Skeleton Warriors

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An outbreak of bone-jarring battle ends a reign of peace and plunges the planet into war! The all powerful Lightstar Crystal, has been broken into two by the treacherous Baron Dark. "Rewarded" for his evil deed with a ghastly new form-that of a living skeleton - Dark has the power to turn others of evil heart into Skeleton Warriors! All 13 episodes of the CBS Saturday morning animated series.

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1 Season, 12 Episodes
August 31, 2016

Skeleton Warriors Full Episode Guide

  • In preparation for the final battle, the heroic Legion of Light searches for the missing half of the Lightstar Crystal. Meanwhile, Ursak, Talyn and Prince Lightstar plan to free Dark's prisoners.

  • Before the final battle, Prince Lightstar returns to the moments of his childhood when his father was a king. When the Prince returns, he discovers that Baron Dark is planning to capture his father and crown himself King.

  • The battle rages between the Legion of Light and the Skeleton Warriors. Talyn is hit and knocked out of the sky, falling into a cave below. At the same time Baron Dark is beginning to charge his half of the Lightstar Crystal.

  • Grimskull and Guardian plan to destroy Baron Dark's new battleship, The Gorgon. Talyn and Prince Lightstar go to the Semigon kingdom to warn them of Baron Dark's imposing threat, but are confronted by Dagger and Shriek and are thrown in prison.

  • A massive dynamite explosion set off by Baron Dark traps the Legion Of Light inside a mountain. As they find their way out, Guardian retells Dr. Janov's Futurescope stories to the Lightstar siblings.

  • As Baron Dark continues to invade villages and enslave humans in his weapons factory, the Legion of Light decides that one of their own has to shut down the factory from inside. Guardian volunteers for the dangerous task and goes undercover.

  • Talyn and Lightstar are worried when Grimskull suffers from constant nightmares about Baron Dark. The nightmare becomes real when he suddenly falls into a coma.

  • A young woman named Zara, who also happens to be an old flame of Justin Lightstar, appeals to the Legion of Light for help when Baron Dark and the Skeleton Warriors invade her village stealing food and medical supplies.

  • For the first time, the humans discover a way to stop a Skeleton Warrior when Talyn discovers that by removing a Grimskull and some Legion of Light commandos investigate what is believed to be the new Crystal Chamber, but instead find a data crystal.

  • For the first time, the humans discover a way to stop a Skeleton Warrior when Talyn discovers that by removing a Warrior's heartstone, that Warrior is instantly refleshed. Ferris leaves the Legion of Light.

  • Someone has betrayed the humans and the Legion of Light is captured by Baron Dark. All fingers point to their brother Grimskull because he has the ability to mentally connect with the evil Baron Dark.

  • Discover a spectacular animated world where good meets evil in a sci-fi collision of high technology and mythic fantasy. When the Lightstar Crystal is split into two, the kingdom of LuminiCity is plunged into darkness and divided into two warring factions.