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One of the most watched shows on Fuel TV has to be Camp Woodward. This show is an in-depth look into the lives of students that attend camp at Camp Woodward. Focusing on not only regular school studies, these students get to partake in extreme sporting event training as well. Whether it be snowboarding, or skateboarding, the environment at this place leaves lots of excitement in the hearts of viewers.

Not only are their death defying stunts of fitness expertise, but the back stories on the students as well. Not only are these students expected to excel among their peers in the area of sports to which they are devoted to, but they are expected to deal with the competitiveness and regular social problems that arise in school as well. Camp Woodward shows viewers that even the gifted are just like them. Their problems are shared among all the viewers as well, even though most are not extreme sporting enthusiasts in real life.

Originally formed in 1970, Camp Woodward has become world renowned as the leading camping experience for newcomers to find their own style and technique in the sport of their choosing. To see what the day in the life of a camper would be is the main idea of the show, and it is carried out quite accurately. For those that love extreme sports, have knowledge about

Camp Woodward itself, or just enjoy dramatic situations that arise while competing to be the best, this show is for you. It is especially geared towards those who have a love for gymnastics, snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX skateboarding, inline skating and more types of extreme sports. No fan of these will be disappointed by fluff in the story line either. There is enough excitement to go around for sure. Even if you are not quite the dedicated fan of extreme sports as your friends may be, they are enough cookies to get you hooked anyways. With a gorgeous cast and well-written dialog, there are so many aspects to fall in love with. Camp Woodward lives up to the reputation as the show as it does in real life as one of the most successful camps in the world.

Fuel TV
5 Seasons, 38 Episodes
February 15, 2008
Cast: Damonte Tillman, Jack Zeuner, Brighton Zeuner, Zepp Heyes
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Camp Woodward Full Episode Guide

  • Camp wraps and the guys get a surprise they'll never forget.

  • Jacob heads off to compete in the Dew Tour and camp holds the big Pizza Jam.

  • Johnny gets a special surprise visitor to camp.

  • Frankie tries to avoid getting in trouble.

  • The guys premiere their big skate video parts.

  • Big pro skaters make a special appearance.

  • The first days of camp aren't always easy.

  • Everybody sets off for their two weeks at camp.

  • The teams struggle to make last-minute adjustments to their videos. The entire camp gathers to vote on the two projects. Todd's video proves to be a straightforwardmontage. Zane's video takes a more artistic approach. In the end, only one of them will win the competition, and score the grand prize trip to Beijing, China.

  • Simmering team tensions come to a head during a combative paintball match. Jovon makes a misstep with bending the rules, while the teams battle it out for dominance. Jovon's actions finally catch up to him, and the camp director is faced with a difficult decision about his future.

  • Both teams continue to work on their videos. Alex and Zion lead the black team to a victory during the Wake Skate challenge. Team Black gains further momentum when Chad leaves and Sean starts to annoy his new teammates. Zane has a breakthrough moment on his video. During the bull-ride challenge the Black team continues their winning streak and further angers team Yellow. Sean proves to be a negative force, while Jovon impacts his team's momentum for the second time.

  • Todd films his teammates repeating the tricks that were lost and struggles to keep his mistake a secret. Zane utilizes the camp's video gear to capture some amazing footage. Laroy again proves his worth after he substitutes in for the Black team during the Gladiator Challenge. Yellow team barely pulls off a win, and is shocked to learn that one of their strongest members will soon be leaving. Chad chooses Laroy as a replacement, and camp owner Gary gives Black team the option of trading a team member - which upsets the opposing Yellow group. Both teams have a great session on the mini-mega during a bonus challenge, but Chad later injures his shoulder and risks blowing his shot at Dew Tour.

  • Video camp director Dave Metty visits the teams and explains that there will be an ongoing video challenge at camp this year. The challenge will end in a lavish premiere on the last night of camp. Todd gets right to work filming, while Zane takes a mellow approach. During the next challenge the Black team pulls out a much-needed win. Ray shows poor sportsmanship by going overboard with energy drinks, but during the next challenge, he rebounds and helps usher his team to victory in Dodgeball. Todd continues to make headway on his video while Zane decides that he'd rather spend the time skating.

  • Lucky is kicked out of camp for smoking in the cabin. The cast members see him off with a group-unity session. Season 4 cast member Chad arrives just in time to replace Lucky's spot on the yellow team. For their second challenge, the two teams square off at the Snake Run. After Alex loses the final showdown we see that his skating ability is way ahead of his maturity level. Jovon tries to rally his team by silk-screening some team uniforms complete with the black team logo.

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