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On her 40th birthday, Alison Braithwaite gets the surprise of her life when she wins 38 million in the first Euro-lottery. She decides to keep the news of her win from her family so as not to encourage the baser instincts of her three daughters and banker husband. Eventually, though, all the Braithwaite secrets come tumbling out in one big pile of dirty laundry.

At Home with the Braithwaites is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on January 27, 2000.

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4 Seasons, 30 Episodes
January 27, 2000
Cast: Amanda Redman, Peter Davison
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At Home with the Braithwaites Full Episode Guide

  • As the day of Phil and Ciara's wedding dawns, Alison is greeted by the postman delivering her divorce papers and by Mike packing up his house to move away. Phil, meanwhile, is having doubts about the wedding: his kiss with Sarah has led him to question whether he really loves Ciara.

  • As his marriage to Alison disintegrates, David forgets Charlotte's birthday.

  • David enjoys his new job but is uneasy because Sarah knows of his affair and has left home to live with Phil. A local journalist suspects Virginia is the mysterious lottery winner despite Alison's confession.

  • Alison celebrates her anniversary with David by suggesting he go to work at the Jane Crowther Trust. David decides to end his affair with Elaine, but Sarah witnesses their goodbye kiss.

  • Alison's philandering husband David makes plans for a tryst with his mistress but forgets his daughter's play is slated for the same night. Smitten Sarah tries to woo a gay drama teacher.

  • Alison is overwhelmed by running her charity incognito and considers telling her family about her lottery winnings - until a death in the family makes her reconsider.

  • It's Phil and Clara's wedding day, and Virginia wears a dress and tries flirting with various men. Meanwhile, Dame Alison has three men vying for her attention.

  • Virginia wakes up with a hangover and a dead woman in her bathtub. The tabloids report Alison's affair with her gardener.

  • The family moves to a mansion and David holds a party to impress friends.

  • Having regained her fortune, Alison's attentions turn to her new child and her charity work, but a rift with daughter Virginia develops over the latter's new girlfriend. David tries to set up a business with the help of a new woman.

  • Alison's talents for lying are put to the test when she defends her lottery win in the high court. Elsewhere, the tabloid mole is revealed and taught a bitter lesson.

  • Alison's charity work earns her honors from Buckingham Palace, but the thrill is short-lived after she discovers she is pregnant. Megan runs her female decoy business after separating from Mike.