BFFs Play

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Hilarious gameplay with commentary from the guys behind BFFs, the animated series.

1 Season, 14 Episodes
September 27, 2016

BFFs Play Full Episode Guide

  • BF1 Beta highlights from the BFFs team.

  • Today the BFFs play Far Cry Primal.

  • Today the BFFs play Scrap Mechanic. The challenge is to make a vehicle in 5 minutes and race!

  • The BFFs play GTA online cunning stunts.

  • The BFFs play Ark Survival Evolved.

  • The BFFs play There's Poop in My Soup.

  • The BFFs play Overwatch.

  • The BFFs play Cluster truck.

  • The BFFs team run game strategies in attempt to win in Rocket League. Will they win?!

  • Today the BFFs play Grand Theft Auto V and race!

  • The objective is to save the girlfriend Bandage Girl from the evil scientist Dr. Fetus.

  • The BFFs play Battlefield 4 as a team!

  • The challenge is 1 kill from each class using their main weapon.

  • The BFFs play God of War III.