San Diego Comic-Con 2016

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Comic-Con HQ is live from San Diego Comic-Con International 2016! Alison Haislip, Steve Zaragoza and your favorite Comic-Con HQ personalities will cover the action around town. Get ready to talk comics, film, gaming, costumes, and pop culture!

Comic-Con HQ
4 Seasons, 174 Episodes
July 21, 2016

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Full Episode Guide

  • "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" writer, Katie Cook visits the CCHQ Live stage to talk about Gronk and her new children's "Star Wars" book.

  • Host of DC All Access, Jason Inman joins Steve to talk about this year's con, Wonder Woman's awesomeness and everything DC.

  • Tony Revelori and Jacob Batalon from the cast of "Spiderman: Homecoming" tease the movie and discuss the beginning of filming.

  • Rob and Rich take time out of the their busy correspondent schedule to sit down and talk about their new CCHQ series; "Kings of Con" based on their experiences at "Supernatural" conventions.

  • Echo Kellum from the cast of "Arrow" talks about his con experience and a surprise musical performance during their panel.

  • Isaiah Mustafa from the cast of "Shadowhunters" join Allison and Steve to talk about being a nerd, aspiring to become a super hero and the Mortal Instruments series.

  • The cast and creators of ABC's "Once Upon A Time" talk about playing with beloved characters and building on their stories.

  • Anthony visits the Skybound booth to check out the exclusive items for some of the current popular books including "The Walking Dead", "Saga" and "Outcast."

  • The cast "Prison Break" reunites for a season 5 and fills us in on what has changed in the past seven years.

  • The cast of the television series based on the film of the same name; "Frequency" join Carrie on the balcony.

  • Rob and Rich check in with the mega fans of Comic-Con that spend hours and days waiting to see something special and ask them; Why Are You In Line?

  • Malik talks with the cast of "Arrow" about how they make super heroes work on a smaller screen.

  • One of the biggest events in Hall H; Marvel Cinematic Universe brings out the stars from all the upcoming franchises.

  • Trisha talks to Elvira about her new photo book of 35 years worth of Elvira.

  • Rob and Rich visit the X-Men Apocalypse escape room right on the con floor.

  • Josh Macuga talks with the producers of the new "Star Trek Discovery" about the premise of the new series and if there will be Hannibal?

  • Malik hits the Square Enix booth to experience their upcoming properties.

  • Anthony visits the NECA booth to get a look at this year's exclusives collectibles.

  • Rob and Rich visit Fox's "Son of Zorn" for some hawk riding, rock wall climing and base jumping fun.

  • "Scooby Doo" has some new friends from the WWE helping them on a new mystery.

  • Anthony spends some at the Adult Swim Carnival testing his luck.

  • Trisha heads inside the "Ash vs. Evil Dead" interactive haunted cabin to get the full Evil Dead experience.

  • The biggest reunion at this year's con; the entire cast and crew of Aliens celebrates the 30th anniversary in Hall H and reminisces on the press line.

  • ABC's "Time After Time" brings HG Wells and his time machine to modern day New York City. The cast and creator fill us in on the adventures to come this season.

  • The cast and crew of BBC America's "Dirk Gently" joins Carrie on the CCHQ balcony for some info on the new kind of detective story series.

  • Rob and Rich head inside the interactive History Channel's "Vikings" booth to conquer their fears.

  • The cast and creators of NBC's "The Good Place" talk with Anthony Carboni about their characters and the unusual concept.

  • The cast and creators of "American Gods" join Carrie on the balcony to talk about the fan reaction to their show's trailer and seeing it themselves for the first time.

  • CCHQ wraps up Day 3 of Comic-Con with a look at all the amazing experiences and people.

  • Adam visits the TBS booth to get a look at a VR version of Conan O'Brien and learn about their new alien series, "People of Earth."

  • The creators of Call of Duty Zombies bring fans a new way to experience the story; in the pages of a comic book.

  • Carrie Keagan talks to the cast of NBC's "Powerless" and finds out about what its like to live as a real human in the DC universe.

  • Anthony Carboni visits the Mondo booth to check out this year's exclusives including a Castlevania vinyl.

  • Anthony Carboni talks to the cast of "Archer" and asks them what their favorite quotable lines are from the series.

  • The cast and crew of ABC's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." talk about the announcement of Ghost Rider coming to the show.

  • Rob and Rich visit the Play Nintendo Family Lounge to check out the newest Pokemon game and get the full interactive experience.

  • Trisha visits the Troma booth and meets with Kansas Bowling, who directed her first feature film at 17 years old with the guidance of the legendary Lloyd Kaufman.

  • Adam Sessler gets a look at rare and collectible pieces from Frank Darabont's personal collection for sale at the con.

  • Anthony Carboni talks to the creator of "Bob's Burgers" about the success of the series and checks out all the merchandise in the Toddland booth.

  • "The Bates Motel" cast talks about fan reaction to Norma's death and the last season.

  • Carrie Keagan speaks with the cast of CW's "The 100" about the end of season 3 and how the fans can have an effect on the writers.

  • Adam Sessler interviews the team behind one of Cartoon Network's magical hit show, "Rick and Morty."

  • Artist Anthony Washington talks to Adam about his creation of He-Man and Battle Cat.

  • Jeff Martinez walks Adam through his mixing of genres.

  • Ken Penders talks to Adam about taking his comics digital that include audio tracks.

  • Comic inker Richard Friend takes Adam through the process from pencil to ink.

  • Adam visits the Hasbro booth to check out the new "Transformers" strategy game.

  • SPOILER ALERT! Anthony talks to the president of Archie Comics about the pilot screening of "Riverdale". James Lucas Jones gives the scoop on the "Rick and Morty" spinoff comic.

  • Anthony Carboni checks out the massive 20th anniversary celebration of "South Park" that commemorate 20 iconic moments from the show.

  • Lego Dimensions directors give Adam Sessler the info on the updates with the game including 16 new properties.

  • Carrie gets the scoop on "Luke Cage", the character, the music and the iconic backdrop.

  • Rob and Rich meet the creator of "Garfield" and how he became a household name.

  • Carrie Keagan checks in with the cast and creators of "The Strain" and tries to get some insider info on what is to come in the new season.

  • Trisha meets up with some of the voices and creators behind the new iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Adam Sessler visits the Alex Ross Booth on Artists' Alley and check in with what purchases fans are making.

  • Weta Workshop's makeup artist, Warren Dion Smith creates an Orc in just 30 minutes.

  • The most interactive booth on the con floor, Lego has something for everyone including master builders creating pieces right on the floor.

  • First time Comic-Con attendee and "The Walking Dead" actor, Ross Marquad discusses the panel experience and interacting with the fans.

  • Iconic DC Comics writer/artist/creator Dan Jurgens speaks about working on "Superman" and what story lines really stand out.

  • "It's like WALL-E with less christmas lights."- Allison Haislip

  • The most famous hologram from TV, The Doctor (Robert Picardo) talks about "Star Trek", the panel he is hosting and his love of science.

  • Ed Boon talks with Allison and Steve about character additions to the game.

  • The cast of NBC's "Grimm" talks about handling fairy tales and what is coming up on season 6.

  • The cast and creators of "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" discuss what is happening in the kingdom.

  • The beautiful cast of "The Originals" talks about panels at the con, immortality and Steve's Jigglypuff.

  • The team from Man of Action Studios talks about their Comic-Con announcement of Ben 10 and what inspired them to work in this medium.

  • The writing team behind "Captain America: Civil War" and the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War" Parts 1 and 2 talk about how they became a writing team.

  • The makers of the phenomenon Exploding Kittens game talk about Kickstarter and how the game got its name.

  • Yvette Nicole Brown talks to Allison and Steve about being a fan herself and moderating panels at Comic-Con.

  • The writing and directing team of "The Woods" aka "Blair Witch" sit down with the original creators of the film and talk about the process of bringing Blair Witch back and keeping it a secret for the past 2 years.

  • Josh and Steve are back with more IMDb trivia with with the audience members at CCHQ Live.

  • The cast and creators of "Timeless" talk about their new series and if time travel can or already does exist.

  • CCHQ insiders talk to Steve about their experiences at this year's con and the ultra popular, Pokemon Go.

  • The Man of a million voices, Roger Craigh Smith visits the CCHQ Live stage to talk about voicing everything from video game to cartoons and more.

  • "The Walking Dead" artist Charlie Adlard joins Allison and Steve and talks about some of the other comics you should know that he illustrates including White Death.

  • Brought back from the land of cancellation more than twice, MSTK introduces the cast and talks about why a series about making fun of movies is fun for everyone.

  • The executive producer and mind behind "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" catches CCHQ up on what is to come with "Dirk Gently: Holistic Detective."

  • The cast of "Outcast" including creator Robert Kirkman discuss living in the world of the horror genre and having a series on a network that lets the show be what it needs to.

  • Isaac Hemptead Wright and Liam Cunningham from "Game of Thrones" join Allison and Steve to discuss making the most popular series on television and being fans themselves.

  • The cast of Con Man fills us in on how the show came to be, what is coming up for the show and reveals an exclusive look at season 2.