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  • 2012
  • 3 Seasons

Bullets and Broadheads is an exciting TV show that has been entertaining outdoor enthusiasts since its premiere on the Sportsman Channel. Hosted by Jeff Thomason and Dusty Phillips, the show celebrates hunting and the great outdoors. The show is a unique combination of bow hunting and firearm hunting, featuring two dedicated hunters who share a passion for outdoor adventure.

The show's premise is simple - the hosts travel across North America in search of the biggest and the best game. Each episode is packed with action, drama, and excitement as Jeff and Dusty hunt different species of game, including elk, whitetail deer, black bear, caribou, and more. Viewers are taken along on the hunt and get to see some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in North America.

The show is not your typical hunting show. It is modern and fresh, with incredible storytelling and production quality that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. The two hosts, Jeff and Dusty, are top-notch hunters and know how to get the job done. Jeff is a former NFL football player turned hunting enthusiast, and Dusty is one of the most experienced and respected hunters in North America. Their combined skills make for a dynamic and thrilling watch.

One of the things that sets Bullets and Broadheads apart is its diversity. The show is not just about one type of hunting, and it is not just for one type of hunter. The hosts hunt with both bows and rifles, which appeals to a wider audience. Additionally, the show caters to both seasoned hunters and beginners. Jeff and Dusty offer useful tips, tricks, and advice throughout the show, which is helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about hunting, especially those who are just starting.

Another aspect of Bullets and Broadheads that makes it so great is its respect for wildlife and the environment. The hosts are careful to only hunt what they need, and they always follow the laws and regulations set in place. Additionally, they have a deep appreciation for nature and often take the time to showcase the beauty of the animals they hunt, as well as the landscape they're in.

What sets the show apart from other outdoor shows is the authenticity of the content. The hosts don't shy away from showing the reality of hunting - from the early morning starts to the long and tiring treks through often tricky terrain. Viewers see the full journey, not just the end results. The show is true to the sport and is unapologetically gritty at times.

Overall, Bullets and Broadheads is an incredible show that any hunting enthusiast will love. With stunning visuals, engaging hosts, and exciting content, it is a must-watch for anyone who loves the outdoors. It is a show that both celebrates and respects the natural world and showcases the passion and skill that goes into hunting.

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Rain, Sleet & Persistence
6. Rain, Sleet & Persistence
February 9, 2014
Sonia fights the odds and weather in Central Texas.
Bitter Cold Big Bulls
5. Bitter Cold Big Bulls
February 2, 2014
Michael draws out for an Elk Tag finally.
Inner City To The Outdoors
4. Inner City To The Outdoors
January 26, 2014
They join Danny Yarbrough and Arlington Police to show the sport of hunting to some inner city kids.
3. HAVA Hunt
January 19, 2014
Michael, Sonia and family join HAVA in San Antonio.
Big Buck Luck
2. Big Buck Luck
January 12, 2014
BNB hunts with Pam Nymuth.
Big Bucks And Boars
1. Big Bucks And Boars
January 5, 2014
In South Central Texas, Michael chases bucks.
  • Premiere Date
    March 29, 2012