Watch TV Shows on 321 Productions

321 Productions is a film production company that began in a rather interesting manner. This organization was the brainchild of three sisters who had a vision to start a company that would help producers of various shows be able to find an affordable way to have their shows "syndicated" or shown throughout the country. The show offers various shows and films as well.

321 Productions offers a variety of services for their clients and strives to produce a well-rounded method for helping individuals gain syndication. They have resources available for many services, including sales, promotion and publicity, distribution, websites, contracts, and various media sale solutions as well.

321 Productions was recently selected by an Indie film company to handle distribution for at least four of their movies. These movies are "Carver's Gate", "Replikator: Cloned to Kill", "Strange Horizons", and "Drop Dead Roses".

If this alone doesn't convince you that 321 Productions is quickly becoming a mover-and-shaker in the film industry then the fact that they have also produced some of their own shows should. First of all, they have reality shows entitled "What Color is your Dog?" and "Healthcare Heroes". They also have children's shows available, which include "Magic Eye, the Wonder Boy", and "Magic Wonderland".

Finally, if their portfolio of film and television weren't enough, they also have a partnership with Zephyr Media Group in order to deliver stellar television advertisements and sales on the shows that they produce.