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Dr. Henry Lee, the noted forensic scientist recalls past cases in a series that revisits crime scenes and includes comments from investigators, prosecutors and defense attorneys. Trace Evidence: The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on .

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2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
Cast: Dr. Henry Lee
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Trace Evidence: The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee Full Episode Guide

  • The body of a woman is found near a golf course, and it appears that the body has been moved; the hunt for a killer requires Lee and his colleagues to sift through a mound of clothing.

  • Fire fighters find a woman's body in a Hawaiian apartment while responding to a fire; three video store clerks are found dead at work.

  • The 1985 murder of Ellen Sherman, whose husband was a suspect, is recalled; a woman's body was found off the side of the road in Hawaii.

  • The fatal shooting of a police officer is investigated; the case of a woman's stabbing death leads to a suspect who says he was with the victim, but someone else killed her.

  • A police officer claims that his wife shot herself with his gun, but the discovery of an insurance claim casts doubt on his story; identical twins confess to the same crime, discrediting DNA evidence.

  • A woman's sudden death is investigated, including comments from the victim's husband; a woman is arrested for the murder of her husband, but her guilt is in question.

  • A missing-persons case includes an underwater search for the potential victim; four people are suspects in a shooting.

  • A shooting during a traffic stop is investigated; a woman is found dead in a parking garage.

  • A hunting accident is investigated, and police suspect foul play; the death of a Pennsylvania doctor's wife is examined.

  • A person goes missing at an exclusive club in Hartford: A fire at a local bar leads to the investigation of a murder.

  • A man is struck by an arrow and archery is used to reconstruct the crime scene. Also: the crime scene of a robbery is examined.

  • The investigation into the 1985 death of Hartford resident Catherine Manfredi on the eve of a family vacation is recalled. Her body was found in what appeared to be a one-car accident, but the police suspected that she was murdered beforehand and that the accident was staged.

  • A missing massage therapist is feared dead. Lee is called in to investigate if a client's home was the scene of a murder or if it was, instead, the last known location where she was seen.

  • Lee travels to St. Thomas to investigate the murder of a young woman who was killed while driving home from a club with her boyfriend. Also: Lee helps solve a murder at a Connecticut college.

  • Dr. Lee works to prove or disprove that an unidentified body is that of a retired police officer who went missing.

  • The lone witness to a fire that destroyed a historic building is killed, and tire tracks and sneaker imprints are the only evidence discovered.

  • Lee revisits a murder mystery in Easton, Conn., which finds him following a trail of blood out of and then into the same house. Later, he travels to Hawaii to investigate the death of an off-duty police officer's wife in what the cop claims was an accident.