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A comic cast of kooky characters inhabits the capricious land of Kokonino Kounty in a colossal collection of classic Krazy Kat cartoons. There's sweet, lovable Krazy Kat herself, of course... Ignatz, the brick throwing little mouse with the big mouth... Dauntless Offissa Pupp... and many others. They're all here in 50 hilarious escapades.

Krazy Kat is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1970.

Where do I stream Krazy Kat online? Krazy Kat is available for streaming on FilmRise, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Krazy Kat on demand at Amazon online.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 1, 1970
Cast: Penny Philips, Paul Frees
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Krazy Kat Full Episode Guide

  • Ignatz tries to use the credit card system for everything. Kousin Krooked Kat and Ignatz plan to rob the Kokonino Kounty Bank. Ignatz tricks Krazy into an ocean voyage with him to escape Offissa Pupp. But the dauntless Pupp stows away. Krazy takes Ignatz back to prehistoric times to show him an example of the evils of greed. Krazy imagines building her dream house and Ignatz supplies the bricks.

  • Ignatz is interviewed on nationwide TV. Pupp, the dauntless kop, is after Ignatz. Krazy hides the fugitive among the Kokonino Museum relics. Pupp and Ignatz race to climb Mt. Never-Rest. First one up wins $5,000. Krazy can't convince Ignatz that there really is a Santa Claus. Salesman Ignatz sells Kokonino suburbanite Kelly a house, a pool, and other things to keep up with his neighbor Krazy Kat.

  • To impress his little kousin, Ixnay Mouse, Ignatz tells his tales of Ignatz the greatest baseball player, and Ignatz the ace airplane pilot. Mountain climbing is Ignatz's new thrill, so Krazy builds him a mountain of his own. Krazy inherits a Scottish castle... delivered to Kokonino Kounty... complete with a Scottish rogue who tries to repossess it. Ignatz promises Offissa Pupp he will behave.

  • Ignatz gets a quick-freeze-stick from Krazy's South Pole Cousin. Ignatz makes a wish, and he and Krazy find themselves on a desert island with Captain Cook and his first mate. Offissa Pupp uses the latest crime fighting techniques to track down Ignatz Mouse. Krazy builds a monument to commemorate her love for Ignatz. But Offissa Pupp re-arranges it to show her the real Ignatz.

  • Ignatz and Offissa Pupp compete to see who can draw more realistically. Krazy, Ignatz and Offissa Pupp accompany Krazy's kousin Fritzie on a jungle safari. Ignatz goes on the warpath against Krazy's Indian cousin, Chief Rain-In-The-Puss. C.B. Katz, movie producer, cousin to Krazy Kat, makes Krazy a big time movie star... kasting her with Marlon Mouse.

  • Krazy buys a car for Ignatz so he can keep his mind off brick tossing. At a carnival, Krazy and Ignatz meet Samson Kat, the strong man, who works Ignatz into his act. Krazy's Southern uncle, Bo'regard, comes to visit. Ignatz overhears Professor Weiner Schnitzel telling Pupp to observe sleepwalking delinquents without waking them. Ignatz takes full advantage of the advice by faking sleepwalking.

  • Ignatz dreams he is a brick totin' marshal of the Old West. He has to face arch criminal Brickbats Brannigan in a fight to the finish. Offissa Pupp dreams of the days of the pilgrims when kats wore hats, kops were tops, and mice didn't open their mouths... unless they wanted a public dunking at the hands of the law.

  • Krazy turns Ignatz over to her cultured Cousin Percival to teach the mouse some manners. Krazy thinks Ignatz's trouble is due to his size. She promises to build his up and she does... about ten stories high. Ignatz decides to quit the Krazy Kat series and produce his own show. He makes Offissa Pupp the fall guy. Krazy wants to alter Mount Rushmore to include Ignatz.

  • Ignatz has a nightmare that Krazy brings him a new painting and while attempting to hang it, wrecks his house. If Ignatz Mouse is arrested for brick throwing once more, Offissa Pupp will arrest him for life. Ignatz, Krazy and Pupp trot off to the nearest gym for a workout. To make Krazy fall in love with him, Offissa Pupp gets a magic love potion. But it falls into the wrong gullet.

  • Krazy's Kousin Pierre challenges Ignatz to a duel over Krazy's honor. Krazy's cousin from India pays a visit on his flying carpet. Ignatz makes off with the magic rug. Ignatz plants a family tree so he can see what all his ancestors were like. They all had the same Kat problem. Offissa Pupp convinces the Kokonino Kounty Kouncil that he needs a motorcycle to chase Ignatz.

  • Ignatz has to become King of the Jungle to babysit for young Quincy Kwakk Kwakk. Ignatz barges in on Krazy, Pupp and a local bull in the middle of their picnic. Ignatz plans a theatrical career for himself, with Krazy as his assistant. Unwittingly, Krazy upstages Ignatz at every trick. The head of Loco Locomotives, Inc., comes down to Kokonino to get a first-hand reaction to his steam locomotive.

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