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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

Brothers on the Run is an adventure travel series on Red Bull TV, featuring the world's most adventurous brothers, Chris and Casey Keister. This show follows their extraordinary journey around the world, in search of the most unique experiences and breathtaking destinations.

The series features the Keister brothers embarking on epic adventures, exploring remote regions, and taking on daring challenges in their quest for adventure. From driving rugged terrain through the Western United States to longboarding down volcanoes in Central America, the brothers are always on the move and ready for a new thrill.

The show takes viewers on a journey through some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on the planet. The brothers visit national parks, jungles, mountains, and oceans, seeking out new cultures and experiences to share with their audience. They also interact with the locals of the different countries they visit, learning about each culture's unique traditions, food, and lifestyle.

One of the great things about Brothers on the Run is the filming style, which is raw, in-the-moment, and unscripted. There are no re-takes and no special effects – just raw adventure captured on camera. This style of filming transports viewers from the comfort of their couches to the thrill of the moment, experiencing everything that the brothers are experiencing as they explore different landscapes, conquer challenges, and immerse themselves in new cultures.

Throughout the series, Chris and Casey's bond as brothers is evident as they work together to overcome challenges such as navigating rough terrain, surviving in new environments, and facing their fears. The show highlights the value of family and how the bond of brotherhood can drive us to push our limits and experience the world in new and exciting ways.

Brothers on the Run is more than just an adventure travel series; it is an inspiring show that encourages viewers to live their lives to the fullest and embrace the unknown. Each episode showcases the brothers' passion for life and their determination to explore the world on their terms. Through the series, viewers can draw inspiration and motivation to take risks and pursue their passions, no matter how unconventional they may seem.

In conclusion, Brothers on the Run is a must-watch show for anyone seeking adventure, inspiring stories, and breathtaking scenery. Chris and Casey Keister bring a unique perspective to travel and show that when you take risks, follow your passions and trust in your family, anything is possible.

Brothers on the Run
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The End of the Road
16. The End of the Road
July 9, 2014
The time has come. After John Jackson receives the dreadful news that his knee will require arthroscopic surgery, the brothers are forced to wrap up their 15,000-mile adventure on the longest navigable road in the world. The boys reflect on their life-changing trip, and recall their greatest memories, setbacks, and experiences that made this journey so unforgettable.
Surfing & Hospital Beds
15. Surfing & Hospital Beds
July 2, 2014
While John and Eric seek treatment for their knee injuries, we catch up with Ian Walsh as he chases a swell from Chile to Mexico. We also meet professional skateboarder and Chile native, Spiro Razis, whose plans to show the Jackson brothers the Santiago skate scene fell through when the two got injured.
Flowboarding & Snowboarding
14. Flowboarding & Snowboarding
June 25, 2014
The boys hit up the local wave pool to try flowboarding, then head back to the snow where John and Eric experience some painful setbacks.
Giving Back & Heli Sessions
13. Giving Back & Heli Sessions
June 18, 2014
The Jackson brothers head to one of the local orphanages to give back to the community and spread the word about their foundation, Brothers for Hope. Then the brothers catch a flight to Chile for their heli session.
BMXing in Nicaragua
12. BMXing in Nicaragua
June 11, 2014
John and Eric pass through Honduras and into Nicaragua where they meet up with Travis Rice for a good old lizard hunting competition. After, Corey Bohan meets up with the crew for a skate/surf/BMX session on the beaches of Nicaragua.
Jam Sessions & Border Crossings
11. Jam Sessions & Border Crossings
June 4, 2014
The boys finally leave Mexico and make their way into Central America, passing through Guatemala and into El Salvador. After a jam session at the border crossing, the boys continue their journey South.
Surfing with Coco Nogales
10. Surfing with Coco Nogales
May 28, 2014
After stopping in Puerto Escondido to hang with Coco Nogales, they decide to hit the road and continue their journey down south. Along the way, they encounter some setbacks when their truck breaks down.
Barreled in Mexico
9. Barreled in Mexico
May 21, 2014
John and Eric are still in Mexico, enjoying the good times and perfect weather. After meeting up with professional surfer Bruce Irons, the brothers paddle out into some double overhead surf at Pascuales.
Scoring Perfect Waves in Baja
8. Scoring Perfect Waves in Baja
May 14, 2014
The Jackson brothers get some downhill longboarding in, and manage to get the van stuck in a parking garage, all before scoring some Baja swell. Then they give back to some of the locals by providing shoes and food in an underprivileged area of town before their new friend Panchito bids farewell.
Crowley Time
7. Crowley Time
May 7, 2014
The boys get a little rest and relaxation in their hometown of Crowley, California which includes wakeskating and cliff jumping. It's then off to Mexico but not before picking up their long awaited Jewelry piece benefiting a Nicaraguan Orphanage.
Craig Kelly & Dante's Peak
6. Craig Kelly & Dante's Peak
April 30, 2014
John and Eric continue on their journey down south following snowboarder Craig Kelly's historic trail. Then the boys strap their boards to their back and hike up Dante's Peak for a great descent.
Glacier Party
5. Glacier Party
April 23, 2014
After some fresh snowfall, the boys hit one of the best kickers of the season, putting the perfect end to their last snowboarding session in the state of Alaska.
Mountaineering in Alaska
4. Mountaineering in Alaska
April 16, 2014
It's springtime in Alaska, and John and Eric are eager to get some fresh powder riding in before snow season is over. They rally up the troops and head out on a 4-day mountaineering trip.
Surfing in Alaska
3. Surfing in Alaska
April 9, 2014
John and Eric Jackson hit the end of the road in Alaska as they catch some icy waves with fellow pro snowboarder Travis Rice and big wave surfer Ian Walsh.
Alaskan Snowboard Wonderland
2. Alaskan Snowboard Wonderland
April 2, 2014
Ian Walsh joins the epic crew of Travis Rice, John Jackson, and Eric Jackson in Alaska where the weather gods were on their side. Blue bird skies and fresh pillows of powder produced some banger lines for an epic snowboard session.
Adventure across the Americas
1. Adventure across the Americas
John and Eric Jackson begin their adventure down the longest navigable road in the world - a road trip from Alaska to the southern most point of Chile. The boys start their journey with a bang - a day of heli-boarding with Travis Rice and Ian Walsh.