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The story of Beyond the Realm of Conscience is about two people in the Tong Dynasty named Lau Sam Ho and Yiu Kam Ling. Both Lau and Yiu were introduced to the Imperial bureau from their Imperial family at a very young age. As both of these girls grow up, they find out that both the head of the Attire and the Head of the Jewels, Yuen Tsui Wan and Chung Suet Ha plan on fighting for the fellowship of the HO against Lau and Yiu.

Everyday, Ho is reminded of her mother words of doing good deeds for others while speaks good words to other people. While Ho follows her mother's path in life, Ling follows the path of survival through heartless and cruel methods.

As Ling cheats her way through life, Ho finds love with a man named Ko Hin Yeung, who is a chess master. As soon as Ling finds out that Ho has fallen in love she autotmatically becomes jealous and plans on making a false allegation against her to killing the Empress and sentences her to death. However, in the end, she fails in doing this.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on October 19, 2009.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beyond the Realm of Conscience on demand at, Viki, Tubi TV online.

Daily 8:30 PM et/pt on TVB Jade
1 Season, 33 Episodes
October 19, 2009
Cast: Tavia Yeung Yi, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh
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Beyond the Realm of Conscience Full Episode Guide

  • The story concludes. The emperor seeks the help of Prince Qi. Sam Ho and Kam Ling's sisterhood seals their fate.

  • Ma Yuen Chi kills the emperor and takes over the administration under false pretenses. The empress falls ill, and Lady Tak struggles to keep order.

  • Lady Lai forces Lady Yin to abort her baby. Ma Yuen Chi's men attack the imperial guards delivering General Man back home.

  • The emperor sends General Man on a mission to rally up military strength, but Ma Yuen Chi learns of his true allegiance.

  • General Man saves Mistress Yuen from torture. Sam Ho and Hin Yeung make their choice.

  • The Prince of Tibet falls in love with Sam Ho, and wishes to marry her.

  • Chief Chung is told new information about Master Bo's death. The prince of Tibet visits the palace.

  • Sam Ho confronts Lady Lai about the yellow paper. The prince of Tibet is visiting the imperial palace, and the bureau must provide a gift.

  • Sam Ho and Hin Yeung's fathers are poisoned. The two get married, and Hin Yeung swears revenge.

  • In a struggle of control with Chief Chung, Mistress Yuen finds out the truth about her son.

  • Tension rises between Lady Lai and Sam Ho. Ma Yuen Chi sends the emperor a warning.

  • The empress picks the new Bureau Chief. Mistress Chung learns a shocking secret about Mistress Yuen.

  • Lady Yin begs for her mother's life in vain. Ma Yuen Chi schemes to make the situation his advantage.

  • Kam Ling becomes pregnant with the emperor's child. Lady Yin and her mother grow jealous.

  • The Bureau Chief falls sick. Mistress Tam brings back the animosity between Mistress Chung and Head Yuen.

  • The emperor uncovers Ma Yuen Chi's theft of the palace treasures. Lady Yin saves two rabbits.

  • Someone tries to frame Head Yuen and puts the Bureau at odds with Missus Man. The two ladies continues to fight for the emperor's attention.

  • Head Yuen and General Man settle their problems. The emperor picks his ladies.

  • The Bureau Head announces the promotions. Empress Kwok interrupts the empreror's administrating session.

  • Head Wu is caught for her attempted murder. Sam Ho injures her hand.

  • General Ma and the emperor struggle with each other in their power game. Sam Ho and Hin Yeung get caught.

  • Prince Kwong ascends the throne amid the danger from General Ma and Empress Kwok. Empress Zheng takes charge of the Inner Chambers.

  • The empress and the emperor tries to eliminate Prince Kwong and his mother. Officer Ko, by Sam Ho's word, interferes.

  • Prince Kwong and Lady Zheng leave the palace. Hin Yeung's father is accused of impregnating an imperial maid.

  • Sam Ho becomes the Deputy Head of the Jewels Department. The maids prepare for the emperor's birthday banquet.

  • The empress gives Madam Tsui to Chief Choi as prisoner. Six candidates are picked to serve at the upcoming banquet, and each girl wants to be her best to impress the emperor.

  • Chief Choi tries to clear Head Yeun and Head Chung of the crime, and falls into a trap herself. Sam Ho and Kam Ling take matters into their own hands.

  • The Japanese chess player departs. Kam Ling makes the foolish move of asking Prince Kwong if she's pretty enough to be a lady.

  • A chess player from Japan defeats all the chess masters of the emperor's court. Kam Ling hurts her hand.

  • The Embroidery and Jewelry departments continue to compete to win favor from the Empress Dowager. Meanwhile, Prince Kwong has returned to the palace.

  • Sam Ho and Kam Ling anticipate being assigned to the Jewel department. The Empress Dowager schemes to get rid of Lady Zheng and her son.

  • The refugees Kong Choi King and her two daughters are captured as imperial maids. Kong Choi King is given the task to make the Empress Dowager's phoenix hairpin.

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