Blue Seed

Blue Seed is a 30 minute anime that has 26 episodes. The show is about a young girl named Momiji Fujimiya who is a descendant of Kushinada, but doesn't know about her heritage. She originally was confronted by Kusanagi, her protector, that she was a threat and must be killed. When members of the T.A.C stopped him from killing her, she realized that she's a target but doesn't understand why until the real enemy the Aragami attacks her. Kusanagi protects her and she realizes that she have to face her destiny- to defeat the Aragami by being a member of the T.A.C. The show focuses on Momiji and her battle with the Aragami. The show has action,romance, and comedy elements too.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
May 4, 2002
Blue Seed

Blue Seed Full Episode Guide

  • Kusanagi pays the prime minister a visit and delivers a special package--a cell phone from Kunakida. With it, Kunakida tries to convince goverment officials that the TAC can eliminate the Arigami without sacrificing Momiji. He asks that they at least give the TAC a chance to save Momiji's life. The prime minister reveals that that Momiji's pictures were released to the press by an Arigami spy in the government, whom they have been unable to identify.Meanwhile, Japan is in an uproar. Volcanos are erupting everywhere and plants continue to grow at incredible rates. The people want the Momiji to be placed in custody, and they are angry with the goverment for being unable to do so.Progress continues on the Kushinada pulse, and the TAC discovers that the secret to the Kushinada's blood is somehow involved in the strange melody that both Momiji and Kaede resonate. Momiji remembers that Kaede spoke of the rite of matsuri, and asks to be taken to the place where the ceremony is held.Kunakid

  • Momiji and the TAC take refuge in Sakura's apartment in order to avoid the goverment long enough to find a way to handle the Arigami. Sakura confirms Kunakida's suspicions--the US can't help until they are specifically asked for assistance by the Japanese government, due to the terms of the joint-treaty. The TAC hopes that the apartment is inconspicious enough that they will be able to continue their Arigami research without disturbance. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Murakumo shows up. Yaegashi is wounded trying to protect Kome, and Momiji is carried off by Murakumo.Murakumo takes Momiji back to the place where Kaede and Susano-oh are residing. He hopes to use Momiji to get to Kaede, who he now wants to kill. His plans are interrupted by Kusanagi. A battle ensues. Kaede saves Momiji, whose mitama is lost (but retrieved by Kusanagi.) The giant mitama is Susano-oh's resting place begins to shake violently. Thanks to his new mitama, courtesy of Momiji, Kusanagi is able to fly them

  • The prime minister grudgingly decides to sacrifice Momiji in order to save Japan from the growing Arigami infestation. Momiji, still grieving over the loss of Kusanagi, accepts her fate and goes with the government to be sacrificed.The TAC isn't quite ready to give up on her just yet. Takeuchi and Kome go to rescue Momiji. Momiji refuses to go at first, saying that this is her destiny. But Takeuchi slaps some sense into her (literally) and reminds her of what they are fighting for.The three TAC manage to escape thanks to some unexpected help from Sakura and her pink sea creatures. As they are leaving, Momiji's mitama begins to glow. She can sense Kusanagi!

  • The battle rages on as Momiji's mother, along with Kunikida, finally confront Kaede and Susana-Oh. Meanwhile, Momiji and Ryoko find Kusanagi fighting, but before they can help him, he is defeated by Muramuko.

  • As reports of monster sightings and complaints of giant plants appearing everywhere busy the TAC, Kunikida heads off to Izumo, hoping he can uncover this mystery. Meanwhile, Momiji finds her mother, Moe, but begins having thoughts of Kusanagi, who is off fighting Susana-Oh, Kaede, and Muramuko.

  • After the powerful Kaede envelopes an abandoned city in a dome of energy, Kusanagi wonders in and finds himself trapped, causing Momiji to come in after him. But when Kusanagi is overtaken by his daydreams, Momiji is helpless to save him.

  • When Susana-O's power disturbs Nozuchi, a powerful Aragami, Sakura's past is dug up, revealing that Nozuchi killed her mother long ago. Momiji Fujiyama, along with the help of the TAC, come to the aid of Sakura, but are helpless to prevent Nozuchi from swallowing Sakura. Inside the stomach of the monster, Sakura makes a horrifying discovery -- her mother is still alive.

  • Distraught Kunikida becomes obsessed with his work, and the beautiful Takeuchi tries to help him, but fails to completely comfort him. Meanwhile, both Momiji and Kusanagi are worried about the ritual that is soon to take place, the ritual that will increase the power of Susana-O.

  • Kunikida heads out to investigate the death of his old friend, and is greeted by his young wife who holds a deadly secret. Meanwhile, deformed bodies begin piling up as sightings of the "Thousand Year Nun" (a strange woman who would stay young forever by devouring the flesh of a mermaid) are reported.

  • The team journeys to the countryside to investigate more on the reappearing Kappa sea monster, meanwhile Momiji is concerned over a classmate of Kaede's words. How can a being such as perfect as Kaede be defeated by her? How can *SHE* win!?

  • While Kaede and Muramuko rush away with Susana-O, trees all over Japan begin to wither and die, causing a national uproar. Meanwhile, at the resort of Nara, a new type of Aragami are terrorizing the land by polluting the air with toxic pollens.Disheartened Momiji, distracted Yaegashi and the rest of the TAC team set out to destroy the pollen monsters with their newest invention.

  • The TAC decides to lend love-struck Momiji a hand with dating advice and tips on how to confess her love, but everything goes wrong and she is called to witness the rebirth of the Aragami God Susana-O and the return of Kaede -- her sister.

  • Poor Momiji Fujiyama is having a terrible time trying to keep up in school AND work at the TAC, but when her wounded love arrives at her window needing treatment, she happily takes him into her home.Meanwhile, the TAC investigate a strange centipide that has a habit of wrapping itself around large skyscrapers and leaving it's (icky) skin all over the place.

  • Momiji is horrified when Sakura is transferred to her school, and to top it off, she finds that Sakura and *her* love Kusanagi are spending time together. Meanwhile, girls at Momiji's school are being found dead, their blood sucked from them. That sure ices the cake!

  • Sakura Yamazaki has just returned from her stay in America, and the priestess considers Momiji Fujiyama an enemy. Sakura thus challenges Momiji to a singing contest -- at a studio with a number of Aragami attacks.

  • Angered Momiji sets out to rescue a kidnapped little girl. Unfortunately, the girls father is a man who studied Kaede (Momiji's sister), and the kidnapper is asking for extra material.. Material that can help the Aragami defend themselves from Momiji.

  • Kusanagi is outraged when Mrs. Matsu-Daira sees Momiji as a live specimen, free to experiment on her. Just as Momiji is about to confront Kusanagi on the threat he made to the lady and her son, a strange jellyfish emerges from Tokyo Bay and things heat up.

  • Rule-altering TAC member Kome Sawaguchi is angry when she is stuck babysitting the newest addition the team, Momiji Fujiyama. Soon the team discovers that Momiji's blue seed can track down Aragami and something terrible may occur soon.

  • After being sent to Tokyo, the Aragami-target Momoji discovers that she is now under the care of the TAC. She knows these monsters are terrible, evil things, and really wants to help, but can't find out how to.The TAC soon discover that their base isn't as safe as they thought when an Aragami breaks in and attacks.

  • Things get even more confusing for poor Momiji when a man named Mamoru Kusanagi arrives, but when she learns that he is there to protect her from these strange monsters (Aragami), she feels safer. Little does she know Kusanagi hasn't decided to save her or sacrifice her.Meanwhile, the TAC rush to the scene with an experimental creation that may defeat the terrible Aragami.

  • To the dismay of the TAC, Kaede Kunikida suddenly disappears. Meanwhile, the young school child Momiji Fujiyama is attacked by a strange man, hellbent on killing her. But why is he doing this?After surviving the attack, Momiji's school is filled with monsters, but the strangest thing of all is that people think she's some sort of princess.

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