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  • 2008
  • 1 Season

This series takes race fans right down to the race track. Viewers will get to see the drivers prepare for their car race as well as their team prepare. They will get to see the action from a camera that is attached to the driver.

Blaze Riders
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The End Is But Another Beginning
52. The End Is But Another Beginning
November 11, 2008
The race continues, and The Wicked Blades use the Dust of Tears to their advantage. Star and the others activate the power of the seed of light to try to combat their enemies.
The Beginnning of the End
51. The Beginnning of the End
November 4, 2008
The Lumineers begin to train, as their race with the wicked blade is in a month. The race finally begins, and It's clear that Mr. Lucas is working for the Wicked Blades.
The Best Combination
50. The Best Combination
October 28, 2008
The race continues between Star and Moriku. The real intentions why Moriku was placed up against Star reveal itself. The Lumineers team is set.
Gensin's Plot
49. Gensin's Plot
October 20, 2008
Jet(Gensin) reveals his master plot to control the world. Star's next match is against Moriku. The match begins, and Moriku is fighting tough.
The Queen of Ice
48. The Queen of Ice
October 13, 2008
Starspeed is slowly getting frozen over by Crystal, but Star has another idea up his sleeve. Crystal also has tricks up her sleeve as well. Jet has a visit with Mr. Lucas
The Fallen Racer King
47. The Fallen Racer King
October 6, 2008
The crew learns the origins of The Wicked Blades, and the identity of the notorious Gensen, their leader. Jane decides to join the Lumineers to fight against The Wicked Blades. Star is up against Crystal in the next race.
Bat Eyes
46. Bat Eyes
September 29, 2008
Hung and Star's race begins, and Hung continues to collect data from the course and Starspeed. Hung's quick calculations makes it seem like he has a complete connection, but Star quickly figures out the real answer.
Return of Suns Racer
45. Return of Suns Racer
September 23, 2008
Star wins the race, and has achieved a connection with his car, something only a few have done. Jane returns and tempts Star with an interesting offer. The elimination round lineups are announced as well. First match: Hung VS Star.
He Who Perseveres
44. He Who Perseveres
September 16, 2008
Star refuses to give up as Jenny tries to create a hurricane around him but Star perseveres. The two are motivated by their beliefs, and prove to be formidable opponents.
A Racer Like Wind
43. A Racer Like Wind
September 9, 2008
Star is winning the race against Janice, but Janice takes the lead with her lightning bee attack and wins the race. Star doesn't take it as well. The next race with Jenny begins, this time in a virtual desert.
Stinging Bees
42. Stinging Bees
August 31, 2008
The Lumineer selection race begins. The Circuit is something that Star has never experienced before, a virtual swamp. The Race begins and it's quickly down to Janice and Star.
The Spirit of Battles
40. The Spirit of Battles
August 18, 2008
Star finds out about the wicked blades new recruits, then is invited by Trojan to race in his secret course.
The Darkest Substance
39. The Darkest Substance
August 24, 2008
Star and Joker are neck and neck, and Star uses a secret weapon that was given to him to win the race. Crystal awakens and greets her friends. Everyone learns about the Dust of Tears and Seed of Light.
The Anger of a Shooting Star
38. The Anger of a Shooting Star
August 12, 2008
Star continues the race, but is up against the worst foe yet: The dust of tears. Help from an unlikely ally prevents Star from getting taken over, as the race heats up.
Ice and Fire
37. Ice and Fire
August 5, 2008
Dark wildcat accidentally saves Star while draining his energy. Ginjuro offers an interesting preposition to Star's team that puts Team Supersonic in a tough spot, with Crystals life on the line. Star is determined to win.
A Shower of Burning Stars
36. A Shower of Burning Stars
July 28, 2008
Joker and Star battle it out as Star's car gets damaged during the race. The Dark wildcat slowly starts draining energy from Star's car. The team switches to the meteor shower strategy.
Purple Haze
35. Purple Haze
July 22, 2008
Violets new gas attack affects the racers mind and makes them hallucinate. Star tries to stop the hallucinations so they can finish the race. Joker uses his special power.
The Revolving Door to Hell
33. The Revolving Door to Hell
July 15, 2008
Star and Bukugan's race ends. Genson and his team plot to take Star's team down. The final race begins, in the battle for Crystal.
A Raging Dinosaur
32. A Raging Dinosaur
July 8, 2008
The floating man's name is Emerson, and a video appears on the screen explaining the story of the seed of life and dust of tears. Crystal is introduced to a new foe: Genson, the leader of the wicked blades. Bukugan and Star race each other.
Race Between Analyst
31. Race Between Analyst
June 30, 2008
Hung and Ginny race each other. They are evenly matched. Crystal escapes from her prison cell and finds a lab where a man is floating in a life support tank.
A New Army
30. A New Army
June 24, 2008
Andy and his Lion face Kung and his Roztropny. Andy is able to win even though he gave kung a huge lead. Crystal is in a prison cell and is visited by Mensta and Ganga.
Selection for the Big Race
29. Selection for the Big Race
June 17, 2008
Gensin and the the Wicked Blades have developed a dark version of Wildcat. The lower brothers and Moriku join forces with the Wicked Blades. Akahei races agaist Ming from The Warriors.
Invitation from Hell
28. Invitation from Hell
June 10, 2014
Crystal is kidnaped by the Wicked Blades.Gensin,the leader of the Wicked Blades, issues a challenge to the world pulback assosiation to race at Rocky Island. Now, Naru Mickey, and Dragonfly must assemble a team of the best racers to go agaist them
Power of a New Generation
27. Power of a New Generation
June 2, 2008
Star learns that Mensa is resposible for his weird dream. Mensa can use the power of sound to send a shockwave to repel Star and Andy. Star and Andy then produce their own soundwave to counter.
A New Mission
26. A New Mission
May 27, 2008
Star goes onto the race track to help Akahei with Ganga.They struggle to land any blows on Ganga due to his illusions. Akahei uses his best technique to ensnare Ganga and Star finishes him off.Gangais is forced to retreat.
Destined Enemies
25. Destined Enemies
May 19, 2008
Andy and Akahei battle againstGangaand the guitar player,Mensa.Meanwhile Joker and Trojan fight eachother.
Arrival of Wicked Blades
24. Arrival of Wicked Blades
May 13, 2008
Durring the awards ceremony Joker arrives with balloons filled with laughing gas. Mickey orders to have the stadium evacuated. Joker then gets into his pullback to spread more gas. Trojan, Andy, and Akahei get in their pullback in order to stop him.
Geniuses Pushed Towards Darkness
23. Geniuses Pushed Towards Darkness
May 6, 2008
In the last leg of the race between The Warriors and Supersonic 1 the lower brothers use a missile attack to knock out Trojan, which allows Dragonfly to cross the finish line first. Foul play may have been involved, however.
The Fine Line Between Victory and Defeat
22. The Fine Line Between Victory and Defeat
April 29, 2008
The lower brothers focus their attention on Trojan while Dragonfly takes care of Ginny. Star tries to save Mike who is hanging from one of Joker's trick balloons.
The Podium of Champions
20. The Podium of Champions
April 22, 2008
Team Supersonic 1 with Dragonfly and the lower brothers race against Trojan and the the Warriors in the finals. However, Joker is at the stadium and he has something sinister planned.
Dreams and Reality
19. Dreams and Reality
April 15, 2008
Star has new found confidence after his race with Trojan. He returns home to sleep and in his dream he is confronted by an evil version of himself.
The New Star and the Champion
18. The New Star and the Champion
April 7, 2008
Star and Trojan race eachother. Star gives Trojan a challenge and show that he has matured as a racer.
The Big Breakthrough
17. The Big Breakthrough
April 1, 2008
Gangas can make illusions of his car to trick his opponent. Hung is able to see through his tricks and they catch him. Star wakes up to discover that he and his friends were hypnotized, and the race was just a distraction for something bigger.
Phantom Race Car
16. Phantom Race Car
March 25, 2008
Star and his friends are challenged by a mysterious magician named Ganga who transports them to a virtual race track. Now they have 10 minutes to catch him or be trapped in the virtual world forever.
Wild Beasts
15. Wild Beasts
March 11, 2008
Animal Teeth knocks out all of the members on The Warriors except for Trojan. Andy uses an incredible move to get the lead, however, Trojan wins in the end.
Bated Race
13. Bated Race
March 4, 2008
Naru tells Star that Starspeed is the orginal design that Wildcat was based on. Then, the kids watch a race between team Supersonic 2 and The Wariors.
A Personal Failure
12. A Personal Failure
February 26, 2008
Star is approached by Dragonfly to become a member of team Clear Sky. In his next race Star stuggles to perform and finishes in last place. At first he is frustrated but learns to be comfortable with his own short comings and to put the team ahead of hims
The Strength of the Lower Brothers
11. The Strength of the Lower Brothers
February 19, 2008
The race continues between team Starspeed and team Clear Sky. Moriku challenges Mike to a test of stength and Ellie is trapped by the lower brothers triangle formation.
Strong Opponents
10. Strong Opponents
February 12, 2008
Naru names Star as team captain. Then, the team faces off against the Clear Sky team featuring the lower brothers. They are led by Dragonfly, a great strategist.
Trojan's Technic
8. Trojan's Technic
February 5, 2008
A new pullback car installed with an artificial seed of light is stolen. Trojan, currently the best pullback racer, faces off against the mysterious thief.
Research Out of the Blues
7. Research Out of the Blues
January 29, 2008
Star wins the race against Ellie, however, is disqualified for using auto-pilot. Mickey and Naru battle one another with their specially customized pullback cars. They discuss the threat to the world pullback association.
The Sleeping Starspeed
6. The Sleeping Starspeed
January 22, 2008
Star is having trouble activating his pullback car. Star has to race agaisnt Ellie for the opportunity to be captain of the school team. In a moment of desperation, Speedspeed finally activates. Ellie has a big lead. Will Star be able to catch up?
The Fall of the Suns
5. The Fall of the Suns
January 15, 2008
Naru has a flashback about his old team, the Suns. Mickey and Jet, the two best racers, race each other. Jet won the race but dissapeared shortly after. Mickey became the president of the pullback association.
New Cars New Future
4. New Cars New Future
January 8, 2008
Star and his friends are transported to Naru's secret lab. To keep the location of the lab secret Naru gives Hung, Mike, Ellie, and Star his fovrite pullback race cars.
The Arrival of the Seed of Light
1. The Arrival of the Seed of Light
January 1, 2008
Star and his friend Han are huge race car fans. Little do they know that they are going to be playing a big role in the racing community very soon!

This series takes race fans right down to the race track. Viewers will get to see the drivers prepare for their car race as well as their team prepare. They will get to see the action from a camera that is attached to the driver.

  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2008