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This beloved family series follows the exciting adventures of Hammy the Hamster and his woodland friends. Once Upon a Hamster is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on February 3, 1995.Where do I stream Once Upon a Hamster online? Once Upon a Hamster is available for streaming on FilmRise, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Once Upon a Hamster on demand at Vudu, Hoopla online.

5 Seasons, 65 Episodes
February 3, 1995
Cast: Paul Sutherland, Peggy Mahon
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Once Upon a Hamster Full Episode Guide

  • Martha builds a huge airplane so she can take her friends to see the world, but they only get as far as the barnyard before they run into some trouble.

  • GP'S globetrotting Battery Operated Rodent of Steel (BOROS) returns home for a visit, and all the animals try to impress him by boasting about how exciting their lives have been since he has been away.

  • Martha realizes teaching Hammy about time wasn't such a good idea when the nervous hamster begins to stress about fitting all his daily activities into twenty-four hours.

  • Hammy is very puzzled by Cathy Caterpillar's transformation into a chrysalis, and GP is convinced that it's full of aliens from outer space.

  • Uncle McTavity asks GP to build him a computer to play the bagpipes for him while he runs the general store.

  • Martha and Wise Old Frog try to cheer Hammy up when he wishes he was bigger, but it's only when Turtle gets into a tight squeeze that Hammy realizes being small can make a big difference.

  • Hammy finds some eggs in the bushes and thinks they belong to Robin, and soon all the animals have come together to gather up all the eggs. But Granny Rabbit and Ferret both have surprises in store.

  • Martha builds a houseboat so she and Hammy can go cruising, but it's too small for GP to join in so he decides to build an invention to call them back home.

  • Hairbrush Henry isn't shy anymore, and returns to dazzle everybody with his new motorbike singing act...until he crashes the bike into the river.

  • Turtle decides he likes living in his shell so much he wonders why everybody else doesn't do the same, so he heads off in search of fellow shell-dwellers.

  • GP insists on giving Martha a better way to clean up the river, Hammy a better way to dig his garden and Turtle a better way to count his steps. But he just might be pushing himself too hard.

  • After Wise Old Frog tells Hammy the Legend of the Lost Bells, he and GP team up to track the bell sounds deep beneath the river.

  • GP helps Turtle build a 'Turtle-ma-bob' that can climb over almost everything. All goes well until Turtle decides to test out a special button on the machine, sending him on a wild ride.

  • It's Christmas on the Riverbank and Hammy, Martha, GP and Turtle set out to find a tree and exchange gifts. But when a mysterious stranger steals their tree, the animals track it to a lonely cave deep in the woods and find a Christmas surprise.

  • Timothy Tortoise brings his circus to town, and all the animals are excited to perform.

  • GP builds a robot called 'BOROS' (Battery Operated Rodent of Steel) to do all his work for him so he can have more "thinking time," but BOROS ends up being a little too successful.

  • A drought strikes the Riverbank, and Wise Old Frog suggests they do a Rain Dance.

  • Hammy's cuckoo bird gets wanderlust and takes off to see the world, but now Hammy can't wake up properly.

  • Wise Old Frog decides the Riverbank needs a general store, and Hammy just happens to meet the right animal for the job.

  • Hammy starts a book of records for a restless GP to break. GP decides to break the diving record held by Turtle, with a twist - he'll be diving through the sky.

  • GP gives Hammy a dusty old trunk from his attic, and Hammy discovers it's full of hats with magical powers.

  • Hammy dreams that he finds a long, silver spaceship that takes him and GP into outer space. When he wakes up, however, the story seems to start all over again.

  • The annual Riverbank Day is marked with the Riverbank Fair, which starts off with a parade and features a baking contest with Hammy as the judge.

  • GP builds a unicycle out of a discarded bicycle wheel that Hammy finds in the woods, but when GP takes the cycle out for a spin he quickly loses control of the giant wheel.

  • Hammy, Martha and GP take the Dig-a-ma-bob on an archeological dig at which they find an old comb, a stick and a toothbrush.

  • A mysterious, dinosaur-like creature appears fleetingly behind the bushes and scares Hammy and GP. Martha joins in to investigate this new stranger.