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Blue Drop is an anime, or Japanese animation, series which was based on two mangas, or Japanese comics, of the same name. In the mangas, an all-female alien species known as the Arume invade Earth and take over the Japanese government. Humanity must fight against them in order to regain control of the planet. The anime series takes a slightly different path. It takes places about a year before the mangas. In the anime, the Arume have only recently come to Earth, and are still unnoticed by most humans.

Blue Drop begins when the main character, Mari Wakatake, transfers to a new school. There she meets Hagino Senkoji, a young woman with a strange personality. She is sometimes polite and quiet, and at other times displays an extremely aggressive and violent side. Mari is both wary of her and somewhat attracted to her. Mari can sympathize with Hagino's problems. Mari herself has a troubled past. Everyone living on her home island was suddenly killed in one night. Mari survived, but does not remember anything else about her past or what happened to her home.

Little does Mari know that Hagino's past is intricately connected with her own. Hagino is the captain of an Arume ship called Blue. The ship, which is a battleship, was involved in a fight with Mari's island, which led to the deaths of the inhabitants. In the fight, the ship was badly damaged and Hagino was forced to act like a normal human girl in order to gain more data on her enemies, the humans.

Hagino's plans for the coming war and her ideas about humans change as she comes to know Mari more. Gradually, the two girls learn more about each other and come to trust and rely on each other. Their feelings grow much stronger as well. Soon Hagino is left to question whether her species' actions are right, and whether or not she should do something to help the humans.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 2, 2007
Cast: Akiko Yajima, Miyuki Sawashiro, Satsuki Yukino, Akeno Watanabe
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Blue Drop Full Episode Guide

  • The invasion begins and the human defense forces are no match for the new Arume weapon. Blue joins the fight and destroys several enemy ships.

  • Hagino tells Yuko about the coming Arume invasion and her hopes to protect the planet.

  • Azaneal reveals to Mari painful details about the accident five years prior and who was to blame.

  • Mari and Hagino go to town to pick up materials for the play. Mari has an accident on the way home.

  • Michiko is trying to work on the script for the school play, but is experiencing writer's block. The stress becomes too much for her, and she runs away.

  • Hiroko has invited the girls over to her house but the girls end up babysitting her neice since her Sister has gone into labor.

  • Mari and Yuko are attacked in the woods by Azaneal.

  • Hagino and Tsubael explain the situation to Mari. Hagino refuses to hand over Mari. Blue is attacked.

  • Hagino explains to her Commander that there was a malfunction in the ship's Emiru Force Drive, which knocked out communications and caused the accident on Kamioki Island.

  • It seems there are 4 other ships like Blue and they are actively searching for the damaged ship. Hagino leaves the school temporarily and boards the ship so that she can meet with the other alien vessels who are demanding an explanation about the long silence of Blue.Meanwhile Mari wonders about Hagino's weird behavior and why she is having visions of fire.

  • Mari has taken to dislike Hagino intensly, but the more she tries to push the other girl away, the more effort Hagino puts into getting closer to her. Meanwhile Hagino's ship has been damaged as is being repaired. However a crew-woman starts to get nervous when it seems that the ship might be detected. She comes to Hagino in the middle of the night as a hologram that Mari can see.Hagino is surprised that Mari can see the hologram and when she confronts her, Hagino is overcome by a mysterious blue light and collapses on the floor.

  • Wakatake Mari, a girl with a mysterious past was used to living alone with her grandmother but one day she is told she will be transferring to a girl's boarding school called Kaih? Academy. While she is in the cab traveling to her new school she sees a girl with long black hair standing on a rock in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sea birds. Mari is fascinated for a moment, but her hostility and melancholy over takes her again as she tours her new school.Later Mari is introduced to her new school by the shy, Kouzuki Michiko who is in her class. She then meets her new roommate Senk?ji Hagino who shakes her hand, then immediately snaps and attacks Mari!Later that night Hagino sneaks out and Mari follows her and learns a bizarre secret about her new roommate!

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