Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

"Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo" is a TV show that came from the Japanese manga series of the same name. Directed by Hiroki Shibata, the show ran for 76 episodes over a period of two years. The show starts in the year 3001. The entire world has been taken over by the Maruhage Empire and their ruler Bald the 4th. Bald the 4th has created a hair hunting troop that goes around and captures the hair of innocent civilians. A man by the name of Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo decides to take a stand and fight against the empire. Bo-bobo fights against the Hair Hunt Troop with his technique known as Fist of the Nose Hair. His team consists of a teenaged girl named Beauty, a teen boy by the name of Gasser, Don Patch, as well as other members. The show, which is a comedy, uses a style of humor seen commonly in Japan.

"Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo" is influenced from a Japanese style of humor called Manzai. Manzai humor consists of subjects like wordplay, breaking the fourth wall, visual gags, pop-culture references. The show's comedy is driven by a bizarre and sometimes insane nature. Despite the team fighting against evil forces, none of the characters seem to take their job too seriously. The heroic characters draw their power from spontaneity with a unique style to create attacks that parody either who they are fighting or people that don't have anything to do with what's currently happening. The Manzai style humor comes into play with more serious characters, who break the fourth wall to make comments to the viewer about the situation.

1 Season, 76 Episodes
October 1, 2005
Anime, Comedy
Cast: Takehito Koyasu, Ai Nonaka, Masaya Onosaka, Shin'ichirô Ôta
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Full Episode Guide

  • Den-bo reappears.

  • Gasser becomes a baby after losing his collar, prompting Patch to take action to save him.

  • Bo-Bobo encounters Samba Man, a music-loving rascal.

  • Bo-Bobo battles Nunchuck Nick, who uses sticky tape as a weapon in the Big Bald Bowl.

  • Bo-BoBo battles the newly awakened Czar Baldy Bald III.

  • Mr. BoJiggler's motives are unclear as he battles Fishcake.

  • A fight with Gen. Lee Fishcake takes place on Bouillabasse, his territory.

  • Finally at the top of the castle, our heroes finally face the tyrannical OVER, who challenges Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler to an all out cannon-flying showdown where the losers get chowed by metallic bear traps. But while being thrown through the sky, knawed by metal teeth and being trashed by giant scissors isn't bad enough, the trio just can't stop making the bad guy angry at their shenanigans! (particularly Jelly Jiggler) However, when he's finally angry enough times, it may seem like it's GAME OVER, but...

  • Continuing through OVER's Castle, our heroes next face the only soccer-themed villain who has no connection to soccer whatsoever! That doesn't stop Gasser from causing a complete stink over his fight. (even with the eventual lawsuits they cause) Then, they face off against an incompetent trap master who almost succeeds in victory! (prior to the return of a cute little Wiggin) But all this leads up to a showdown against the last three assassins...on top of a giant toilet where those trapped inside get a very swell fate!

  • Just when the fight for King of Wiggin Specialist was finished, a big-mouth ninja assassin arrives to challenge Bo-bobo to take on his master, the horrific OVER of the Baldy-Bald Big Four! After Bo-bobo and the others can get past his bone-headed ninja tricks, he sends them to the entrance with a flying duck-loving warrior to face. (and Serviceman hanging by a limb) And beyond that is a force of The Ultimate Five Assassins to get past along the way, the first of which is...a playful little girl!?

  • You are cordially invited to a thirty-minute dinnertime Wiggin spectacular, as we witness Rice unleashing his full power as the King of Wiggin Specialists, complete with back rubs, ballerina tutus, poison apples, a king outfit and carbo-loaded fury! Co-starring Bo-bobo (who wants the title from Rice), Don Patch (who turned down the title and with transformation of his own), Jelly Jiggler (with his new line of party supplies), and Beauty as...a panda!?

  • Bobobo and his gang are thrown into battle when they enter a mysterious room at the Hajaike Block Base.

  • The legendary Blast Block Base is opened.

  • The little Z-Block leader Dengaku Man finally emerges to take on Bo-bobo and Don Patch, showing off just as much wiggin abilities as our heroes! But amidst the honey butter, flag waving, and aeronautical potstickers, the enemy may just be a lonely little puppy (well, he doesn't look like a dog) who just wants someone to be his friend. Lucky for him, Bo-bobo may just know some... just watch out for squids and raisins!

  • Bo-bobo and team finally arrives at Z-Block Base, from where the cute leader Dengaku Man has been taunting them for a while now. But to get to it, they must first get through a beachfront entrance with a powerful robot team who's just as good with beach volleyball as they are with asking for forgiveness! And once they make it inside the main headquarters, then they must go through a game show where the questions and contests get weirder by the second!

  • Bobobo and the others go back to the real world to see that Gasser, Soften and Captain Battleship had built a house. Gasser soon realizes that Soften had been built into the house, so he became enraged and fought Battleship, however he was easily defeated. Bobobo then began to fight with Captain Battleship.

  • Gasser volunteers for to fight first. He spends most of the episode trying to figure out just who his opponent really is because no one seems to be willing to fight. Later Gasser finds his opponent is really his friend from poo poo city Loin Clothed Loid, but just when their battle get's started Gasser's collar chokes him and he loses. Bobobo volunteers next and he fights June 7.The show ends with bobobo and June 7 going to Bobobo World to fight.

  • At the beginning of the episode, they are in Poo Poo City and Jelly Jiggler pretends to be dead as a "November Fools" prank. Then they get surrounded by Hair Hunter troops. However, Soften uses his attacks to help out. Jelly Jiggler helps as well with his attacks. Gasser is searching for the ring and he ends up finding the ring in the sky. Bobobo-Bo fights with somebody named Suzu, who Captain Battleship ordered to attack him and ends up winning. Soften and Gasser help out somebody who had gotten laid off his job who used to be in charge of security there. Captain Battleship ends up jumping off the plane and flies onto the side of the plane. Captain Battleship learns that Bobobo-Bo has come extremely far, and so he sets up 5 battle stations and each one of them has to fight a member of the Battleship 5 Quartet. Gasser ends up being the first person to fight.

  • Desperate to defeat general jelly jiggler Bobobo and Don Patch fuse into "BoboPatch." With their combined powers, they defeat Jelly Jiggler easily. They then apply to join the Hair Hunter troopers. Bobobo passes the test and Don Patch fails it.

  • Gasser starts acting like a baby which concerns Beauty. Gasser beats up the person who was beating him up at the Haunted House with a powerful gas attack. It turns out that it was because Gasser's collar fell off that he was acting this way, so when Gasser's collar comes back on he turns back to normal. They end up searching with Jelly Jiggler... for Jelly Jiggler. Eventually they realize that the person they are searching with is in fact Jelly Jiggler. They then begin to eat him.

  • Gasser fights a new hare hunt trooper with power absorbing abilitys, who gives him a challenge in combat.

  • The gang splits up in order to find General Jelly Jiggler, however they still have absolutely no luck in finding him. When they all meet up at the Haunted House, they find one of them being attacked by a mystery person.

  • The gang meets a new villain named General Jelly Jiggler.(He's the blue jelly guy in the later episodes_4-18).They don't see him in person they just see him up on a monitor.

  • Gasser tries to tell Bobobo-Bo why he has been following them, but he keeps on getting interrupted. They soon run into a member of L-Block, Puppet Lad.

  • Bobobo-Bo, Gasser, and the crew encounter a creature called Wall Man who wants Gasser to join him, however Gasser refuses. So they now must fight the beast.

  • THe mysterious spikey white haired kid who occasionally follows Beauty around reveals himself...His name is Gasser.

  • The team meets Soften for the first time, (Soften is the guy with strawberry ice cream for a head), and Bobobofights him.

  • Beauty and Don Patch get hit by something called a hair loss beam and are told that they will have to travel to the Hair Hunter C-block base in order to recieve the antidote. However, they encounter the Hair Hunt Trooper that zapped the two yet again on the train towards the C-Block base, so Bobobo-Bo and Don Patch prepare to fight him.

  • Don Patch and Bobobo put on several plays, Beauty is certain that somebody is following them, however before they can figure out who it is they have to battle a Soup Alien.

  • Bobo-bo faces the dynamite brothers, and one has underwear on his head, with a duck sticking out of it!

  • Bobobo and Don patch duel it out with a "Wigging Out contest ". The team also meets Don Patch for the first time. Don Patch ends up joining the crew after they rescue Beauty from Hair Hunt Troopers.

  • BoBo-Bo develops an unknown grudge against Pickles.