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Behind Mansion Walls, is the exciting series on Investigation Discovery cable channel, depicting vintage, decades old, shocking, high-society scandals, hosted by the talented, very expressive, Christopher Mason, in the style of the master, Alfred Hitchcock. In today's media-frenzy and instant means of communications, the who's who of the moment have to live their lives in a virtual fish-bowl, and get by with very little that is not known by most of the world.

For the very chic and famous of long ago, however, many skeletons were frequently deeply hidden away in those exquisite closets, and were often, never discussed or discovered. With riches as a bargaining chip, being wealthy could have great advantages! If your unsavory deed was found out, all that was needed to do was pay someone hush money. If they found themselves in the position to be unfortunate enough to have someone despicable blackmailing them, they simply gave the irritating, back-stabbing friend or acquaintance, a few thousand dollars, and the problems would go away, with no one the wiser, or ever discovering those dirty little secrets.

Behind Mansion Walls, depicts the many who were not lucky enough to be victimized by those who would settle for money, alone! All the money in the world, cannot buy your way out of trouble, when you happen to cross the path of some of the most ruthless, con-artists that set out deliberately and with utmost premeditation, decide to take you down completely, unless you are willing to equally share all of your riches, and some, more often than we realize, will not be appeased until they have it all! Worst of all, it was usually family members, who were the culprits! Many gladly, would kill for the wealth.

You will be amazed at the impressive list of some of history's most well known and legendary names, who, themselves or family members, are disclosed, in the often gruesome, true tales, revealed on Behind Mansion Walls. You'll find yourself glued to your chair as the details are exposed for the first time, before your very eyes, in living color and splendid performance, in every episode, as each diabolical adventure unfolds.

Behind Mansion Walls is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on June 6, 2011.

Where do I stream Behind Mansion Walls online? Behind Mansion Walls is available for streaming on Investigation Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Behind Mansion Walls on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Investigation Discovery, Google Play, iTunes online.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
June 6, 2011
Cast: Christopher Mason
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Behind Mansion Walls Full Episode Guide

  • Part of being rich is paying workers to do the dirty work. It is no different when it comes to murder, and the rich must pay their blood money.

  • Jealousy turns into obsession, which leads to murder.

  • Many a millionaire has fallen for the help. These ROUGH DIAMONDS have been stripped of their shine to reveal killers driven only by greed.

  • Most modern-day brides omit the oath to "obey" their husband in their wedding vows. But these powerful men still expect to be Lord of their Manor.

  • People who resorted to murder after divorce proceedings rendered them bankrupt.

  • There are few negatives to being a millionaire, unless it's extortion. The extortionist is often someone from the victim's own inner circle, and they are willing to do anything for cash.

  • Most of us can only sit back and admire the lavish life of the extremely wealthy. But some rich people are addicted to affluence. They will kill just to boost their already bulging coffers. These high flyers have it all, but it's NEVER ENOUGH.

  • Wealthy heirs who resorted to murder.

  • We all secretly wish to be wealthy. But some people crave the glamour of wealth above all else – and they're willing to kill for it.

  • Romances plagued by secrets.

  • In the third season premiere, these murderers think the rules don't apply to them.

  • The obsession of money destroyed the bonds that were to hold these families together.

  • These women had their fairytale ending - the man, the house and the money. But as time went on, their fairytale soon became a nightmare ending in murder.

  • These shocking crimes of greed, murder, high society connections and missing millions occurred decades ago and have kept the world intrigued until the truth was finally revealed.

  • One was the perfect family man, the other; a treasured member of the community. But their true identities harbor dark secrets no amount of money could hide. Secrets so devastating, they would be willing to die to keep them hidden.

  • For these children, Daddy gave them everything they could ever want. But behind their glamorous facade was a family secret - the man that was meant to be their greatest protector was about to become their mortal enemy.

  • As the wedding day fades, wealthy couples find themselves faced with the destruction of an empire. Greed and anger control them as their divorces soon turned deadly.

  • To their neighbors they were the ideal family men. Following two horrific murders their perfect worlds came crumbling down, revealing a life of scandal, debauchery and deceit.

  • These couples had it all - until their love wasn't enough and secret pasts were revealed. These tragic affairs of the heart quickly went from marriage to murder.

  • Pride, passion, and power are important tools for success, but for these men, their was just never enough to satisfy them. And when the cracks began to show they no longer wanted to play by the rules.

  • For rich kids, money can be a blessing a curse. Behind their vast fortunes lay broken families torn apart by greed, jealousy and murder.