Bubba's World

Bubba's World is a combination documentary and reality series focusing on the top motocross racer in the world. He is a young twenty-three year old African American who won all the races for 2009. He started racing when he was four years' old he has won many competitions. In 2002 he went pro and has become a role model for many African Americans since he is dominating a traditionally white sport.

His accomplishments have not been without mishaps. In 2003 he had a serious crash where he broke his collarbone. This highly competitive driver provides long lasting entertainment for the viewers who enjoy this kind of sport. The reality show began broadcasting in 2010 and ran for ten episodes.

This colorful character has an entertaining sense of humor. Home-schooled by his family the entire family teamed up to create a successful company that revolves around the competitive world that this young man lives in. He is keen on reclaiming some of his lost youth since he has been competing for most of his life.

Now that he has made his family wealthy he wants his home life to change. Some changes are not welcome such as his run in with the police. Playing pranks on the police is something that this sports champion has learned does not pay off.

The sport is fast paced and contains a variety of obstacles. It is highly entertaining to watch and many youngsters have signed up for his training camp. The lessons that he learned from the intense training he received from his family is passed on to the students who are motivated to succeed. Just watching the youngsters going through their training provides valuable lessons and entertainment for the viewers.

The students are trained to ride without seats so that they can increase the strength in their legs. This is a strategy to help the novice riders learn the importance of their legs when riding moto-cross. There is nothing better than learning from a champion and the viewership can witness this for themselves on the mini-series.

Sundays at 10:00 PM on Fuel TV
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
March 28, 2010
Cast: Barrett Perlman
Bubba's World

Bubba's World Full Episode Guide

  • James finally returns to the Outdoor National races at Unadilla in New Berlin, NY.

  • James Stewart and entourage head to New York where James races in the first Outdoor National race in 2010. The James Stewart racing camp is in full-swing.

  • James Stewart and crew begin testing of the motorcycle to prepare for the next Outdoor Race. James has a catalog shoot with his little brother Malcolm Stewart.

  • James Stewart resume training in the California Compound.

  • James is able to get back on his bike. The power goes out and James hast to spend time with the family.

  • Having finally received a release from the doctor, James flies home to Florida and goes directly to the Compound track. With Aldon, Pagg, and Sorby monitoring and watching, James begins getting used to the bike, after being off for nearly six months. He's missed the entire 2010 Supercross season, and is now staring at the 2010 Outdoor Nationals season... but with it half over. So getting back on the bike and doing it quickly is crucial. Meanwhile, little brother Malcolm has had enough of Big James' hard-school training and has moved out of The Compound and into James' new house. But if Malcolm is to stay, he's gonna have to live by James' rules, which include some schooling in how to be a pro.

  • The Outdoor Nationals Race season is nearly half over and everyone wants to know when James Stewart can race again. James is staying busy in California making guest appearances at Oakley, Dr. Drew's radio show and flying in helicopters. Todd Potter and female wakeboarder Barrett Perlman are also in this episode.

  • With James still unable to ride and waiting for an official release from his doctors, his sponsors need him more than ever to be visible and in the public eye. So James jets out to California, bringing brother Malcolm and friend Eric Sorby with him, to knock out a photoshoot for Oakley and a big, national commercial for Nike. Sorby has taken it upon himself to become Malcolm's manager, and helps set him up with DC Shoes. But Big-James continues to ride Malcolm hard, trying to make the younger Stewart brother a dedicated pro. Meanwhile, James is given a "mini-release" just for the Nike commercial so that he can ride the bike short distances for camera.

  • With the entire family now out in California with focus on little brother Macolm Stewart, James Stewart finds himself alone back home in Florida. So he heads up north to Tallahassee to begin bootcamp with his South African trainer, Aldon Baker. It's a grueling week of biking, swimming, running stairs, cardio, and drinking ugly, green shakes. But James wants to prepare and be ready to race when his wrist is fully healed. Meanwhile, Malcolm is getting an earful from Big James in California, pushing him hard to be a better rider if he wants to go pro like his older brother. But maybe Malcolm just doesn't have the drive and determination James has. While up in Tallahassee, Aldon takes James to his own doctors to get some more X-rays and CT Scans to monitor his progress. The doctors do a thorough analysis of his wrist situation. Is James healing? When will he be able to race again?

  • James 'Bubba' Stewart is refreshed after a long summer break. All is good, until the second race of the 2010 Supercross season occurs in Phoenix and James crashes. Suddenly its doctors, flights, discussions…

  • James "Bubba" Stewart is now refreshed after a long summer break and comes back strong winning the first race of the 2010 Supercross season in Anaheim. Clearly James is still number one, and maybe taking the summer off to discover himself wasn't such a bad idea. With racing in their blood, the Stewart family couldn't be happier, and immediately return to the compound with business as usual. All is good, until the second race of the 2010 Supercross season occurs in Phoenix and James crashes. Suddenly its doctors, flights, discussions...

  • James Stewart is inspired by his recent interactions with FMX's Todd Potter and is now itching to learn backflips. Learning this new move must be done in secret. Stewart solicits the help of his California-living freestyle friends.

  • In an effort of redemption, Eric Sorby, takes on the task of finding James Stewart an assistant. With Stewart out of town Eric capitalizes on the opportunity to interview candidates for the position…

  • James finally gets the house of his dreams, but when the roommate situation doesn't work out, he kicks out sidekick Eric Sorby and decides to have a party without him.

  • With the help of his new BFF, Eric Sorby, Bubba visits with his accountant, hires a realtor and goes searching for the perfect home.

  • James Stewart, Eric Sorby, and Todd Potter continue their road-trip in Orlando and attempt to set their personality differences aside; allowing James to recapture moments he missed out on during childhood.

  • James is sidelined by the doctor for an injured shoulder so he heads home. But rest and relaxation take a backseat when loudmouth FMX start Todd Potter steals James away for a trip filled with booze, parties, and girls.

  • After a dare from Todd Potter and the freestyle community, James decides to enter the X-Games in California. He does amazingly well in events he's never even tried before... until he gets hurt.

  • James escapes The Compound and heads to California to party with the FMX boys and do some product endorsements. But meeting a fine young lady is certainly the highlight of the trip.

  • Free of responsibilities, James tries to relax. But a run-in with the law by way of his Ferrari and a fart-prank by way of his brother, interrupt.

  • James "Bubba" Stewart, the numner one motocross racer in the world, pulling in over $10 million a year, tells his parents that he's taking the summer off from racing -- for the first time ever.