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In the animated adventure series Butterbeans Cafe, a fairy and her magical friends run a cafe. They sell healthy snacks. Of course there's also an evil competitor who wants to run our heroes out of business. Margaret Ying Drake, Koda Gursoy, and Nahanni Mitchell star.

6 Seasons, 54 Episodes
October 14, 2018
Kids & Family
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Butterbeans Cafe Full Episode Guide

  • Ms. Marmalady uses a "no sharing" bean on Butterbean's giant ice cream sundae! Can Butterbean get Puddlebrook to share again? Cricket is thrilled to be cafe photographer for the day, but there's more to the job than she thought!

  • A rooster causes a cock-a-doodle disaster in the cafe! Cricket and Jasper have to catch him before Butterbean returns. Poppy promises her customers she'll make a cookie she's never heard of. Will she figure out the recipe in time?

  • Cricket wants to make her teacher perfect pancakes, but she learns that they don't have to be perfect to be delicious! Jasper keeps playing a video game instead of doing his work! Will he be able to make his important delivery in time?

  • Dazzle makes a popping donut as an April Fools' joke, but it's accidentally delivered to the school principal! How will she get it back? Dazzle thinks everyone has forgotten her birthday. Will her friends prove her wrong?

  • When Cricket eats the cherries for the Bean Team's pie, she "magics" some more and creates a cherry-tastrophe! Ms. Marmalady messes with the Bean Team's Movie Night! Will there be a happy ending?

  • Cricket loves playing with her new friend Cutie Pie, a pizza delivery truck that magically comes alive. Until Ms. Marmalady buys Cutie Pie and threatens to send her to the junkyard! Can Cricket find a way to save her friend?

  • Cricket and Poppy's cousin Rebel take Butterbean's whisk without asking! Will Cricket do the right thing and return it? Ms. Marmalady tries to copy the Bean Team's recipes! But no one does it like Butterbean's!

  • Dazzle's determined to make two grumpy customers become friends. But her "recipe for friendship" doesn't go as planned. Cricket breaks her team's chocolate soccer player statue and Spork and Spatch get blamed! Will Cricket tell the truth?

  • Dazzle thinks her new robot will make everyone's jobs easy-peasy, but instead it creates kitchen chaos! Disguised as Clara Cleanspot, Ms. Marmalady closes Butterbean's CafĂ©! The team must stop her or they'll lose their customers!

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