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In this sci-fi series, a group of five human superwarriors are revived after millions of years of suspended animation to do battle against a powerful evil witch. The warriors are aided in their battle by a group dinosaur-like cyborg creatures called the Guardian Beasts. The series aired in Japan in 1992 and 1993, and footage from it was used in the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Super Sentai Zyuranger is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (153 episodes). The series first aired on February 21, 1992.

Where do I stream Super Sentai Zyuranger online? Super Sentai Zyuranger is available for streaming on Comic-Con HQ, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Super Sentai Zyuranger on demand at Amazon Prime, Tubi TV online.

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3 Seasons, 153 Episodes
February 21, 1992
Cast: Yuuta Mochizuki, Seiju Umon, Hideki Fujiwara, Takumi Hashimoto
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Super Sentai Zyuranger Full Episode Guide

  • The time for the final confrontation with Daimaou has come at last. But will it be that simple to deal with such a fiend?

  • As Tsuruhime continues to contemplate whether to kill her own father, the Kakuranger must continue to face the relentless assault of Yama-uba and the powers that continue to allow for the Yokai to assault the Earth.

  • Daimaou releases the soulless Hakumenrou in an ultimate plan of destroying the Kakuranger and humanity, forcing Tsuruhime to make a hard choice that may affect her own destiny.

  • Lost while looking for several missing children, the Kakuranger stay at a mysterious inn that is controlled by Daimaou's estranged siblings!

  • The Kakuranger must help a family affected by a poverty-inducing Yokai, made worse when they also become affected by it's poverty-making powers!

  • Jiraiya decides to save the overworking officer father of two children after he's abducted by a Yokai in a plan to create the ultimate blizzard.

  • Sasuke must save a celebrated fireworks maker when he and his granddaughter are abducted by a Yokai to create special "human fireworks" meant to celebrate Daimaou.

  • The Kakuranger become trapped in the manga created by a Yokai to be read by a boy which may cause their doom within the fictional work!

  • The Kakuranger accidentally discover from a trainee Santa Claus a scheme by a Yokai to ruin Christmas by way of mind-controlling centipedes.

  • As the God Generals are forced to fight a Daradara further empowered by his teammates, Sasuke must uncover the truth regarding Daimaou's ultimate weapon and how to defeat it and save his squad.

  • As the God Generals continue to face relentless assault from Daradara, they force the Kakuranger to track down Hakumenrou in hopes of using him to figure out the means to stop Daimaou's doppelganger.

  • Daimaou releases a powerful clone as part of a plan to capture Ninjaman and use him as the key to take down the Three God Generals.

  • Seikai's recruitment of trying to teach a cowardly boy courage is hindered when a Yokai unexpectedly summons the boy's grandfather.

  • Tsuruhime helps a girl rescue her brother when he becomes abducted by a fox Yokai using children as hostages to make money off of.

  • The Announcer returns with behind-the-scenes coverage of the Kakuranger as they take on a Yokai claiming to be invincible.

  • Jiraiya must deal with both a cow Yokai causing havoc as well as Ninjaman's continued bungling of dealing with the Yokai menace despite his better intentions.

  • Sasuke and Tsuruhime must come to the rescue of several children and the other Kakuranger when they become captured by a dancing Yokai hoping to use them to entertain Daimaou's birthday party.

  • When the disciple of the Three God Generals returns to Earth after a thousand years in exile, both the Kakuranger and the Yokai try to reach him first even as he's discovered by two curious children.

  • Tsuruhime reteams with two of her friends in order to save their sister and a school being used by a Yokai to turn them against humanity.

  • Saizou decides to help a boy inspired by him to become a crepe master as a female Yokai transforms all edibles into sand in a scheme to win the heart of Daimaou!

  • When a face-stealing Yokai is on the attack, Saizou must protect a girl who wants to have her face taken so she can get one like a manga character!

  • Tsuruhime tries to figure out why her father is suddenly working with the Yokai as Junior decides to attack Sandayuu seeing him as connected with Hakumenrou in secret.

  • As the Kakuranger prepare to destroy the Seal Door to prevent Daimaou's arrival on Earth, they are suddenly confronted by the Yokai's tactician, who has a very close relation to Tsuruhime!

  • Jiraiya fights to take down his former teacher Gali in revenge for his father, only to ultimately discover the machinations behind the dark incident in NinjaBlack's past.

  • In search of the final Shinobi Scroll, Jiraiya encounters a figure from his past who is possibly connected to one of his life's greatest tragedies.

  • Saizou and Seikai are approached by Daimaou's emissary, who transforms them into kappa to force them to turn against each other for a chance to be human again.

  • In the midst of her Shinobi Scroll trial, Tsuruhime is forced to go home unless she completes her trial by Sandayuu's special set of rules.

  • As the Kakuranger separate to find their Shinobi Scrolls, Sasuke encounters a strange girl who wishes to teach him an important lesson despite her short, fragile life.

  • The Kakuranger face off with Gashadokuro in hopes of saving the children captured for Daimaou's summoning; but the end of one battle may lead to the start of a brand new trial...

  • Junior begins to abduct children for a ceremony to summon a powerful Yokai leader to Earth, which the Kakuranger must try to prevent from being completed.

  • Seikai's attempt to help a girl developing a solar car becomes hindered by a Yokai who tries to stop the research due to needing vehicle exhaust to survive!

  • Saizou's attempt to help out a struggling ninja school leads to him giving away the Kakuranger's secrets to a monkey Yokai who turns them against the team.

  • Sasuke becomes trapped in an ambush by the Flowery Kunoichi Team, forced to protect a kid caught in the crossfire even at the cost of his Kakuranger powers!

  • The Kakuranger investigate a series of abductions caused by a spider Yokai, unknowing they are being lured into Junior's trap.

  • Jiraiya befriends a child-like Yokai who grants good luck as Junior targets it to become its latest Yokai minion.

  • A Yokai targets Saizou due to the actions of his ancestor, leading to NinjaBlue to rely on an amateur photographer to help him defeat her.

  • With his four teammates captured by the Shuten Douji Brothers, Sasuke must avoid them and the Flowery Kunoichi Team in order to come to their rescue.

  • Junior releases two infamous Yokai criminals and uses them and a squad of female ninja to lure the Kakuranger into an inescapable trap!

  • While the Kakurangers battle Keukegen, a new enemy named Young Noble Junior appears to take proper command of the Yokai forces!

  • The Kakuranger support a family who becomes trapped when a Yokai's bad luck forces the father of the household down and makes the mother and son try to keep afloat.

  • The Kakuranger must save a small town where children are abducted by a Yokai and a mad scientist to summon back the Yokai they've previously defeated.

  • A Yokai desiring family steals the souls of humans to place into dolls, forcing the Kakuranger to find a way to get them back from him.

  • Jiraiya's obsession with watching television becomes a problem when he encounters a Yokai who wants to cause chaos in order to become a TV star!

  • The Kakuranger are lured into a strange shop where they become captives of a cat Yokai who captures children to feed to other Yokai!

  • A Yokai uses Seikai's obsession with eating to it's own advantage, making him grow huge in size to satiate his never-ending appetite!

  • Mokumokuren decides to take revenge on the Kakuranger by trying to make them look like criminals and seducing Tsuruhime into being his bride!

  • Saizou finds himself trapped in a deadly maze with a young boy as part of a bet between a mysterious pair of men, and must make it out alive.

  • When Seikai is arrested by the police-manipulating Azukiarai, the other Kakuranger try to rescue him, even without the help of Sasuke!

  • Jiraiya, the fifth Kakuranger finally appears; but confused his teammates both in his foreign mannerisms and in his strange alliance with a grumpy cabby Yokai!

  • When Kappa and Rokurokubi, husband and wife Youkai, attack the Kakurangers, Sandayuu sends the living truck Nekomaru to help. Meanwhile, Seikai, the fourth member of the Kakurangers is in danger himself!

  • Two young men are fooled into releasing the seal on the Yokai and must become the Ninja Sentai Kakuranger to stop the forces they inavertedly unleashed on the world.

  • The Dairanger face off with Shadam for the final time, yet even with the Gorma war at a climax, they find out a final lesson from Kaku that may reveal a truth regarding all that happened...

  • The Dairanger storm into the Gorma Palace in order to take down their eternal enemy, unknowing of the horrifying extent of Shadam's control of events!

  • Even without their powers, the Dairanger continue to hold off Zydos to protect Master Kaku's towers as he faces his showdown with Shadam for the right to be emperor of the Gorma.

  • As the Dairanger return to their normal lives, they're reminded of what they've gone through and who they are as Kaku prepares to fight to become the next Gorma Emperor.

  • When the Dairanger continue to interfere with Kaku's ultimate plan, the former mentor gives them a final ultimatum: surrender their powers or face the consequences!

  • Kaku, finally returned to his true position, forces the Dairanger to disband as part of a condition to end the ancient war; but the team suspect more may be going on.

  • The Dairangers must stand up to Akomaru, Ikazuchi and even Kou himself in order for his mother to finally save him, as the truth regarding KibaRanger and Akomaru is finally revealed!

  • As Kou's birthday approaches and Daijinryuu ups the stakes, Kaku takes matters into his own hands as Akomaru prepares to go all out for a personal victory.

  • Lin finally discovers Kou's mother being held by Akomaru, even as the Gorma child prepares for KibaRanger's Gorma ascension and both Shadam and Daijinryuu get in their way.

  • As Daigo and Kujaku finally discover the location of the Sacred Peacock Tear, they must weight whether the Peacock Buddha can be saved as Gara unleashes her ultimate wrath upon her.

  • The Gorma Stooges challenge Shoji once again, leading to a climactic bike race where they must weigh whether they are meant to be eternal losers.

  • Ryo looks after Jin after he escapes Zydos' grasp, only to become bonded to a promise to save his ultimate rival before he becomes a monster.

  • Daijinryuu begins to destroy the world due to the war of the Dairanger and Gorma, forcing Kaku to confront the Gorma emperor on an extreme measure for stopping the judgement.

  • As both Akomaru and Shadam position to manipulate Kou's you-energy to make him a Gorma, the sighting and arrival of a massive dragon foretells of an even greater calamity.

  • Daigo and the Dairanger are lured to the location where the Sacred Peacock's Tear may be found for Kujaku, only to learn more about the truth between her and Gara.

  • Ryo becomes subject to Jin's newly mastered technique, which could kill him if he doesn't discover the method for defeating its power.

  • Daigo becomes involved with a Gorma Minion abducting young girls when he discovers its connection with a mystery girl and a cactus he cared for.

  • Lin falls for a mysterious man who makes her famous, without revealing the truth behind his darker intentions for her sudden rise to fame.

  • Shoji's improper usage of his Aura Changer communicator nearly gets him and Ryo in trouble when he's captured by a banished Gorma Minion trying to reclaim his ultimate weapon.

  • Kazu becomes trapped by a curse of the Gorma Four Devas, forcing Kameo to stand up and embrace his true destiny in order to save him.

  • The Dairanger must save Kou and other children abducted to provide the Gorma Triumvirate the spiritual powers of hell while reclaiming their weapons from Fast-Talking Player for their new trump card.

  • When the Dairanger learn the truth regarding Kou and Kibaranger, they likewise gain a dire warning from his mother about his parentage and a countdown towards a shifted alliance for him.

  • The Dairanger are distracted by various allies and enemies by the Gorma Emperor's personal warriors while the Triumvirate pursue an artifact found by a turtle-obsessed man.

  • Ryo undergoes special training in order to gain the speed needed to both take down Jin Matoba and save his teammates from the resilient Pot Taoist.

  • Ryo becomes befuddled in trying to take down a powerful dojo destroyer while the Dairanger are forced to face a Gorma Minion who absorbs all their blows.

  • Kazu is captured and replaced with a Gorma Minion's copy in an attempt to eliminate Master Kaku by infiltrating the team.

  • Shoji takes up an offer of the Gorma Stooges to play them in a game of baseball, believing it will help them escape from the Gorma's service.

  • Daigo's love of Kujaku causes further problems for the Dairanger when she reappears in order to manage Gara without their assistance.

  • As the Dairanger work to bring to life the sixth Qi Beast, Akomaru confronts Kou one final time to reveal the fate of his missing mother.

  • As the Dairanger are asked to assist in the arrival of a sixth Qi Beast, Shadam makes his move in abducting Ryo to prevent this from happening.

  • As Akomaru continues to seed mistrust in Kou's relations with his mother, Shadam tries to prove his continued necessity in leading the forces to the Gorma emperor.

  • Kou befriends a girl whose parental relations make him question his own and fall into a plot by Akomaru to grow hatred within him.

  • Kou becomes a hindrance instead of help as Kibaranger as he abuses his new powers and decides to move in with Lin to learn more from the team without revealing himself.

  • A wild, bratty boy is summoned by a mysterious voice to gain the power to become the sixth Dairanger as the Gorma forces gain a new leader in the form of Shadam's son.

  • When his sister is abducted by a trio of weird Gorma Minions, Ryo must face them in a game of soccer in order to get her back.

  • Lin assist her grandfather Yufang in taking down Kabuki Novice in order to save his bride-to-be from the Gorma.

  • The Dairanger deal with a Gorma Minion possessing people into being kabuki actors, all while dealing with an arrival from China Lin must cope with.

  • Kazu stands against a tofu Gorma Minion making everyone drunk, including Daigo and Shoji.

  • Kujaku's peaceful ways become inflamed when she decides to pursue Gara for her six-thousand years of grief, troubling Daigo.

  • Daigo is approached by the vision of a peacock and a mysterious qi to defeat a Gorma Minion which had trapped within an ancient Dai warrior.

  • Shocked by the revelation Zhang Liao is his father, Ryo tries to figure how a traitor could be connected to him as Archbishop Saw takes matters into his own hands.

  • Having been mysteriously teleported to the Daos Civilization ruins in China, Rin tries to discover the location of the qi-power Lailai Jewels with a revenge-driven Lipstick Songstress in pursuit.

  • Lin feels regret in holding the team back when troubles dealing with a Gorma Minion escalate due to it seeing her as its target.

  • Angered by the Dairanger's lack of confidence in each other in dealing with the Key Jester, Master Kaku forces the team to learn a history lesson regarding the Gorma and the consequences of their failure.

  • Daigo is brought in to help Shoji and Kazu after a girl accuses them of hurting her little brother attacked by a Gorma Minion.

  • Shoji tries to redeem himself after he fails to stop a boy from being abducted for a Gorma sacrifice ceremony.

  • Ryo, a simple restaurant worker, is brought in as one of five qi manipulators to become the Dairanger under Master Kaku to face the revival of the Gorma Tribe.

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