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MUTANT X chronicles the adventures of a team of human mutants possessing extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. Like hundreds of other unsuspecting subjects, these new mutants were altered in secret experiments conducted in a covert government project. Mutant X is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (66 episodes). The series first aired on October 1, 2001.

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3 Seasons, 66 Episodes
October 1, 2001
Cast: Victoria Pratt, Forbes March, Victor Webster, John Shea
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Mutant X Full Episode Guide

  • Many of the mysteries surrounding Mutant X are revealed when Lexa (Karen Cliche) and Jesse (Forbes March) are captured by the Dominion and the team, along with Adam (John Shea), goes in to rescue them.

  • Lexa's (Karen Cliche) suspicions lead Mutant X to unveil a traveling death camp, which is posed as a circus for mutant refugees and Mutant X's enemy within the Dominion.

  • Brennan (Victor Webster) battles with a Guardian of the Prophecy (Timothy Burd) to stop the late mutant Ashlocke's plan from beyond the grave of world domination.

  • Mutant X must stop a scientist from cloning women for use as slaves in his ultra-exclusive men's club.

  • When Jesse's (Forbes March) life hangs in the balance, Brennan (Victor Webster) must connect to him and lead him through past memories they've shared in order to save his life.

  • Discovering that their teammate Lexa (Karen Cliche) is the subject of a covert experiment that is controlling her, the Mutant X team hunts for the doctor responsible.

  • Mutant X unearths an old military experiment involving an age-reversal serum and is surprised to discover that Jesse's (Forbes March) grandfather is a one of the test subjects.

  • Brennan (Victor Webster) is forced to return to his criminal past when Mutant X discovers that his old partner is involved in stealing secrets from the Dominion.

  • Mutant X tracks down a rogue scientist while Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) breaks away from the team to help Adam (John Shea) save the scientist and uncover the real bad guy

  • As the Mutant X team fights to retrieve a formula hidden in a collection of artwork, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) is given vital information from a mysterious source.

  • While Brennan (Victor Webster) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) investigate a mysterious plane crash, Lexa (Karen Cliche) contemplates her future with the Mutant X team.

  • Brennan (Victor Webster) and the Mutant X team join forces with a time traveling mutant to diffuse a bomb threatening devastating consequences.

  • The Mutant X team learns about Lexa's (Karen Cliche) estranged twin brother when he becomes the main target of an underground operation harvesting mutant organs.

  • A revenge seeking cybernetic mutant uses his powers to overtake Sanctuary's security system in a malicious plot to destroy Mutant X.

  • Jesse (Forbes March) is forced to reconnect with his former fiance when the Mutant X team learns that her company is involved in the genetic manipulation of crops.

  • The Mutant X team embarks on a mission to locate and capture a powerful super-mutant who possesses god-like powers.

  • The Mutant X team is called in to investigate bizarre activities occurring at a local hospital.

  • When Lexa (Karen Cliche) is unknowingly drugged with a lethal substance, the team must race to find the antidote before it's too late.

  • The Mutant X team must stop a serial killer who leaves clues to his next victims in the form of puzzles.

  • The Mutant X team is brought in to help a military base that has become infected with a deadly disease.

  • The surviving members of Mutant X emerge from a deadly explosion to meet the beautiful and mysterious Lexa (Karen Cliche), who makes them begin to question fundamental assumptions about their world.

  • A reluctant Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) must reconnect with her estranged father when the Mutant X team learns his company is involved in genetic testing and manipulation.

  • The Mutant X team goes up against a murderous creature that is brought back to life after being preserved in ice for thousands of years.

  • The Mutant X team investigates the mysterious mental breakdown of a prominent physicist.

  • The Mutant X team must save a prominent senator's daughter, who is kidnapped when Brennan's (Victor Webster) powers begin to mutate out of control.

  • The Mutant X team sets out to stop a mutant arsonist who's been setting deadly fires.

  • A secret agency forces Adam (John Shea) to stand trial for allegedly trying to take over the world with his super-powered mutants.

  • The Mutant X team must protect a key prosecution witness after he is nearly assassinated before the trial.

  • After narrowly escaping an assassination attempt, Adam (John Shea) sends Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) undercover to find out who ordered the hit.

  • The Mutant X team goes undercover in a prison to investigate the recent unexplained deaths of several inmates.

  • The lives of the Mutant X team are threatened when they set out to capture a highly dangerous escaped convict

  • The Mutant X team faces their most dangerous mission yet when they set out to stop a group of eco-terrorists.

  • Brennan's (Victor Webster) ex-girlfriend enlists his help when one of her grifter schemes turns deadly.

  • Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) becomes suspicious of an old friend who suddenly reenters her life.

  • The Mutant X team sets out to stop the vengeful soul of a teenage boy from killing innocent people.

  • The Mutant X team must save Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) from a trio of extraterrestrials who pose a dangerous threat to the future of humanity.

  • When Brennan (Victor Webster) gets trapped inside an invisible town, the Mutant X team must rush to find him before he's executed for a crime he didn't commit.

  • When a military plane is shot down behind enemy lines, Mutant X races to recover the secret government weapon that was hidden onboard before innocent lives are threatened.

  • Ashlocke (Michael Easton) threatens to destroy the Mutant X team and the entire city unless Adam (John Shea) finds a cure to save him.

  • The Mutant X team heads into the wilderness to stop a beast that has been killing hikers.

  • The Mutant X team must chase the evil Gabriel Ashlocke (Michael Easton) back in time in order to stop him from changing the present.

  • The Mutant X team struggles to take down a military colonel who's threatened a nuclear holocaust.

  • In a desperate attempt to save his own life, Ashlocke (Michael Easton) revives an ancient Egyptian alchemist who poses a lethal threat to the Mutant X team.