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  • 2016
  • 1 Season

It is the year 2148 - the METALWARS have ended - machines battled man, and the machines won. Out of the ashes of defeat came JONATHAN POWER, humanity's last hope of defeating the BIO-DREAD warriors led by the evil LORD DREAD. Originally aired in 1987-1988 on Canadian and American syndicated television.

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Retribution Part 2
22. Retribution Part 2
March 27, 1988
Emboldened with the information given by Soaron, Lord Dread sends Blastarr and a squad of soldiers to ambush the male members of the team as they exit the gate on a Christmas Day patrol, and slip through to the Power Base.
Retribution Part 1
21. Retribution Part 1
March 20, 1988
Three weeks after the Power Team's disruption of Project New Order, Lord Dread launches a worldwide crackdown against all of humanity. The Soldiers of the Future combat Dread's troops at every possible hotspot and try to save as many people as they can.
New Order: Part Two- The Land Shall Burn
20. New Order: Part Two- The Land Shall Burn
March 13, 1988
Despite Soaron's best efforts to stop it, the Icarus satellite crashes into the main structure in Volcania causing extensive damage to the base, but deflector shields minimize the damage to the Prometheus facilities.
New Order: Part One- The Sky Shall Swallow Them
19. New Order: Part One- The Sky Shall Swallow Them
March 6, 1988
Realizing that Lord Dread has completed the Icarus and Prometheus phases of Project New Order, the Power Team assaults the Icarus command station in Volcania and reprogram the satellite to crash on the place in the hope of destroying both programs.
Freedom One
18. Freedom One
September 12, 2016
The East Coast Resistance organizes a meeting of top rebel leaders with the Power Team's help. A traitor puts everything in jeopardy.
The Eden Road
17. The Eden Road
September 19, 2016
The Power Team head to Darktown to meet a courier from Eden II, a secret human refuge often derided as a myth. Power tries to coerce more information from the courier, who gives them an orange apparently grown at Eden II as proof of its existence.
A Summoning of Thunder Part 2
16. A Summoning of Thunder Part 2
September 11, 2016
Lord Dread's race to find Power triggers his own memories of the Metal Wars and how he and Power's father parted ways. The origins of Soaron are also revealed.
A Summoning of Thunder Part 1
15. A Summoning of Thunder Part 1
September 10, 2016
Captain Power visits his father's grave, where he remembers the origins of the Metal Wars and his father's role in it. Lord Dread, who was once a close friend of Power's father, goes out to find the younger Power.
14. Judgement
September 19, 2016
Pilot and Power successfully fight off Soaron, but Power's injuries prompt Pilot to leave him behind and seek medical help. A visit to a nearby town goes awry, as its residents recognize Pilot and put her on trial for previous atrocities she committed.
And Madness Shall Reign
13. And Madness Shall Reign
August 29, 2016
Tank goes berserk after he drinks water laced with a psychotic drug. Hawk is assigned to calm him down while the others trace the source of the drug.
Gemini and Counting
12. Gemini and Counting
January 10, 1988
Pilot uses her past in the BioDread Youth to infiltrate one of the BioDread Empire's medical laboratories to steal a vaccine. The mission is put at risk as she encounters another BioDread Youth who attacks her.
Flame Street
11. Flame Street
August 29, 2016
Captain Power plugs into the "web" to learn more information about Project New Order. However, Lord Dread is aware of his online presence and tries to stop him.
10. Wardogs
September 8, 2016
Hawk tracks a mysterious band of humans and discovers their leader has a link to his past. Meanwhile, Scout and Tank investigate Project New Order, unaware that Dread is manipulating events.
The Intruder
9. The Intruder
August 29, 2016
A former Earth Forces soldier infiltrates the Power Base to present himself as an additional candidate for the Power Team. However, his brazenness and the risk of compromising the base angers the group.
And Study War No More
8. And Study War No More
August 29, 2016
The Power Team traces strange transmissions to a place called Haven, where non-violence is a way of life. A closer look reveals that the citizens were coerced to work in another Project New Order element codenamed Styx.
The Ferryman
7. The Ferryman
August 29, 2016
Captain Power obtains information about Charon, one element of Lord Dread's Project New Order, designed to produce a new fleet of Bio Dreads.
The Mirror in Darkness
6. The Mirror in Darkness
October 25, 1987
A Captain Power impostor (Canadian-born actor David James Elliott) is on the prowl, searching for human survivors for Soaron to digitize. It is up to the real Captain Power to shut him down and regain the humans' trust.
A Fire in the Dark
5. A Fire in the Dark
October 18, 1987
Lord Dread commissions a blind artist prodigy to create portraits of his ideal world. Power tries to make her understand Lord Dread's deception, especially after Lord Dread threatens to kill her friends.
4. Pariah
October 11, 1987
Hawk rescues a boy pursued by Dread's forces. The team is determined to discover more about the boy's origins, especially when the places he just left become contaminated by a mysterious illness.
Final Stand
3. Final Stand
August 29, 2016
Tank meets another man from the Babylon 5 genetic engineering facility and must confront him when civilian hostages are taken.
The Abyss
2. The Abyss
September 27, 1987
The team encounters an old general who has been broken by Lord Dread's offensives.
1. Shattered
August 29, 2016
Power is lured to a devastated San Francisco ("San-Fran"), where he meets an enigmatic woman from his past.
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    August 29, 2016