Electra Elf

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Original superheroes for the new millenium! Taking down corrupt senators, sleazy frat-boys, satanic cults, landlords, zombie-tourists and other miserable malcontents in each heart-stopping episode.

Comic-Con HQ
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
August 26, 2016

Electra Elf Full Episode Guide

  • Electra Elf & Fluffer are transported 500 years into the future along with media mogul Rupert Boner and DJ Amber Alert.

  • As Hummerville's gay marriage debate heats up, sexy gay rights activist Fallopia Bulldagger is kidnapped. Electra Elf & Fluffer spring into action, battling evangelical minister Fred Faggard.

  • Mayor is kidnapped by Eclectus and her henchmen, then Electra Elf is cloned by Pantaloon and can't stop fighting herself, forcing Fluffer to seek the aid of the Vatican superhero Pulsar.

  • Senor Softee kidnaps Tom Carvel with the help of Martha Sewage, then mutilates Cookie Puss in an episode that took four years to complete.

  • This controversial episode deconstructs the superhero genre when Nimbus discusses implantable microchips and the 9-11 Inside Job along with the dangers of watching television.

  • Luciferia's Angels kidnap celebrity judges Michael Jackoff, Keith Richards, Anna Nichole Smith, subjecting them to a mind-numbing device. With guest bands The Every Others, Kilsey, Death of Fashion.

  • Tantalus, a lady wrestler on a flying bat and Brenda face Electra Elf in the squared circle after Fluffer is arrested for trespassing in Gramercy Park.

  • Nimbus, a visiting alien combines forces with Maggot Master to inundate Hummerville with creepy crawlies.

  • Tells the origin of Electra Elf when she accidentally ingests an ELF S. D. tablet in Prof. Mc Nerdz' lab.

  • Hate radio host Rush Lintball becomes Capt. SUV and goes on a rampage.

  • Mayoral candidate Brouder is interrogated by Fluffer and the media, then Nimbus arrives on a flying saucer.

  • Salvador Doily and his gang of crazed art school dropouts steal priceless treasures, kidnap a celebrity then snare Electra Elf with a tank full of piranhas and a rattlesnake.

  • Icky and Bareass Hellbound embark on a coke binge and arson spree while starving their pet Chihuahua Neuter.

  • Super-slumlords the Bickersons enlist Bi Polar Bear to freeze out unwanted tenants and a radioactive radiator shows up.

  • A group of fratboys knocks up college girls with roofies at toga parties until Electra Elf shows up.

  • Pantaloon, a psychoanalytic clown subjects Electra Elf to a deprogramming.

  • Features Big Mike as King Neptune whose undersea kingdom is populated by a harem of fighting mermaids,crab-men and radioactive sea monkeys. His plan: to destroy the world with an ozone depletion ray unless Electra Elf and Fluffer stop him.

  • Maggot Master with his partner Red Snapper and Super Ulcer terrorize Hummerville, creating mass claustrophobia thru the use of Replicant Tourists.

  • Electra Elf faces a plot by Luciferia and her deranged goth minions to inundate the community with a dangerous street drug (Euphoria) in an effort to fund their takeover of the airwaves.