style of fighting. The fortune cookie says "Beware of Beetles" and every place that Bailey goes disaster follows.