The Big Easy

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In this crime drama series, a handsome detective and a beautiful prosecuting attorney team up to fight criminals in New Orleans. Of course, they also focus part of their attention on the sexual attraction between themselves.

2 Seasons, 35 Episodes
August 11, 1996
Cast: Tony Crane, Barry Corbin
The Big Easy

The Big Easy Full Episode Guide

  • Janine goes undercover to keep an eye on Maura, a young runaway who stumbled upon a mysterious black duffel bag containing $25,000 in cash. When a devious gangster targets Maura, it may be more than money he's after.

  • An unknown assailant murders a truck driver and steals his cargo: a mother lode of Louisiana shrimp. Remy only has a few hours to find the truck or its contents will spoil, ruining a young woman's seafood business.

  • Remy and Janine look into the bombing of a local massage parlor, but the investigation is cut short when the bomber takes Janine hostage.

  • When three female convicts break out of prison to recover a stolen armored car, it's up to Remy put them back where they belong. However, when the girls kidnap him, only his good friends and quick wit provide any hope of staying alive.

  • Remy is thrust into fatherhood when an anonymous woman leaves her baby on the doorstep of the New Orleans Police Department. As he searches for the child's mother, McSwain realizes his alleged son may be the centerpiece in a homicidal scandal.

  • When a local record producer is murdered, the ensuing investigation takes the team from the New Orleans gospel community to a corrupt music business. Meanwhile, Remy tries to clear the name of a talented female gospel singer.

  • Remy indulges in a variety of local cuisines while investigating the murder of one of New Orleans' premier chefs. McSwain's instinct and romantic self-control are tested by a beautiful suspect. He soon finds that the chef has many greedy enemies, but only one hungry enough to cook up a murder scheme.

  • Local gamester Marcus Bellard is shot to death during an amorous encounter with the girlfriend of a powerful gambling czar. Remy enlists the help of his old partner, Detective Tony Covington, to catch the killer.

  • What started as blackmail has escalated to murder, leaving Remy McSwain to piece together the involvement of a drop-dead gorgeous women, her wannabe boxer stepbrother and a prominent political figure.

  • Remy McSwain works with a visiting Russian cop to solve the murder of a local priest. Together, the two cops uncover a band of thieves responsible for stealing priceless religious artifacts.

  • A beautiful woman seeks Remy's help when her sister goes missing. Her fears are compounded when her sister's associate is found stuffed inside a coffee bag. Can Remy find the missing woman before she becomes the next house blend?

  • A prominent attorney is murdered on a streetcar, prompting Remy and newly enlisted trainee Janine Rebbenack (Leslie Bibb, "Iron Man") to investigate a local extermination company. Before they can solve anything, they must find an elusive eyewitness: the beautiful and mysterious Lady in Red.

  • Remy and Anne are abducted by a pair of rednecks who want revenge for their imprisoned brother. As they hide out deep in the reptile-infested bayous, they reminisce about happier and more harrowing times.

  • When a band leader dies in a barroom brawl, Smiley's uncle is arrested on suspicion of murder. Remy agrees to look into the case, which may involve a missing Mardi Gras Indian costume.

  • When a novelist is killed while researching a local vampire cult, Remy pursues the cult's leader. Meanwhile, Anne has a meeting of minds with a young research professor who has a dark past of his own.

  • Remy, Anne and C.D. are approached by a young policewoman whose friend was murdered while trying to track down alligator poachers. Remy suspects the involvement of a bar owner who operates without a liquor license.

  • A wealthy businessman falls to his death from an allegedly haunted house, reviving rumors of a vengeful ghost who returns every seven years to kill three men. While Remy deals with a persistent female reporter, Anne volunteers to go undercover at a local escort service to look for clues.

  • Remy tries to help his buddy Frank, a piano player with a crush on a young mobster's girlfriend. When he is accused of murdering the thug, Remy must protect his friend from a powerful mob kingpin and a femme fatal with a dark past.

  • While investigating the murder of a mysterious businessman at a kiddie park, Remy and his team end up searching for the scattered pieces of a pirate treasure map.

  • While investigating the murder of a travelling con artist, Remy and Anne are joined by a klutzy, accident-prone private detective.

  • In a case reminiscent of Hitchcock's "Rear Window," a woman with a broken leg claims to have witnessed a murder in the apartment across from her own. Remy is skeptical, but he soon launches an investigation into the neighbor, an illusionist from England who may have more than a few skeletons in his closet.

  • On the night of Mardi Gras, Remy is held hostage by an escaped convict who hopes to prove his innocence. Back at the station, the man's pregnant wife captures C.D. in his office. While Darlene and Anne to try to defuse the situation, Smiley finds himself shuffled between the two standoffs.

  • After a cult guru is crushed to death by a large snake, Anne and Remy must find a dominatrix snake charmer who was seen in the guru's company.

  • Remy, suspecting that voodoo magic may have caused the death of a local businessman, sets off with Smiley to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Anne tests local superstitions by concocting a "love potion" to use on Remy.

  • When Anne's sister comes to visit, Remy takes both of them to a fundraiser for a struggling local radio station. But when the star DJ is murdered and everyone is trapped inside by a sudden hurricane, Remy must put his detective skills to use.

  • Remy's old friend Delbert owes a heavy debt to a local mobster. Remy tries to help, but when a treasury agent is found murdered at the casino boat where Delbert hangs out, Anne learns he has been investigating Remy at the behest of Hawkins. Meanwhile, Remy asks Anne to pose as bait to entrap the casino owner, who is involved in a counterfeit operation.

  • Anne's fianc

  • Remy and Anne investigate the mysterious death of a jazz musician. Circumstantial evidence points to supernatural occurrences and a shady music producer, whom Remy suspects may be the devil incarnate. Skeptical of Remy's conclusion, Anne tries to put together a rational explanation for the unexplained events happening around them.

  • When the father of a young debutante dies in a suspicious plane crash, Remy uncovers some scandalous revelations - including the fact that C.D. was romantically involved with the man's widow. Meanwhile, Anne and Darlene strike out on their own to investigate the mysterious death.

  • A would-be groom is murdered at his bachelor party, and the only evidence left behind is a high-heeled shoe. While Remy investigates, Anne learns some hidden facts about the groom's real interests, as well as the bride-to-be's urges.

  • Remy tries to win Anne's affections with the help of Smiley and his other associates, but he has competition from Assistant District Attorney Lightnin' Hawkins. Meanwhile, a fortune teller tells Remy of a premonition about a street informant being murdered.

  • Remy McSwain is a brash, womanizing, unconventional New Orleans police detective who doesn't always play by the rules. With the help of his uncle C.D. LeBlanc and his detective partner, Darlene Broussard, McSwain manages to stay one step ahead of the law - but everything changes when District Attorney Anne Osborne arrives to oversee a case of illegal fishing in the remote bayous.