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  • 2021
  • 2 Seasons
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Betraying the Badge is a hard-hitting and emotionally charged documentary series that delves deep into cases of police corruption, abuse of power, and misconduct. Produced by Vice TV, the show takes us behind the headlines and exposes the culture of silence and cover-up that pervades many police departments across the United States. Throughout the six episodes of the first season, viewers get to hear from police whistleblowers, victims of police brutality, and experts in law enforcement reform, all of whom shed light on the dark side of policing.

The show is anchored by Delbert Hunt, a former cop turned private investigator who has dedicated his life to exposing bad cops and fighting for justice. His personal story adds a powerful layer of empathy and authenticity to the series, as he recounts his own experiences of witnessing and reporting police misconduct and the toll it took on his career and mental health. As a seasoned investigator, Hunt brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts to the show, helping to uncover new evidence and pursue leads that many others would overlook.

Alongside Hunt, the show features interviews with a range of people whose lives have been impacted by police abuses of power. These include victims of police shootings, family members of those who died in police custody, and citizens who have been wrongly arrested or beaten by cops. Through their firsthand accounts, Betraying the Badge paints a vivid picture of the fear, trauma, and anger that many people feel towards the police, and how the failure of the justice system to hold bad cops accountable only deepens that divide.

The show also explores the systemic issues that enable police corruption and brutality. Interviewees include lawyers, academics, and former police officers themselves, who provide insight into the structural flaws in police departments, such as lack of accountability, inadequate training, and the code of silence among cops. These experts offer solutions for how to address these problems, ranging from community policing programs to statewide reforms of police unions and arbitration systems.

One notable guest on the show is Ice-T, the rapper and actor who also famously starred in the TV series Law & Order: SVU. As a former gang member and now a vocal critic of police brutality, Ice-T brings a unique perspective to the show. In one episode, he visits a prison to meet with a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder, and who claims that the police planted evidence to frame him. Ice-T listens intently to the man's story and expresses his anger and frustration at the injustice he has suffered. His presence on the show helps to bridge the gap between celebrity activism and grassroots movements for police reform.

Overall, Betraying the Badge is a powerful and necessary addition to the growing canon of documentaries about police misconduct. It seeks to humanize both the victims of police brutality and the whistleblowers who risk their careers and lives to speak out against it. It also provides a platform for debates about how to transform law enforcement to better serve the communities they are supposed to protect. While the stories it tells are often heartbreaking and infuriating, the show ultimately ends on a hopeful note, with examples of progress being made in places like New Orleans, where a consent decree has led to significant changes in police behavior. For anyone who cares about justice, accountability, and human rights, Betraying the Badge is a must-watch.

Betraying the Badge is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on July 19, 2021.

Betraying the Badge
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Betraying the Badge
7. Betraying the Badge
September 28, 2022
In 1994, dozens of NYPD officers in New York City's 30th Precinct in Harlem are convicted of perjury, civil rights infractions, theft, tax evasion and dealing narcotics.
Made Man
6. Made Man
September 21, 2022
A Florida cop's dream of being a gangster propels him into a darker world as he uses his badge to work security detail for a criminal enterprise from New York.
The Four Horsemen
5. The Four Horsemen
September 14, 2022
A group of Philadelphia narcotics officers nicknamed The Four Horsemen rule the inner city streets by fear and dirty tactics in the 1980's and '90s.
Operation Broken Oath
4. Operation Broken Oath
September 7, 2022
A group of officers in Savannah, Georgia, have lucrative off-duty work providing security for diamond shipments. But when the diamonds turn out to be drugs, the FBI gets involved.
The Dirty 30
3. The Dirty 30
September 7, 2022
In 1994, dozens of NYPD officers in New York City's 30th Precinct in Harlem are convicted of perjury, civil rights infractions, theft, tax evasion and dealing narcotics.
Takedown at the Border
2. Takedown at the Border
August 31, 2022
An FBI investigation at the Southern border unearths one of the largest corruption cases in Arizona's history involving the National Guard working alongside Mexican drug cartels.
Diamonds and Dirty Cops
1. Diamonds and Dirty Cops
August 24, 2022
The FBI brings down a jewelry theft ring run by a top former Chicago Police Chief.
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    July 19, 2021
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