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  • TV-PG
  • 1992
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.0  (369)

Super Sentai Zyuranger is an iconic Japanese television series that first aired in 1992-1993. The show, which was influential in the creation of the American hit Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, follows the adventures of a five-member team of superheroes who are tasked with protecting the world from evil forces.

The show is set in ancient times, when the world was ruled by powerful and mystical creatures. The five heroes, known as the Zyurangers, are the chosen protectors of the Earth. Each of the heroes is given a unique power and strength by the magical artifacts they hold, and they must work together to defend the planet from the forces of evil that seek to destroy it.

The team of heroes is made up of a diverse group of characters, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The leader of the team, known as Geki, is played by Yuuta Mochizuki. Geki is a fearless warrior who is skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and using weapons.

The other members of the team include a brave and resourceful young woman named Mei, played by Reiko Chiba; a strong and loyal warrior named Boi, played by Seiju Umon; a sly and cunning thief named Dan, played by Hideki Fujiwara; and a wise and powerful wizard named Barza, played by Takeshi Ishikawa.

Together, the Zyurangers must battle a variety of evil creatures, including the fearsome villain known as Bandora. Bandora is an ancient witch who, along with her minions, seeks to conquer the world and destroy the Zyurangers.

The show is notable for its action-packed fight scenes, which feature impressive martial arts and choreography. The special effects are also impressive for their time, with the show's creators using a combination of practical effects and computer-generated imagery to bring the world of the Zyurangers to life.

Super Sentai Zyuranger was a groundbreaking show in its time, and its influence can still be felt today in the many superhero and action-adventure shows that have followed in its wake. The show's popularity led to the creation of the American version, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which debuted in 1993 and went on to become a massive hit around the world.

Despite its age, Super Sentai Zyuranger remains a fascinating and exciting watch today, and its legacy continues to inspire new generations of fans. Whether you're a longtime fan of the show or just discovering it for the first time, it's an unforgettable adventure that is sure to entertain and inspire.

Super Sentai Zyuranger is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (153 episodes). The series first aired on February 21, 1992.

Super Sentai Zyuranger
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53. Sealing!!
February 24, 1995
The time for the final confrontation with Daimaou has come at last. But will it be that simple to deal with such a fiend?
Finale!! Father and Daughter
52. Finale!! Father and Daughter
February 17, 1995
As Tsuruhime continues to contemplate whether to kill her own father, the Kakuranger must continue to face the relentless assault of Yama-uba and the powers that continue to allow for the Yokai to assault the Earth.
Hero Elimination
51. Hero Elimination
February 10, 1995
Daimaou releases the soulless Hakumenrou in an ultimate plan of destroying the Kakuranger and humanity, forcing Tsuruhime to make a hard choice that may affect her own destiny.
Special Selection!! The Youkai Inn
50. Special Selection!! The Youkai Inn
February 3, 1995
Lost while looking for several missing children, the Kakuranger stay at a mysterious inn that is controlled by Daimaou's estranged siblings!
Suddenly!! Poor
49. Suddenly!! Poor
January 27, 1995
The Kakuranger must help a family affected by a poverty-inducing Yokai, made worse when they also become affected by it's poverty-making powers!
The Great Yukionna's Snowball Fight
48. The Great Yukionna's Snowball Fight
January 20, 1995
Jiraiya decides to save the overworking officer father of two children after he's abducted by a Yokai in a plan to create the ultimate blizzard.
The 100-Burst Human Fireworks
47. The 100-Burst Human Fireworks
January 13, 1995
Sasuke must save a celebrated fireworks maker when he and his granddaughter are abducted by a Yokai to create special "human fireworks" meant to celebrate Daimaou.
The New Year's Manga Hell
46. The New Year's Manga Hell
January 6, 1995
The Kakuranger become trapped in the manga created by a Yokai to be read by a boy which may cause their doom within the fictional work!
The Confused Santa
45. The Confused Santa
December 23, 1994
The Kakuranger accidentally discover from a trainee Santa Claus a scheme by a Yokai to ruin Christmas by way of mind-controlling centipedes.
The Wound-Filled Great Reversal
44. The Wound-Filled Great Reversal
December 16, 1994
As the God Generals are forced to fight a Daradara further empowered by his teammates, Sasuke must uncover the truth regarding Daimaou's ultimate weapon and how to defeat it and save his squad.
The Last Day of the Sanshinshou
43. The Last Day of the Sanshinshou
December 9, 1994
As the God Generals continue to face relentless assault from Daradara, they force the Kakuranger to track down Hakumenrou in hopes of using him to figure out the means to stop Daimaou's doppelganger.
The Plundered Ninja Power
42. The Plundered Ninja Power
December 2, 1994
Daimaou releases a powerful clone as part of a plan to capture Ninjaman and use him as the key to take down the Three God Generals.
The Stray Ghost
41. The Stray Ghost
November 25, 1994
Seikai's recruitment of trying to teach a cowardly boy courage is hindered when a Yokai unexpectedly summons the boy's grandfather.
The Heisei Fox Battle
40. The Heisei Fox Battle
November 18, 1994
Tsuruhime helps a girl rescue her brother when he becomes abducted by a fox Yokai using children as hostages to make money off of.
It's a Special Compilation!!
39. It's a Special Compilation!!
November 11, 1994
The Announcer returns with behind-the-scenes coverage of the Kakuranger as they take on a Yokai claiming to be invincible.
Moo-! A Repulsive Cow
38. Moo-! A Repulsive Cow
November 4, 1994
Jiraiya must deal with both a cow Yokai causing havoc as well as Ninjaman's continued bungling of dealing with the Yokai menace despite his better intentions.
The Karakasa Dance Queen
37. The Karakasa Dance Queen
October 28, 1994
Sasuke and Tsuruhime must come to the rescue of several children and the other Kakuranger when they become captured by a dancing Yokai hoping to use them to entertain Daimaou's birthday party.
Rambunctious Ninja!!
36. Rambunctious Ninja!!
October 21, 1994
When the disciple of the Three God Generals returns to Earth after a thousand years in exile, both the Kakuranger and the Yokai try to reach him first even as he's discovered by two curious children.
The Punishment Three Sisters
35. The Punishment Three Sisters
October 14, 1994
Tsuruhime reteams with two of her friends in order to save their sister and a school being used by a Yokai to turn them against humanity.
The Bride's Sandy Hell!!
34. The Bride's Sandy Hell!!
October 7, 1994
Saizou decides to help a boy inspired by him to become a crepe master as a female Yokai transforms all edibles into sand in a scheme to win the heart of Daimaou!
The Amanojaku Village
33. The Amanojaku Village
September 30, 1994
The Kakuranger reach a village where Sasuke's cousin has unknowingly released a cruel Yokai using its tricks to make its people become deceitful to one another.
Don't Lick Me, Face Thief
32. Don't Lick Me, Face Thief
September 23, 1994
When a face-stealing Yokai is on the attack, Saizou must protect a girl who wants to have her face taken so she can get one like a manga character!
Behold!! A New Shogun
31. Behold!! A New Shogun
September 16, 1994
Tsuruhime tries to figure out why her father is suddenly working with the Yokai as Junior decides to attack Sandayuu seeing him as connected with Hakumenrou in secret.
Reunion with a Traitorous Father
30. Reunion with a Traitorous Father
September 9, 1994
As the Kakuranger prepare to destroy the Seal Door to prevent Daimaou's arrival on Earth, they are suddenly confronted by the Yokai's tactician, who has a very close relation to Tsuruhime!
The First-eve Super Battle
29. The First-eve Super Battle
September 2, 1994
Jiraiya fights to take down his former teacher Gali in revenge for his father, only to ultimately discover the machinations behind the dark incident in NinjaBlack's past.
A Super Big Figure Coing to Japan!!
28. A Super Big Figure Coing to Japan!!
August 26, 1994
In search of the final Shinobi Scroll, Jiraiya encounters a figure from his past who is possibly connected to one of his life's greatest tragedies.
The End of the Invincible Shogun
27. The End of the Invincible Shogun
August 19, 1994
Saizou and Seikai are approached by Daimaou's emissary, who transforms them into kappa to force them to turn against each other for a chance to be human again.
The Tsuruhime Family's Super Secret
26. The Tsuruhime Family's Super Secret
August 12, 1994
In the midst of her Shinobi Scroll trial, Tsuruhime is forced to go home unless she completes her trial by Sandayuu's special set of rules.
A New Departure!
25. A New Departure!
August 5, 1994
As the Kakuranger separate to find their Shinobi Scrolls, Sasuke encounters a strange girl who wishes to teach him an important lesson despite her short, fragile life.
Ah, It's All Over
24. Ah, It's All Over
July 29, 1994
The Kakuranger face off with Gashadokuro in hopes of saving the children captured for Daimaou's summoning; but the end of one battle may lead to the start of a brand new trial...
Blitzkrieg!! The Strange White Bird
23. Blitzkrieg!! The Strange White Bird
July 22, 1994
Junior begins to abduct children for a ceremony to summon a powerful Yokai leader to Earth, which the Kakuranger must try to prevent from being completed.
I'll Make You Laugh
22. I'll Make You Laugh
July 15, 1994
Seikai's attempt to help a girl developing a solar car becomes hindered by a Yokai who tries to stop the research due to needing vehicle exhaust to survive!
The Imitated Finishing Move
21. The Imitated Finishing Move
July 8, 1994
Saizou's attempt to help out a struggling ninja school leads to him giving away the Kakuranger's secrets to a monkey Yokai who turns them against the team.
The Flowery Kunoichi Team
20. The Flowery Kunoichi Team
July 1, 1994
Sasuke becomes trapped in an ambush by the Flowery Kunoichi Team, forced to protect a kid caught in the crossfire even at the cost of his Kakuranger powers!
The Hellish Trap in Darkness!!
19. The Hellish Trap in Darkness!!
June 24, 1994
The Kakuranger investigate a series of abductions caused by a spider Yokai, unknowing they are being lured into Junior's trap.
Hello, Mushroom-kun
18. Hello, Mushroom-kun
June 17, 1994
Jiraiya befriends a child-like Yokai who grants good luck as Junior targets it to become its latest Yokai minion.
The Demon Sword and the Underwear!!
17. The Demon Sword and the Underwear!!
June 10, 1994
A Yokai targets Saizou due to the actions of his ancestor, leading to NinjaBlue to rely on an amateur photographer to help him defeat her.
The Red Monkey's Oni Extermination
16. The Red Monkey's Oni Extermination
June 3, 1994
With his four teammates captured by the Shuten Douji Brothers, Sasuke must avoid them and the Flowery Kunoichi Team in order to come to their rescue.
Argh! Awesome Guys
15. Argh! Awesome Guys
May 27, 1994
Junior releases two infamous Yokai criminals and uses them and a squad of female ninja to lure the Kakuranger into an inescapable trap!
I'm the Young Noble!!
14. I'm the Young Noble!!
May 20, 1994
While the Kakurangers battle Keukegen, a new enemy named Young Noble Junior appears to take proper command of the Yokai forces!
Drive Away the Sadness
13. Drive Away the Sadness
May 13, 1994
The Kakuranger support a family who becomes trapped when a Yokai's bad luck forces the father of the household down and makes the mother and son try to keep afloat.
They Came Forth!! New Beast Generals
12. They Came Forth!! New Beast Generals
May 6, 1994
The Kakuranger must save a small town where children are abducted by a Yokai and a mad scientist to summon back the Yokai they've previously defeated.
Rags are the Best!
11. Rags are the Best!
April 29, 1994
The Kakuranger face off against another villian up to no good.
The Old Man's Baby-Cry
10. The Old Man's Baby-Cry
April 22, 1994
A Yokai desiring family steals the souls of humans to place into dolls, forcing the Kakuranger to find a way to get them back from him.
The Shocking Live Broadcast
9. The Shocking Live Broadcast
April 15, 1994
Jiraiya's obsession with watching television becomes a problem when he encounters a Yokai who wants to cause chaos in order to become a TV star!
The Disguised Cat Shop!!
8. The Disguised Cat Shop!!
April 8, 1994
The Kakuranger are lured into a strange shop where they become captives of a cat Yokai who captures children to feed to other Yokai!
This Guy is Huge
7. This Guy is Huge
April 1, 1994
A Yokai uses Seikai's obsession with eating to it's own advantage, making him grow huge in size to satiate his never-ending appetite!
The Eyeball Prince!
6. The Eyeball Prince!
March 25, 1994
Mokumokuren decides to take revenge on the Kakuranger by trying to make them look like criminals and seducing Tsuruhime into being his bride!
The Uneven Strange Gamers
5. The Uneven Strange Gamers
March 18, 1994
Saizou finds himself trapped in a deadly maze with a young boy as part of a bet between a mysterious pair of men, and must make it out alive.
The Apparition Policeman
4. The Apparition Policeman
March 11, 1994
When Seikai is arrested by the police-manipulating Azukiarai, the other Kakuranger try to rescue him, even without the help of Sasuke!
American Ninja
3. American Ninja
March 4, 1994
Jiraiya, the fifth Kakuranger finally appears; but confused his teammates both in his foreign mannerisms and in his strange alliance with a grumpy cabby Yokai!
A Dangerous Lady
2. A Dangerous Lady
February 25, 1994
When Kappa and Rokurokubi, husband and wife Youkai, attack the Kakurangers, Sandayuu sends the living truck Nekomaru to help. Meanwhile, Seikai, the fourth member of the Kakurangers is in danger himself!
It's Ninja
1. It's Ninja
February 18, 1994
Two young men are fooled into releasing the seal on the Yokai and must become the Ninja Sentai Kakuranger to stop the forces they inavertedly unleashed on the world.
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  • Premiere Date
    February 21, 1992
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (369)