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This reality series chronicles the behind-the-scenes action as U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents safeguard the nation's crossings and ports.

2 Seasons, 38 Episodes
September 30, 2016
Investigation, Reality
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Border Security: America's Front Line Full Episode Guide

  • A layover leads to a faceoff over luxury counterfeits. Potentially lethal powder is detected in the mail. A CBP beagle finds a mother lode of meat.

  • CBP converge on flights from drug-source countries. Trouble is brewing for a coffee expo volunteer. Pills are smuggled in suspect film containers.

  • A car's radiation levels put CBP on alert. An officer digs up a huge haul of deadly bath salts. CBP hear the call when multiple phones materialize.

  • Officers bag a sizable haul of luxury knockoffs. CBP slows a drag race fan's roll. Elsewhere, they catch a wanted duo with bags full of new goods.

  • A problematic fake ID come to light at the border. The stories don't jibe for a young traveler. Hardworking CBP hounds sniff out forbidden food.

  • One traveler gets blowback for a stash of cocaine in pen caps. A long stay with a boyfriend alerts CBP. A welder who broke probation feels the heat.

  • Officers uncover sketchy white powder in sacks of tea. Pills marked "ICE" are frozen at JFK. Furry foreign nationals touch down to spread good will.

  • A one-way ticket to meet a beau raises red flags. Undeclared meat cooks up costly trouble for a traveler. Officers find a loaded gun and live crab.

  • Injectable beauty proves to be a bad look for a traveler. Officers smoke out marijuana residue at the border. A wrong turn may send a mom to jail.

  • Human bones are unearthed in luggage. A pair botches their entry by failing to declare thousands in bling. Beauty products mask a mysterious powder.

  • An American returning from the Dominican Republic brings an unusual item. Budding entrepreneurs are nipped in Blaine. An unknown substance is tested.

  • Real estate entrepreneurs are questioned. A traveler's investments in the U.S. raise alarms. Suspicious Mexican souvenirs are spotted in some luggage.

  • Officers find a cocktail containing more than booze. A cross-border shopper has a criminal past. A clothing designer's declaration doesn't add up.

  • A Japanese traveler is forced to make a tough choice. A Canadian bus passenger's bag gets her busted. A detector dog finds something in the trash.

  • CBP suspects that a Nigerian traveler's visit to his American girlfriend isn't really temporary. Powdered pork seasoning is red-flagged in Chicago.

  • A Swiss traveler's watch is a bone of contention. Officers find baggies of narcotics in a rental car. Specialists inspect plants for invasive species.

  • A Canadian is questioned after photos of pot plants are spotted on his phone. Officers inspect a big rig for contraband. A couple gets a pat-down.

  • A pregnant Chinese woman raises suspicion in Detroit. A Ukrainian woman may be returned to her home country after splitting with her American husband.

  • Construction workers on a lunch break mistakenly end up at the border. Counterfeit money is found in Detroit. A package from Belgium draws attention.

  • A couple changes their currency declaration at JFK. CBP questions a Mexican with odd travel plans. Canadians headed to Florida face probing questions.

  • A strong odor makes trouble for two Americans in Port Huron. An inflatable pool doesn't hold water. A mistake on a student visa causes big problems.

  • A laptop arouses suspicion. A Canadian visiting Buffalo to buy motorcycle parts turns testy. A Chinese traveler gets caught in a visa lie.

  • Buffalo officers suspect a fertilizer salesman of spreading lies. A bag of medical marijuana is a costly mistake. A Canadian trucker raises red flags.

  • A polite passenger tells a suspicious story. Port Huron officers engage in a high-speed pursuit. A traveler from Canada triggers radiation alarms.

  • Familiarity with body language aids officers at JFK. A German rock band faces a tough audience. Port Huron officers get a case of puppy love.

  • Officers hunt for a fugitive. A Dutch cook headed to Vegas gets grilled in Detroit. X-rays reveal a significant cargo problem in Port Huron.

  • Bananas cause a slip-up at O'Hare. A surprise awaits officers inside some packaged food from China. A handbag requires a second look at JFK.

  • In Chicago, airport officers discover some bad medicine. In Blaine, unprepared hikers get into trouble. An architect's story seems sketchy to CBP.

  • A Chicago canine officer finds some stashed cash. Officers discover a phony identity. Suspicious henna leaves must be inspected in New York.

  • An officer inspects the luggage of a traveler reluctant to cooperate. An impatient shopper gets a lot more than she bargained for in Detroit.

  • At JFK, a case of smuggling indicates an inside job. German tourists have a lot on their plates at the Peace Arch. A baggage exam goes poorly.

  • A suspicious backpack shows up in New York. Officers question high-maintenance air travelers. Hockey fans find themselves penalized for bad behavior.

  • A canine unit is deployed. Baggage stained with blood raises alarms. A jittery air passenger gets pulled aside for further questioning.

  • Officers are on high alert for drugs hidden in backpacks at JFK. A wrong turn leads to trouble. The driver of someone else's vehicle raises suspicion.

  • Detroit officers nab a car thief on the Ambassador Bridge. An American transports unusual companions in his back seat at the Detroit-Windsor tunnel.

  • A passenger from Colombia has a suspicious amount of luggage. A package from India is stopped. A good deed gets a man pulled in for questioning.

  • Officers are skeptical of a traveler who claims to be arriving for a wedding. A package from China is held up. A detained traveler gets hostile.

  • Smugglers, thieves and fugitives are nabbed at JFK Airport in New York, the high-volume Ambassador Bridge in Detroit and other border hot spots.

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