The Captain and Casey Show

There are so many sports shows out there that it can be hard to decide which one is the best to watch. The Captain and Casey Show is a fun spin on the normal sports show that will not only give you sports information, but a fun way to look at it.

6 Seasons, 71 Episodes
July 28, 2004
Cast: Jeff Carlson
The Captain and Casey Show

The Captain and Casey Show Full Episode Guide

  • The Captain and Casey Show's 'Horrible Horror' episode features special guests Heath Kirchart, Jeremy Klein, and Omar Salazar. There's a maniac Captain on the loose and no one gets out alive...

  • The Captain and Casey Show attempts to solve the riddle of the financial crisis with help from special guest Javier Nunez. Javier rolls through on his expensive toy and teaches the boys how to diversify their stupidity.

  • The Captain and Casey Show blasts off to the far corners of the universe with co-pilot Kevin Long as they bring you footage from Chile, Miami, and the Photon Lightboards Headquarters. This episode is more fun than a fart in a space suit.

  • Captain and Casey break bread with skateboard legends Guy Mariano, Gabriel Rodriguez, Rudy Johnson, and Paulo Diaz. C&C Travel Log goes to a Girl Demo in Sacramento, Papa Jacks Skatepark, and we witness the skate wizardry of Joe Herbert.

  • The Captain and Casey try their hand at photography with a little help from Mike Blabac. Super model Courtney poses as we watch Kelly Hart skate around his neighborhood, a Vans trip to Montana, and the United "Secret" Skatepark.

  • It's The Captain and Casey Show Holiday Extravaganza! We don't have time to celebrate every holiday individually, so we did them all at once. Special guest Jason Dill slides down the chimney to hide some Easter Eggs and check out the New jersey Skate Park with Chris Nieratko, as well take a trip to the Griswald Family Jam and much more.

  • The Captain and Casey Show get oh-so sophisticated in this classy episode. Sir Damian Bravo showcases his footage and samples some bubbly as we view the fanciful exploits of Captain and Casey at the Battle of the Berg contest. Cheerio.

  • Captain and Casey try their hand at reporting in this action-packed news episode. Anchorman Matt Beach reports on the Back to the Banks contest, the Ezekiel team's northwest trip, and some classic Joey Brezinski footage.

  • Massimo Cavedoni and Justin Brock stop by, but get sidetracked by the secretary when The Captain and Casey Show breaks into the corporate world and open their own office space.

  • In this Gilliganesque episode, Captain has some fun in a boat with Ginger and Marianne while Casey interviews the inventor of "The Squirm Board" live via satellite, while stranded on a deserted Island.

  • Captain and Casey open a deli with one of the hottest butchers in town and Brandon Biebel stops in for a sandwich and shows the kids at home some of his Lakai footage.

  • The Captain and Casey do-it-yourself episode shows the kids at home that skateboarding and power tools go together like peanut butter and jelly. Special guests, Zerred Basset and Brandon Westgate, stop by and drop a hammer on Captain's toe.

  • The Captain and Casey Show cooks up a feast of skateboarding goodies on this culinary episode. We show the kids at home P-Rods private training facility, Dan Nepscha, and Manny Mania in NYC as well as special guest Eli Reed.

  • Guests Rob Welsh, Joey Pepper, Channy Jeanguenin, and Richard Angeliedes, Couch winner Clair Chang, and Banging in Little Rock.

  • Guest Professor Paul Schmitt, Magnus Hanson, Kona skatepark, Adio road trip to Miami, and Captain and Casey use power tools.

  • Guests Boobby Worrest & Tillman the skating dog, the VOX team Down Under, C&C go to Santa Cruz, and Rolling around San Francisco.

  • Guests Justin Strubing & Paul Shire, Deported Europ tour, Malcom Watson, Culver City Skate park, and a Travel Log at Deluxe.

  • Guests Brian Schaffer and the Tampa Party Team, Tampa 2008, Lord of the Lines, day at the beach with Joey Brezinski and the boys.

  • Guests Brian Anderson, Brad Staba, Mike Carroll, and Sam Smyth, Circa team in AZ, and Captain goes to an art show.

  • Guests Dylan Rieder and Stefan Janoski, Ryan Descenzo tears it up, The Vox team in Japan, and Casey visits the Globe rail jam.

  • Guest Alphonso Rawls, Blind and Ezekiel Hawaiian vacation, The Vox team in the Pacific Northwest, and C&C shred The Derby.

  • Guest Todd Swank, street skating with Sierra Fellers and friends, summer in Vancouver, and Captain & visit the S-one pad factory.

  • Guests Jason Wussler & Jabari Pendelton, Karma Toscheff lays down a film print, and Captain & Casey visit Third and Army in SF.

  • Guest Paul Rodriguez, Robert Lim runs for VP, The Wash ledge, and Casey's trip to Blingfest.

  • Guests Omar Hassan & Adam Alfaro, skating with Nate Lacoste, Mike Petersons pooljam, and a look at the Washington St. project.

  • Guest Brian Wenning, skating Vancouver with Keegan Sauder & Rick McCrank, San Pedro skate park, and Captain & Casey visit Vans.

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