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In the 21st century, Earth is invaded and quickly subdued by a alien race called the Inbit. Years after a failed liberation attempt by the Mars station's forces, a second Terran attack is attempted with a force armed with new weapons vastly superior to the enemy, but again Inbit defenses prove to be too strong. One of the few survivors to reach Earth is Stick Bernard, a young mecha fighter pilot who witnessed the death of his fianc

Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (English Subtitled) is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on .

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1 Season, 25 Episodes
Cast: Bin Shimada, Hirotaka Suzuoki
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Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (English Subtitled) Full Episode Guide

  • In the final episode of MOSPEADA, Stig struggles to defeat Batra. The Refles, finding herself boxed-in, ups her assault tactics in a desperate attempt to regain control. Sorji and Aisha come to terms with their mixed emotions and dedicate their allegiance to the freedom fighters.

  • The battle for Earth begins. Ground troops from newly arrived human forces have linked up with Stig's band of freedom fighters. Jim has been reinstated in the military. All are ready for the attack. Meanwhile, Rey professes his love for Houquet, Sorji secretly protects Yellow during his battle with the Inbit and Aisha leads the rebels to the Refles who finally reveals her master plan.

  • The rebels finally reach Reflex Point ready for their assault and find the remnants of a defeated Third Earth Recapture force instead. Stig's group tries their hand at battle with the Inbit and they come out victors, but are devastated when Aisha and the rest of the group discover her true identity.

  • Only a day or two away from Reflex Point, Stig's rebel group stops off in the remnants of New York City to steal local Inbit energy cells. Meanwhile, under pressure from the Refles, Batra decides to destroy all of the inhabitants of the city. Sorji tries to stop him, but decides to use the situation to sway Aisha back to the Inbit.

  • The gang is close to Reflex Point but they have to deal with a madman killing soldiers in the sector. However, after Houquet and Rey have a run-in with a mysterious man called Rainy Boy, they begin to doubt the legend of the random killer. The posse assembled to bring down Rainy Boy also attracts the wrath of the Inbit.

  • Batra tracks down the rebels in a deserted town but is easily tricked into retreat by a gadget of Yellow's. Stig and the others use the break in the Inbit threat to throw a birthday party for Mint, which also helps the group to bond.

  • Back in the mountains, Rey finds a huge city buried under an ice canopy. Providing a momentary escape from the cold and the war with the Inbit, Stig and Aisha grow closer, while Rey and Houquet find that whatever is between them is something bordering on hate. Meanwhile, Batra, the Inbit prince, is hot on their trail, and he brings a few upgraded Gamo's to destroy the rebels once and for all.

  • In a small, desert town in the shadow of a huge Inbit transmission tower, Stig and Rey's Ride Armors are stolen by local thieves. Yellow and Aisha are taken in by equipment wholesalers who happen to be comrades of the thieves who stole Stig and Rey's Ride Armor. Everything comes to a head when the Inbit attack and Stig's group must form an alliance with the thieves.

  • After crossing the Gulf of Mexico, the rebels are tracked by the Inbit into a snowy mountain range where they are attacked. To make up for her hesitation to kill Yellow during their first encounter, Sorji engages the rebels relentlessly, although she still exhibits her mixed emotions when engaging Yellow. While trying to kill the rebels, the Refles also attempts to bring Aisha back to the Inbit hi

  • While Stig's group devises a plan to cross a body of water between two continents, they are forced to fight with Batra and Sorji - the humanoid Inbit prince and princess sent by their mother, the Refles.

  • In a devastated city, Stig's group is driven into the subway by the Refles' new mecha, the Gamo and sealed inside a small section. While buried alive, tensions brew within the group as they struggle to stay alive at the same time as they are coping with Mint's decision to stay with the tribal people. If they get out alive, Rey and Houquet boast of leaving the group for good.

  • The journey to Reflex Point takes Stig's group through a jungle near a giant Inbit stilt hive, inhabited by a primitive tribe of people. Mint meets and falls in love with the tribal prince. Meanwhile, the Refles creates a new type of Inbit mecha meant to provide heavy resistance against the Earth people. When she deploys the prototypes to attack the rebels, Stig's group protects the tribal people

  • While camping inside a cave during a sandstorm, Rey is prompted to leave the cave to find water. The dangerous excursion leads to his blindness and subsequent entrapment in a sand pit. While trapped, he has a hallucinatory dream that gives insight into the Inbit's plans of universal domination.

  • After receiving a real map of the mountains, the rebels find that the only way through the range is directly through the Inbit base. Stig devises a strategy to attack the base, with some very useful help from Rey.

  • A mountain range lies between Stig's group and Reflex Point, an Inbit base right in the middle of it. Stig's group raises money to acquire a map that can lead them on a secret route through the mountains. Meanwhile, Yellow has a brush with his past, and the group learns why he dresses like a woman.

  • The rag-tag group of freedom fighters arrives at the fallback point of the Mars Base Recapture Missions. While on a scouting mission, Houquet and Ray find a naked woman who appears to be a battle survivor and take her back to the camp. In actuality, she is an agent of the Refles, engineered to spy on the freedom fighters.

  • While scouting out a new campsite, Stig, Rey and Mint fall into the "Genesis Pits" where the Inbit leader, the Refles, is conducting strange experiments on dinosaurs, monsters, Invid and humans. Stig's group discovers that the Refles plans to exterminate the humans in favor of the Inbit's ultimate light form.

  • The group comes to a settlement of soldiers led by Stig's hero, the legendary Colonel Jonathan, but are caught off-guard when they discover he betrays his soldiers for fuel from the Inbit.

  • Stig's group of fighters continues on their journey to find the Inbit's main hive, but they make a stop in a small town so Jim can deliver a book to the father of a friend who died in an Invid attack. But the father is no where to be found, and the townspeople aren't willing to answer any questions.

  • After Houquet withdraws from the group and leaves during the night, she returns home and confronts the memories of a rival gang who severely beat her. Meanwhile, Rey and Stig search for Houquet only to be ambushed by Inbit.

  • Stig's group of makeshift freedom fighters stages a raid on an Inbit HBT cell store to replenish their own supplies. Yellow distracts the human-run Inbit reserve by holding a concert, while Stig, Houquet and Rey infiltrate the storage complex armed with rope and an ancient map of the building and its secret passages. Before their mission is complete, the Inbit arrive.

  • Rey coaches this new team to survive in the wild by catching fish and fighting off horrific leeches. Meanwhile, they are ambushed by an Inbit patrol and soon discover the Inbit can sense the use of active military hardware. With only a minimum amount of energy in Stig's Legioss armor remaining, the team is able to elude the Inbit patrol then counterattack with brute force.

  • Stig, Rey and Mint happen upon a frontier town, run-down by constant wars and apathy. They encounter Houquet Eroze - the red Ride Armor trooper who aided them against the Inbit. After an encounter with a group of thugs, two others - Yellow Belmont and Jim Austin - decide to join Stig's makeshift team on his quest for revenge.

  • Stig befriends Rey, a salvager he meets while traveling to an island city. They meet a young girl named Mint who leads them to a neighboring island to look for other soldiers. Meanwhile, Stig and Rey's contact within the city conspires with the Inbit to secure their capture which seems assured until they're aided by a mysterious red Ride Armor trooper.

  • The Second Earth Recapture Mission from the Mars Base is sent to invade an Inbit-dominated Earth in order to win back the planet. Their efforts are unsuccessful, leaving a few scattered survivors on Earth, one of whom is Stig, a lone soldier out for revenge against the Inbit. Armed with Ride Armor and a holographic recording of his dead fiancee, he begins his battle to destroy the Inbit.

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