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This sci-fi series follows the adventures of a starship captain who awakes centuries after falling into a state of suspended animation. He finds that the peaceful galaxies that he left behind centuries ago have now fallen into a state of war. It's up to him to bring peace to the universe once more. The series stars Kevin Sorbo and is based on a concept by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Andromeda is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (110 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2000.

Where do I stream Andromeda online? Andromeda is available for streaming on Comic-Con HQ, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Andromeda on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, Apple TV, Tubi TV online.

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5 Seasons, 110 Episodes
October 2, 2000
Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Lisa Ryder, Laura Bertram, Gordon Michael Woolvett
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Andromeda Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, the final battle to save the New Systems Commonwealth begins.

  • The crew finally makes it out of the Seefra system, and discover Dylan is the last Paradine; the World Ship wasn't destroyed; and Nietzscheans have begun their plan to destroy Earth.

  • Dylan, Rhade, and Beka work together to rescue Trance from Methus-2 and Harper from General Burma.

  • A warlord convinces his followers that the approaching destruction of the outer planets is a plot to make it easier to loot their planet.

  • Rommie is rebuilt to help evacuate the Seefra system.

  • When Dylan is badly injured in a lab explosion, he travels through a series of alternate realities.

  • An attempt is made to fix the blinking sun of Seefra, but Trance is replaced by a doppelganger.

  • While Harper works on a way to save the Seefra system, a spy sneaks aboard Andromeda and attacks Beka.

  • Harper discovers a program that can destroy eight of the Seefra planets, killing millions. Trance tries to stop this.

  • Beka and Rhade find a test that will either grant them great wealth, or drive them to madness.

  • Dylan discovers that Beka's boyfriend was really Drago Musevini, and he used Beka's DNA to create the Nietzscheans. She is their Alpha Matriarch.

  • Rhade leads the rebels in battle against a warlord on Seefra-5. A scientist previously thought dead helps Harper rebuild the quantum teleporter.

  • When an old man is killed, Beka, Rhade, and Harper are the main suspects and stand trial.

  • Tunnels are discovered on Seefra which can be used to reach eight other Seefra planets.

  • A crystal that can restore the Andromeda's power is discovered, but in order to get it, Dylan must work for the mine's owner - who uses slave labor.

  • Flavin returns, sparking a gang war, and helps Dylan develop as a Paradine.

  • A scientist from the original Commonwealth shows up, caught in a time loop.

  • Beka wins a prize from a radio DJ, learns the truth about Seefra, and locates the Meethus Diagram - but has no idea what it does.

  • It turns out Doyle is an android, built by Harper to contain Rommie's core programming. During a battle with androids from the future, a way out of Seefra is destroyed.

  • Still on Seefra, Dylan finds Harper, who has adjusted to life there, and the mysterious Doyle.

  • Beka is dumped on Seefra after the Andromeda is stolen, and Dylan must prove the ship is his.

  • Dylan ends up on Seefra, where the superstitious population has no technology. Rhade is there, none too happy to see Dylan.

  • The Magog attack has dire consequences. The Andromeda is destroyed, Trance and Dylan are presumed the only survivors, and Dylan escapes into the Route of Ages.

  • Andromeda rescues a ship returning from peace talks with the Magog. The Magog sabotaged the peace talks, and an attack is coming....

  • The Abyss kills Beka's friend, and the crew must figure out what information they killed for.

  • When Rommie becomes too emotional, the ship cuts her access in order to run diagnostics. This leaves the ship vulnerable to a Magog attack.

  • A spy from Tri Gemma shows up on the Andromeda in an attempt to steal the Star Map.

  • After some of the crew is captured, Harper is forced to work on a time bridge for the Patriarch.

  • The Abyss has infected Beka. The crew must find a way to save her.

  • Dylan is tricked by Rev and kidnapped. The crew finds an "unexpected ally" in a Collector.

  • The Andromeda gets caught in a war between two ships that includes a fatal disease - one that Dylan picks up.

  • An experimental cloaking device drops Dylan in an alternate universe, where he learns how to save the Andromeda - assuming he can get back to his own reality.

  • Andromeda discovers a shipment of bio-armor, with terrifying results.

  • The Collectors now control the Commonwealth and put the Andromeda crew on trial.

  • The Andromeda crew steps up to find out who killed a group of scientists and locate the kidnapped one.

  • A wrong turn in the slipstream leads Andromeda to a prison riot. When the dust settles, they discover a prisoner missing.

  • A hostage situation ensues when the crew confronts Tyr. Beka is rescued, Tyr is killed, and Trance reveals her true nature.

  • Tyr returns, having joined with the Collectors and demanding the Route of Ages from his former crewmates.

  • Two Nietzschean siblings are in a stand-off over a weapon that can eliminate higher brain functions. The crew steps in so neither can get the weapon.

  • Dylan is kidnapped by Nietscheans and forced to play mind games for the amusement of his captors.

  • Citizen Eight tries to remove Dylan from command of Andromeda.

  • A message from a collector sends Dylan on a quest to rescue a hostage and find the remains of the Commonwealth fleet.

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