Brides of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is known to have some of the best and most lavish weddings. Lots of money and care goes into them The televisions series Brides of Beverly Hills showcases different Beverly Hills brides as they plan their Californian wedding. It follows them throughout the whole journey from when they pick out their dress, pick a venue, pick out the food they would like to eat, and so forth. The show also includes the actual weddings themselves, who comes, and the reception. The show does not contain any bad content so it is okay for a younger audience to watch.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
October 28, 2011
Reality, Romance, Family
Cast: Renée Strauss, Sharae Nikai, Jessica Cameron
Brides of Beverly Hills

Brides of Beverly Hills Full Episode Guide

  • Plastic surgeon Robert Rey searches for a dress with his wife, Hayley, for their vow-renewal ceremony; a woman shops with her mother; a bride quesstions how much help she'll get from her bridesmaids.

  • A finicky bride loves every dress she tries on; a bride has a lip procedure and makes a final decision on a gown.

  • A Hollywood body double helps her friend search for a wedding gown; a chef shops for a dress accompanied by her divorced parents.

  • A bride is accompanied by her wealthy, older fiancé to find the right gown; a bride shops with her future husband's ex-girlfriend.

  • A celebrity look-alike searches for her dream dress; a widowed bride is getting married again, and brings her deceased husband's family with her.

  • A tattooed model is searching for a traditional wedding gown with her punk-rock fiancé; a bride disagrees with her Southern mother; a familiar bride returns to the salon with an odd request.

  • It's an "American Idol" Reunion when Season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo shops for a gown for her marriage to fellow "Idol" Ace Young; a bride wants to satisfy her mother and future mother-in-law.

  • A limousine-company owner is accompanied by his bodyguard, with hopes of finding his bride-to-be an elaborate gown; a former "Baywatch" star searches for a dress for a vow-renewal ceremony.

  • A woman is accompanied by her ex-husband and her fourth husband to help her look for a dress for a vow-renewal ceremony; a family tries to keep the peace while helping a bride find her dream gown.

  • A Marilyn Monroe impersonator searches for Old Hollywood glamour, while a devoutly religious bride searches for a "Christian sexy" dress. Also: a big surprise at a bride's final appointment.

  • Former reality-TV star Rachel Reilly accompanies her sister on her quest to find the perfect dress; Renee assists a woman and her mother, who both got engaged at the same time.

  • A reality-TV star stops by to surprise Renee; a psychic searches for the perfect dress; a bride hopes to reconcile with her sister while shopping for a gown.

  • A socialite searches for a dress suitable for riding a camel into her wedding; a bride is anxious about her mother's approval of her dress.

  • Yvonne Pampellonne, a woman convicted in 2010 of using a fake identity to buy breast implants, is ready to start a new life with her fiancé. Also: A woman searches for a princess dress while her mother struggles with the reality that her little girl is growing up.

  • The second season opens with Linda Hogan, aka Hulk Hogan's ex-wife, searching for a dress-even though her engagement to Charlie Hill has been called off. Also: A woman is looking for a princess dress to match her fairy-tale proposal.

  • A Penthouse model searches for a wedding dress.

  • An NFL cheerleader shops for a wedding dress with her mom, a police officer.

  • An Army bride who lives thousands of miles away from her fiancé searches for a wedding dress. Also, a wannabe reality star.

  • A bride who loves Old Hollywood glamour gets a surprise consultation from her favorite wedding-dress designer, Amy Michelson.

  • A bride on her third marriage and a bride who has lost a third of her weight-- both come in to Renee's store to shop for their happy ending.

  • An older bride with well connected friends is determined to find her perfect princess dress while a second bride comes into Renee's store having already purchased a dress for $98 dollars.

  • Two stories of brides who have dealt with personal tragedy, but have overcome their trials and are looking towards the future and their weddings.

  • The staff helps 1950s screen beauty Mamie Van Doren find the dress of her dreams.

  • A former reality-TV star and an Emmy-winning producer shop for wedding dresses.

  • A "B" horror movie actress and her entourage are looking for some fun, and a brother helps his younger sister find her dream wedding gown.

  • A former beauty queen and an interior designer are accompanied by their moms to get their opinions on their wedding dress but end up with very different results.

  • An adult-film star searches for a dress for her vow-renewal ceremony; a bride-to-be clashes with her sister while shopping for a wedding dress.

  • A very materialistic bride searches for a wedding gown.

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